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  • ^ impressive!

    I "ran" Ilam fell race. It was brutal. 3x Vertical up and same down, a bit of flat stuff. River crossing at Dovedale was lovely, much nicer than queueing to use stepping stones.

    7.2km in just over 1hr!

  • What’s everyone’s choice of sun glasses for running? I know the nights are drawing in but that doesn’t stop tiny insects flying into my eyes.

    Something with changeable lenses would be good. I used to have some jawbones but they were lost during a house move

  • Nice. One of my oldest friends runs one of the farms that overlooks Dovedale. Awesome setting for a race.

    Do you know which hill you ran up? Was it Bunster?

  • I've a pair of Rapha Flyweight glasses that I got in a sale years ago. They're great for running. The glasses and replacement lenses are discounted though so interested to hear what people suggest.

  • Yeah straight up the Bunster Ridge, then down and round to the stones, up what they called Flagpole Hill but doesn't look named on the map, then back over Thorpe Cloud with a very steep descent. Here's the route.

    Legs are in tatters today.

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  • Awesome. Good work, not surprised your legs are in tatters!

    Would love to try to run that route one day. I've got a long way to go fitness wise to do that though.

  • The Goodr sunglasses are brill. Cheap, look good and don't bounce. Not changeable lenses though.

  • Usually I'd say don't worry about fitness. I'm a bit de-trained at present and knew from the start I'd bitten off more than I should be chewing though.

    If you can get sorted for it you'll enjoy it for sure, the views were amazing.

  • Hoping to rent a friend's cottage that overlooks Bunster Hill at some point this winter so the stars seem to be aligning.

    As for fitness, whats the worst that could happen? Just ends up being a walk instead!

  • Nice one, enjoy. If I'd not been racing the mojo to keep going would have been a very hard find!

  • Did the Brighton Marathon yesterday, amazing how much the difference between what my watch was reporting and the markers (course was nearly 600 metres long) completely threw my head in the last few miles.

    I did the typical go out a bit too hard, but thought I'd done enough to get a sub 3.40 but head just went when realised it wasn't on, but turned out the markers were out and my watch was right.

    Things like happen, and in scheme of things not a biggie obv. but still a little niggly.

  • Pretty poor by the organisers in this day age tbh.

    Apparently the guy who finished 2nd was in 1st until 200m to go of the extra 600m...

  • My garmin never seems to measure the same distance twice on the same route

  • It is a big issue. People shouldn't be cutting the organisers as much slack as they are. They've advertised a marathon and they haven't organised one. People pay a lot of money for the experience and they haven't delivered.

    It isn't the first time the Brighton marathon lot have messed up their distances either.

  • Might improve if you turn on GPS+ Glonass or gallileo if you've got the option (and haven't already!). Using combo of two gnss systems tends to reduce accuracy problems a little.

    I'm starting to suspect Garmin of planned obsolescence. My last two Garmin Fenix have seemed to get gradually less accurate over the course of years, even after a hardware reset. Don't ask me to prove it though! Just seems that running under trees or next to a tall wall is having more of a negative effect than it used to.

  • Yeah I would be super annoyed if I ran a marathon and there was an extra 600 metres at the end! That's not an insignificant distance!
    There was a half marathon in Shanghai a couple of years ago that I'd signed up for but couldn't get to on the day (middle of nowhere) and apparently the course was more than 23km... a lucky escape.

  • Well done .. I’d be claiming that as an ultramarathon

  • Well done on the race. I'm at my mum's place down in brighton so I strolled down with the dog to watch for a bit around the 4.5mi mark few 100m before you first get to the pier roundabout.

    the pup didn't like the heavy footfall though when the bunched pace groups game through so he'd pester me to pick him up and hold him where he'd block my view with his head so I ended up missing the one person I was looking out for (and doing my back in). csb

    it struck me as being a bit of a shit show in general though, the 10k race before hand just seemed to be thoughtlessly tacked on and created this chaos where the walkers at the back of the 10k (every 10k has them so not at all unexpected) were just aggressively forced off the road by the sweeper vehicles at the forefront of the marathon race.

    then for some reason they had about 50 random cars bombing along the empty road in front of the main race swerving like mad and going stupidly fast on roads that were full of pedestrians crossing because of no traffic or barriers while beeping their horns like lunatics, I assume they were going for quirky fun but all it did was upset a load of small children and freaked the absolute fuck out of my dog in the same way that someone setting off a load of fireworks next to him might.

  • don't suppose anyone has a spare forerunner 35 compatible charger they would like some cash for?

  • I’ve got a brand new official Garmin one you can have.

  • Thinking of going along to parliament fields track tonight in the hope that the open, UCL/ Highgate Harriers- run interval sessions are back on. Am I going to be disappointed?

    (Actually the answer to that is yes - either it’s not on, or it is and I’m even slower than I was 18 months ago)

  • See you in Edale all being well!

    Just signed up earlier so yes you will!

  • Up north at my parents and just back from a small run in the woods near home, really need to make the effort to get to hills for runs in Manchester, they add so much to it

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