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  • Those nikes were reduced in the Kings X store before xmas (more like £55). I was going to get a pair but went for the Pegasus instead. The Salomon speedcross we’re not at all comfy to run in for my money. I’ve reserved mine for muddy walks.

  • Afternoon kiddos. I've created a little 'take up running' plan for myself which basically looks like:

    • book a public 5k run in April and tell all my pals about it for accountability
    • write up a little training plan (based on couch to 5k, which I've done before and enjoyed) to get me regularly running 5ks at least a week or two before the main race

    Is there anything obviously mad about that? I've not really had to do much run planning before.

  • Based on a recommendation in this thread a while ago I have these for when it gets really muddy in Wanstead Park/Wanstead Flats/Epping and apart from the challenging aesthetics I cannot fault them. The sizing is a bit weird but I read enough reviews to figure it out (can't remember if I had to size up or down).

  • I have Nike Pegasus trail run shoes and they are utterly hopeless in mud. I think Nikes idea of a trail grip pattern means a hike up a rooty, pine covered trail in Oregon, not a slog across a muddy British park.

  • Tbh I've never found a shoe that is truly grippy in my local muddy woodland and country parks.

    Speedcross version 3 was about the best. Current Hoka Speed goats are very slippy.

  • Bonsoir folks, after having lots of fun bouncing around in some rather posh Nikes mentioned above (believe the hype but for godsake don't pay full whack), I've returned to my normal shoes.
    I did a fairly challenging speed workout today but got through it just thinking that the Atreyus aren't quite as comfy. However, after a shower and supper I stood up and have acute pain just to the right of the coccyx (yes I did have to check the dictionary for spelling). Quite strange as I always feel great after a run so I think it must be the change of shoes along with quite high intensity.
    Anyway, I'm fairly crippled right now and literally grasping furniture to get around the flat. Should I roll on something? Load up on ibuprofen? I'm a little nervous that I'll go to bed and wake up incapacitated but it may also be that I'm right as rain...

  • rest and ice? 🤷 sounds painful.

  • Another vote for Walsh PBs. Best of any shoes for mud that I've tried, and they fit my feet perfectly.

    They do look a bit like bowling shoes though, and there's not a lot of cushioning if that's your thing

  • I still have a pair of these that are free to a good home, as I didn't get on with them. Size 47.

    More details and photos here

  • Committing to things publicly I’ve always found to be a particularly good motivator. You can also join LFGSS Strava for some moral support/kudos

    The plan itself looks fine. Good luck!

  • ^ Agree with the above.

    On the same notion, I'm not really a competition type but think a public run of some sort could be the commitment I need to to step up to more regular / adventurous efforts.

    Are there any trail-y / off-road LDN 10kms to look out for?

  • Were they true to size or did you need to size up ? Walsh website advises a whole size up.
    Always fancied trying them

  • The maverick races always get good reviews

  • I wear 10 in Adidas road, 9.5 in Adidas spikes, 9.5 in Nike and 10 in Walsh.

    I can send you one of my old pairs to try if you want.

    They've been through the wringer somewhat...

  • 46 or 47?

    Either way I'll try them please, I'm usually a 47 but can often squeeze into 46s!

  • Just had a look and they seem ideal. Kent in April - thanks!

  • This looks like a great plan! Good luck - keep posting in this thread to let us all know how you're getting on.

  • Sounds like a good plan. I would mix in some simple strength work to keep yourself injury free. There's some great YouTube follow along ones you can do. Nothing major 15mins a couple of times a week. Something I neglected when starting a 5k plan.

  • I’ve been doing this plus the old pushing-the-wall-calf-stretch after every run, seems to be working, no DOMs or injuries so far 🤞

  • Thank you @Tenderloin, @monkdagola, @hats, @birofunk (nice Braintax reference!) and @dbr - greatly appreciated.

    I've signed up to this race in March which should give me a tight ten weeks to get up to speed:­alley-velopark-march-2022

    My aim isn't to win, or even hit average - I get the impression this is a race, not a fun run, and I will not be racing - I just want to finish without stopping, and I reckon this'll keep me accountable. Cheers!

  • Has anyone ever bought a refurbished gamin on eBay? My screen is broke and the battery life is reducing.
    There’s forerunner 45s on eBay for 50-60 quid. It says that they were were returned as the charger didn’t work.

  • jfyi the battery is probably replacement yourself (ive had to swap mine on my decade old 705 a couple of times)

  • I'd do that but the screen is also fairly shattered too.

  • Been running park run at palace for ages now, always today I wondered who keeps finishing ahead of me in my age group.
    Had a look today. I won't be catching them.

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