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  • Maccl here, doorstep fixture so no travel. Enjoy yours.

  • Almost muddy enough for spikes in places.

    Edit: just scraped top 1/3rd. In years gone by 1 min/mile behind the winner was a good run. This season 1min/km behind winner feels the best I can do at the moment.

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  • Age!

    I noticed John Gilbert, former Kent AC stalwart, was third today.

    Met league was decent, fun course with a river crossing and decent downhill single-track through woods. Top 100 again. Three met leagues in and still to have a good run.

  • What do you call an old man on his hands and knees in a river?


    Luckily noone noticed

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  • John Gilbert

    Club page says he's still Kent AC, just on loan? Big hitter for sure either way!

    Top 100 sounds a good result still.


    I move up to V45 next year, I'd best get serious about making the most of being amongst the youngest in age cat once more.

  • Looks like you're tickling trout. Hope it wasn't too cold.

  • Brilliant. We were warned to stay right. It worked out ok.

    Slightly weaker field than Welwyn.

    (Saw you on the start line but then the gun went)

  • He lives round Manchester now. Second claim Charlton I think. He'll be eyeing up the National at Parliament Hill again.

  • Tepid. Sort of.

    Weirdly I managed to overtake four dudes straight afterwards. Cold 'handwash' works wonders as an adrenaline boost.

    Missed you altogether @juanito, see you at the next one hopefully

  • That'll be a Kent vest job I guess. I'm hoping to get to Parliament Hill, and to have trained a bit more in preparation.

  • adrenaline boost

    I can imagine. Tactic to keep in mind for future races then?

  • Research with resistance training has shown that palm cooling increases strength.­cise-performance-and-recovery-with-cooli­ng/

  • Ran the canal down to canary wharf today as break from my usual laps of regents park (while my kid is doing cricket at Lords). Its a nice 10 miles - forgot how much nicer an A -> B route is rather than an out and back or going round in circles. And the canal on a wintery sunday morning is pretty much perfect for longer slow distance.

    It cemented a very steady recovery from a torn meniscus over the summer with intervals back to the kind of pace I'm happy with and 10 miles at 8'30" feeling nicely relaxed and stress free.

    I'd also forgotten the eco-disasters of the canal boats spewing thick wood smoke from one end and blue diesel smoke from the other. Its shockingly bad.

  • canal boats spewing thick wood smoke

    I kinda like that smell, it isn't great for the air though.

    There's a golf club nomination in your post too 😉

  • Ha - yes, not being English (or Indian for that matter...), having a kid dressed up in cricket whites and talking about leg spin and forward defence is a rich source of comedy. He loves it though and the guys at Lords are fantastic!

  • Which parkrun in London is good for a decent 5k time? Southwark maybe?

  • Dulwich.
    Its the fastest. Edit : I thought.
    Highbury fields has a faster time

  • Not Hackney Marshes any more, about half of it is on grass.
    Barking if you are East, or Valentines is pretty quick. Bit busy though. Pymmes if you fancy winning it, it's pretty quiet and I was top ten with a tempo 22 mins a couple of weeks ago.

  • Most stuff in the golf club only works quoted out of context tbh.

    It's a great opportunity for anyone to start out young at the "home of sport" for their chosen sport, so I hope he continues to enjoy it and develops a lifelong love for playing.

  • Cool - Highbury Fields is easy for me. Id assumed it was a bit hilly, but looks good

  • Fenix 6S Pro currently available for £379, so similar to a FR 745 and less than the 945 - seems like fairly good value? Anyone one here using one?

  • Yep, had one for the last couple of years. It's the 945 in a different shell.

    I bought the 6 Pro and 6S Pro to try for size. 6 was far too bulky. 6S was much closer to the 935 and 945 in size/weight

    Nothing bad to say about it (though also nothing stellar) - I had a 935 before and this is... basically the same. But a bit posher. GPS marginally better. Optical HR still a bit shit so I use a Polar arm HR band when I want to track HR and don't want to wear the watch like a tourniquet. Couple of bells and whistles like the track mode when running (knows if you're on a running track so can use that to tidy up the GPS and pacing further).
    Haven't used Garmin pay or music since I tend to run with a phone in my back pocket.

    If it's same price as 745 and less than a 945 then can't see a reason not to get it (assuming you don't just run, in which case it's overkill and probably could get a 245/645)

  • "Broken record" post warning.

    Been gradually upping the distance again, and it's been going okay. Last few runs the itb tightness has starting coming back, bordering on pain. I've started trying to be more conscious of my form and becoming aware I'm slightly tilted forward and so likely underusing my glutes. Back to stretching and conditioning. Grumble grumble.

  • I did a load of clamshells and side steps with a resistance band for my itbs back in the day. Might help? I think I only did them for a while until I could run, then I ran instead.

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