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  • I've got a crevasse rescue book which has a whole chapter on how to take a dump safely on a glacier.

  • a whole chapter

    Edit (I misread your post) there's a whole book which includes similar

  • On one of my local routes in Manchester you can run in one end of a sainsburys and out the other, via the toilet.


  • Kind of curious to read that. Lots of reviews!

  • Yeah on the loop, life saver as the loop isn’t ideal for wild poos.

  • You could always do it where some dog owners think it's acceptable for their dogs to go.... middle of path.

  • It is a useful reference...

  • My most memorable and the one I'm most proud of was on a night time trail run in a corner of the car park at my local playing fields. Fairly remote down the end of a gravel track in the dark no reason for anyone to be within half a mile radius at this time of night but as soon as i dropped my shorts and squatted i see headlights coming into the car park. The car park is pretty big probably an acre even still its coming straight for me and stopped right opposite the corner 3-4 metres from where I'm shitting headlights dazzling my eyes. I'm guessing their about to either do drugs or fuck maybe both if their lucky. But i can't style this one out so I have to front it out so i just decided to stare at the guy driving and maintained eye contact until they turned around and left. It was probably only a 20 second stare down but these situations always seem much longer at the time. I suppose the moral of the story is do what you've got to do and just own it 💩🥺💪

  • Recent head torch purchase - Petzl iko core.­IKO_CORE_Headlamp_IPX4_Headtorch_500_Lum­ens_BlackWhite-(284956)

    Brilliant bit of kit, lightweight, Supremely powerful light and next to no wobble when moving.

  • As someone who has never done a wild poo please may I ask how one wipes - do you find leaves or grass? What about autumn when the leaves are crispy? So many questions.

  • Being mindful of stinging nettles, gather a large handful of grass before settling down for business. Broad leaves will do in a pinch, though you may wish to layer up for the luxury two-ply quilted feel.

  • The first time, you make do with what leaves you can find. The second time, you're better prepared and you have tissues with you.

  • If you squat properly, you can get away without wiping if you don't have anything to hand to wipe with.

    Or take off a sock.

  • You’re going to shower and wash your clothes anyway so 🥴

  • One can always scut.

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  • Nobody want a free Hackney Half entry? I might even have a second one from a mate.

  • This Sunday

  • Here's a reason to take @dubkev up on his offer

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  • I once had to go wild twice, during the Southern xc championships at Stanmer Park. Very annoying as I was in the shape of my life and would probably have got to 10.

  • Defeated Dreams-Scott Jurek's 2021 Speed Attempt on the Appalachian Trail

  • Hackney Half today - forgot what a lovely race this is, so much cheering and people banging out tunes from their windows along the route!

    Training hasn’t been on point recently but crawled home 2 seconds shy of 2 hours.

    Ow my legs hurt now though.

  • Well done ! .. my only run of the weekend was a miserable 7km this evening.. had to dig out my hi-viz for the first time which never helps my mood

  • Is anyone tapering for London this weekend?

    What sort of mileage are you doing over the next few days? I'm trying to work out whether to do the 5 miles that the training plan suggests

  • No. Ask the flying @PhilPub.

    I'd say to definitely run this week. Maybe a mile or two of MP in there. Unless you're injured. Unless the injury is taper madness.

  • Are you working out whether to do more or less?

    I'm not doing London, but if I was then I think I'd happily do 5mi early in the week, then probably a bit of cycling at some point, and an easy 15mins or so with a few strides on the Saturday.

    Generally with a taper then you should be getting itchy feet and feeling like you're not quite doing enough...

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