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  • Bargain, might get two. The LE will be useful too with the red blue strobe.

  • First wee run in over two years yesterday. Felt great, defo gonna get back into it this winter.

    I have classic DOMS, didn’t go too hard and only 2.5km. Should I do an easy run again tomorrow morning, or yoga and rest until next week?

  • Bit of yoga followed by an easy run I'd say.

  • I only had time to run 4 miles last night instead of the usual 5. Felt incredible dropping down like that. I even ran consistently quicker pace the whole time

  • Curve ball. Did yoga in the end, was good. Just had a bowl of oats, fruit and yogurt now though so unlikely to enjoy a run. Perhaps a pint or three this evening instead.

  • I always found a short, easy spin on the bike eased the DOMS better than anything else.

  • And that’s the commute! Perfect.

  • Pints are definitely the cure for DOMS.

  • More running and then pints is the cure for DOMS.

    A bit like pints every day cures a hangover

  • Hit my mileage target for the year tonight.. 1000km (760 was my previous best) .. I might now push for 1250 by the end of the year. Really enjoying getting out more regularly.

  • First parkrun since 2013 I think.
    Somewhere around 18 mins.
    Felt ok.
    Need to get thin and fit again.

  • Nice work buddy!

  • I’m about to go ruin my legs at the gym and maybe do a gentle something or other this afternoon

  • 18 min 5k ... "need to get fit"


  • I’m the least fit I’ve been for about 10 years.
    Been a year of work, injury and illness.
    And a puppy.
    So yes I realise it sounds a bit twatrish, but I’m genuinely not where I’d like to be.
    (And it was just a very flat 5k on good surface)

  • Where were you before 17s?

  • No, it sounded impressive if anything!

  • Somewhere around there, maybe mid-high 16s?
    Idk- I haven't done many timed short runs since 2013!
    I also, genuinely- as with cycling- have absolutely no clue how to train properly.

    Looked through the splits and they were very nicely consistent, HR averaged 169 which isn’t really pushing it. So it’s probably muscular strength and technical ability now.

  • What's your weekly mileage out of interest?

  • Do people really pop 8-10 (or more) SIS gels during a marathon? Have been watching some fuelling videos and there are recommendations to take a couple of gels every 40 mins, along with 500ml of 50/50 isotonic sports drink/water each hour.

  • I don’t think that necessary - but really you need to go with what works for you.

    My marathon routine is Maurten 320 1hr-30mins before, one at around half way and then probably a gel or two (one caffeine) if I’m flagging

  • You see people snaffling gels from mile 2 and I just dread to think what their guts are gonna be like after 3hrs+

  • On a similar theme the beer mile wr was dropped to 4m28s in mcr recently.

  • Didn’t know I needed one of these but looks awesome and I’m now going to purchase.

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