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  • Is there a time period during marathon training within which ad hoc weekend rides with pals will be off the menu entirely? Say a hilly 100km in the Peak District or something?

    It's pretty much always fine. As ^ said, maybe be sensible during a taper but otherwise just see how your body feels.
    I think for most people if a 15 mile run becomes a 10 mile run following a 100k bike the day before then you'll not be at a disadvantage.

    When doing training for Ironman then obv I had a lot of weekends which were either
    Long bike Saturday, med/long run Sunday
    Med/long bike Saturday, long run Sunday

  • ...not sure whats happening with me and my running this year, same stretches , same shoes model/size, same routes but my knees seem to be so stiff, especially my left one - so i've backed off to short 10k runs every 2 days for a few months now- no joy.

    i've started taking joint supplements to see if any changes....

  • Are you wokring from home, when before you were working in an office? Could be something simple like the position you're in for most of the day causing some tightness further along the kinetic chain.

  • craporama - yes! i used to commute on the bike to work (and sit all day in the office) now i just roll out of bed and sit all day at my desk, with a run at lunch or post-work (usually the latter) and long rides at the weekend - my riding has been totally unaffected ........

  • What’s the winter shoe of choice, I ended up with wet feet a lot last winter. I appreciate this almost unavoidable due to the massive while in the shoe.

  • Waterproof socks help to some degree, but if you are out in heavy rain it will run down your legs and pool in the sock, if you go through deep water it will get in the top, if you are out for a long time it'll get in the top. Plus no escape for sweat from your feet means they won't be 100% dry.

    I just accept I'm getting wet if I'm out in the rain.

  • I just accept I'm getting wet if I'm out in the rain.


  • Drymax Trail socks are superb in my experience. Used them running through very wet woodland and completely dry afterwards.­m/Drymax-Lite-Trail-Running-Socks-Quarte­r-Crew-p/dryltrsqc.htm

  • I think I've been overdoing it with running post Covid. My legs are fine, and my lungs are now ok, I seem to be running well, with no tightness or injury - so, I can pretty much just keep going 10k, 20k, 30k, whatever.

    But as of late, things haven't been feeling right. Exhaustion (I started sleeping after runs), chest pains, hair loss? anyone else have experience of pushing yourself a bit too far?

    Short term plan - wind my neck in, and start eating better.

  • Failing this if I can’t be dry maybe I could be warm instead

  • Exhaustion (I started sleeping after runs), chest pains, hair loss? anyone else have experience of pushing yourself a bit too far?

    Not to that extreme, but listen to your body, especially after an illness. Sounds like you have some very clear signs that you should be easing back in more slowly.

  • Running puts a real strain on the body - and that doesn’t just manifest in tired legs!

    Sounds to me like you could benefit from dialling it down, eating well, sleeping well and if inactivity gets you twitching then a swim session is probably a good idea.

    It’s a stressful time dude, keep running fun 🙂

  • Merino socks. I have used endura baa baa for warm wet feet on cold days.

  • +1 for merino socks. I sometimes wear them for really muddy xc runs, but it takes ages to rinse the mud out afterwards.

    Inov8 are decent. You used to be able to get them in two packs for less than £15

  • I don’t get the sock sizing small medium and large but nothing explains what these sizes are for?

  • Can anyone point me in the direction of some tried and tested strength training for legs/ankles (sprained my ankle a while ago and want to make sure they’re as strong as can be)? I’m definitely guilty of just running and rarely doing any strength training, which is maybe why my ankle rolled (according to the physio)… Anything with crossover for ski fitness would be great too!

  • I can't post the working link but youtube James Dunne ankle exercises and you'll find it straight away 👍 it's a decent 10 min routine. I've never had ankle problems but I've used his videos on strength and conditioning for gluteu, hamstrings and core for runners and found them very good.

  • Lucytriphysio

    All these are on IG kinda listed in the order I think might be best for you 🙂

  • I just accept I'm getting wet if I'm out in the rain.

    This. It's only those soft cycling twats that should worry about keeping dry.

  • Merino everything has been my mantra for ages.

    For tops, at least - t-shirts, log sleeves, gilets etc... Don't be afraid of running in skiing / cycling baselayers.

    Merino socks aren't very hard wearing, in my limited experience.

  • I’m just looking to continue running over winter as much as possible. Last winter wasn’t the most pleasant experience so hoping to improve it with some additional waterproofing etc etc

  • Seems a pretty bad match generally. I wonder how secure parkrun's finances are at the moment.

  • Reminds of when Mr Microadventure sold out to Range (Land?) Rover.

    When Sustrans eventually announces a partnership with Nissan Quashqai we will know the last flames of hope have been snuffed out.

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