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  • It's crazy how quickly you loose condition.

    Its all to easy to lose heart and give up when you have a setback too.

    When I did my ACL and meniscus I should have been able to get back to good fitness within a year but instead I lost the various psychological battles and ended up putting on 20KG of lard. Ended up being two years before I started to get my shit together. Four years later, i'm finally back to feeling good and enjoying most sessions.

  • I only started to enjoy running after I ditched all tracking/timing tech

    No 1 tip from Steve Jones is to get rid of a watch -­ways-simplify-training-steve-jones/

  • That's what I had last summer but luckily not a bad tear on the ACL. But the meniscus was shot to bits. After a year I'm running and cycling but not tested it out playing football yet.
    Did you do a lot of strength work? I need to up my strengthening as I find gum work boring. Any tips?

  • Did you do a lot of strength work? I need to up my strengthening as I find gum work boring. Any tips?

    I did loads of strength work in the first year. Nothing in the gym or particularly special though...starting light and then gradually building up to lunges and squats and then on to weighted lunges and squats and then onto weighted lunges and squats on wobble cushions and balance balls etc. There was a fair amount of leg raises with resistance bands too.

    The main problem was that I went from 5 hours of cardio a week down to zero hours and didn't adjust my lard arse diet.

  • Get someone to build you a programme - it gives a clear routine and stops you from flirting around machines or just doing ‘stuff’.

    You might only need to work for 30mins - which mentally you can tell yourself to switch on and focus on

  • ^ what Joe says.

    But alternatively, a good physio will get you on a path you can follow at home. I don't think I ever did more than 20 to 30 minutes per day.

  • Might book a physio to have an update and get a programme. Thanks for the advice all. it's been a year and a bit since I had the injury and it feels OK. But I'm not 100% confident in it to play football. Running and cycling OK. It's the twisting, turning, contact and the open action of kicking a ball in football I'm worried about.

  • This sounds familiar, pre-birth of our daughter I went on a bit of a mad running spree (probably knowing that I wouldn't be doing much post-birth) and ended up really enjoying doing 5-10k runs most evenings. On Monday I did my first 5k in 7 months and it wasn't a great experience, just need to remind myself of how much I enjoyed it before and try and keep it up.

  • Couple of pages back I recommended some sports physio/coaches to @speculoos have a look at those.

    A programme needn’t be super complex but having 4-5sessions which are just there and planned for you makes it much easier. Also makes you realise you don’t have to come out of the gym dripping in sweat or with DOMs. Although don’t let it stop you!

  • i think i recommended it to you

    will try and dig it up

  • plan has been removed from macmillan website but it's on wayback machine.­06/­lePages/article/39

    I talk about it on pg 399 of this thread (based on my pagination settings)

  • Will check 👍👍.

  • It was @Retro_bastard and if I recall correctly it was both a high volume and quality plan!

  • Yeah i did that one that @doubleodavey put up. It is a very good plan. Medium volume but fairly intense. First time i did it was in lockdown at the beginning of the year. Got PB's in 5k 10k and 10miles from it. I then used key workouts from it and implemented 2 a week into my triathlon training and went sub 36 through 10k in a middle distance duathlon Sunday before last. I'm just about to start it again as I've got a 10 mile cross country race in December although this time I'll be attempting it on top of being back to work full time which involves being on my feet all day and an hour a day bike commute whilst recovering from Covid. I think I'm going to find it tough this time round. Feeling ok on Z2 stuff so far post covid so hopefully I'll shake this last bit off then back to work.

  • Good work! I was wondering how you'd got on with it.

    I might have another go at it once I've got my Christmas music marathon out of the way

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone, some good stuff to go on and work into a post-EfM (2nd week of Nov) winter training plan.

  • This is the one. It gets you fit. Need a decent base before you start it

  • Yeah i wouldn't recommend jumping of the sofa into this one. I spent a month building my weekly distance from my usual 30-40k per week to 50-60k mostly Z2 before starting this one. The intensity starts straight away so was still felt tough but after the first two weeks i found it much more comfortable.

  • Wow, that really sucks.

    Can't help but wonder what went wrong there though. In the video he says that a couple of inches of snow was forecast and from the looks of things, roughly that amount fell. Should the organisers have called it off before the start?

  • In shorts!!!! Mad bastard

  • For what its worth, if there was any snow in the forecast, the race would have been cancelled if it was held in Austria, Italy or Switzerland.

    Starting it in shorts, with that forecast, seems a bit bonkers.

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