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  • I've just entered this.­-of-runners-rocking-around-the-christmas­-track

    'Christmas music all day' makes me think I can shave a couple of minutes of my last track marathon time

  • Was sat in the Rapha cafe in brewer street earlier and was wondering why there wasn’t a similar brand but for running.

    Any ideas?

  • Ashmei is similar to Rapha in style price and Saysky the running of Attaquer? Ashmei do have a good sale on now though

  • 'cos running isn't as golf club as cycling.


  • Yeah there are the likes of Soar, tracksmith, Satisfy, Doxa, Saysky. Not heard of Ashmei before. Plus suppose you have the sports brands and running specific brands.

  • The correct answer is Tracksmith, as Luke Scheybeler is a co-founder (and founded Rapha with Simon Mottram).

  • Doesn't Tracksmith have quite a few Rapha alumni involved? Luke Scheybeler and Andy Waterman I think.

    Edit: Andy beat me to it while I was checking the spelling of Scheybeler.

  • Aren't we all just saying we really want Rapha to start making running clothes?

  • 105.5 laps of Kim Wilde and Mel Smith? WHERE DO I SIGN UP??

  • Used the quark head torch for the 1st time tonight. 2as comfy to wear with and without a hat. The low setting is quite low good for mid is great lights up the area well nice and sharp high is v bright.
    High = 2.5 hrs
    mid = 5. 5 hrs
    Low = 18 hrs
    Also a red setting at 15hrs.
    Very happy with it.



    Also like the feature of being able to remove the rechargeable battery and run on 3 x aaa battery's while it charges.

  • Back running again, after basically stopping post marathon, and arrival of baby, my low point was 21+ minute 5k in a sprint tri (slower than my marathon pace in April!)

    Just been doing lots of low intensity stuff for the last three weeks, running 6 days per week, and trying to stick to maf hr (ie sub 144bpm for me), this has involved a fair bit of walking and cheating (148 is ok right?!) at times when I get bored and runs have mostly been around 6min per km, managed 58k last week, aim to hit 60k ish this week and then stick around here till Christmas, not adding much if any intensity.

    After 3 weeks beginning to see some progress which is encouraging!

    Hopefully I have a spot for Boston next year, so the aim is to get back into sub3 shape basically hitting 100km weeks from feb but would ideally like to get down to 2:50, will see how training goes!

  • my low point was 21+ minute 5k


  • I’m going to try my first hill session next week. Any tips or advice would be helpful.

    I presume running up to the top and then walking down is an option. The hill I’ve got in mind is probably 200m maybe in length and fairly steep

  • Yeah very much to Burn my running shoes and grab a pint of Guinness.

  • Don't go too hard on the first one, you're aiming for a consistent hard effort across however many reps so better to hold back a little on the first one or two efforts so you have enough in the tank to go just as hard for the last ones without fading.

    You might prefer to walk down some and then jog the rest so you're already running when it's time to go for the next rep, as opposed to having to transition from a walk to run which I think is harder, if only mentally. But do make sure you are gettin genough recovery, your HR should come right back down between reps.

    I generally find my second and last efforts tend to be the fastest. Second because you're more warmed up but still fresh, last because it's the last one so can go all out and don't need to hold back for the next rep.

  • I do really apologise, that was not meant to make anyone feel shit!

    Just going from 17 min shape to 21:52 in 5 months was a bit of a wake up call, to be kind to myself in that time I lost my job, had a child (well my wife did but I’d like to think I was pretty active in the caring side of things!) , got a new job (phew) which didn’t leave much time space or energy for looking after myself!

    I’m interested in documenting turning this back around again, and hopefully maintain it, I know having done it before is easier than starting from scratch, but hopefully it can provide some inspiration for others!

  • The nice thing about any endurance sport is being able to pick it up and put it back down again when life gets in the way. Unless you’re a pro, it’s worth remembering to try and always enjoy your time exercising rather than beating yourself up about it if you don’t do it, or get slower etc etc.

    I used to cycle about 250 miles per week. I wouldn’t dream of doing that now. Shit got real.

  • The rate at which we lose performance vs gain it is really maddening when it happens. I had an injury and life stuff, basically stopped training and it’s taken 6m to get it back (bc life doesn’t really stop!)

  • A while back someone posted the "best 10k plan" or something similar, anyone know who/what it was? Someone has used it a couple of times with good results. Need some inspiration for some workouts to increase speed.

    I've UTFS'd but turns out there is a lot of mention of 10k and training in a running thread. Who knew?

  • try and always enjoy your time exercising

    I only started to enjoy running after I ditched all tracking/timing tech.

  • I enjoy having done a run.

    It's only months of getting back into it that I begin to actually enjoy running.

    4th run since mid-June. Getting back into it again. Shame I wasted the summer but I was focusing on swimming more than anything else.

  • I was only joking in my response no need to feel bad. Good luck on getting back up to speed. It's crazy how quickly you loose condition. Looking forward to your mission.

  • I used to wear a garmin for running. I forgot to put it on one morning and haven’t put it back on yet. That was 2 weeks ago.

    It’s great for monitor hr and time/distance but it’s another thing to have on me. I try and run in the minimum possibly so no phone, keys or anything.

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