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  • Tru-facts! Flat stuff is OK but hills very important. I'm mentally preparing for a winter of dull local "hill" reps in the woods across the river once more.

  • You know where I am if you fancy company

  • Cool. I'll let you know if & when prep becomes action.

  • Hey LFGSS runners

    I'm likely to bail on doing the Hackney Half next Sunday. Various reasons.

    Would anyone want the entry? Not looking for any money for it. A forum donation would be ok.

    I haven't made a final decision on it yet but that's the direction of travel.

  • Hey fellow runners. Depression has had its hold of late and I'm now considering purchasing my way back to motivation to run again. There's a Garmin forerunner 245 music on gumtree for £150 and am then I'm wandering which headphones to treat/gulit myself with? I don't like spending huge amounts and have previously been happy with aukey cheap wired in ears.. but I'm sure you get the idea. Any reviews or recommendations greatly received

  • I really like the idea of this. I hope to get fit enough to join before too long

  • My son seems to be getting in with these OK with his 245 (if you’re willing to deal with Amazon) .. I hope you get your running mojo back.

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  • @OldSlowJoe
    I have some of these that I’ve barely used (they’re perfectly good, I just ended up using a different pair).
    Happy to pop them in the post for free if I can find the shelf they’re on

  • Just signed up for my first race. A half marathon in two months time. I've been running a little over a year now and I think the longest distance I've done is 16k. Time to start training!

  • Hey @duncs that's very kind of you and thanks @smithchild for your suggestion. I'm thinking of wireless this time or I'll stick with my cheap aukey ones.

  • I have the 245 music and sound buds slim and they're a good combo.

  • I had to do a shit on my run yesterday morning.

    It was my first outdoor pooing experience. Although it went well I’m in no rush to repeat it.

  • I've done about 3 in 2021 alone, I've had to stop eating porridge or overnight oats before running and switch to wholemeal bagels.

  • Haha! Somewhat unfortunate

  • I generally run on an empty stomach and have breakfast when I get home. But the day before I had eaten loads more than normal.

  • I use Aftershokz for running - there's no earpieces to get sweaty and fall out, and there's no cord bounce noise.

  • I've had a change of heart over the hat, it still ponks of my old damp sweat, but it works much better back to front and has the added bonus of making me look even more ropey with tight t-shirt, tight shorts and pink shoes.

  • Don't worry i think i had one too many beetroot shots before my trail duathlon on Sunday and after a wet fart during the second run i had to scurry off course for a big purple poo. Luckily it was in the woods anyway. Still managed second overall and i lost by more than the time the pit stop cost me. So not too annoyed despite the fact i had no choice.

  • You almost expect a Poo on a trail run

  • List(s):-

    Have never had to wild poo whilst on a run:-

    1. Greenbank

    Have needed to wild pool whilst on a run:- honest...

  • Have gone al fresco

  • I had to take a detour off my trail run last night and into a pub, I kept thinking about this thread. Think I’m going through a “phase”.

    On one of my local routes in Manchester you can run in one end of a sainsburys and out the other, via the toilet. I’ve had to do that a few times.

  • During lockdown last year a wild poo was almost a daily occurrence. Think it was the stress relieving properties of running.

    Now when I got for a run it's like a little wild toilet tour and I can think "I went in that bush... behind that tree... that dry stream bed..." as I jog along :)

  • I haven't done a wild poo in ages but that's because I live in the centre of a city. Public toilets are free, otherwise I would say that I've really got my money's worth.

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