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  • What's next for you?

    I have a place for EfM this year, as last year's event got postponed. But really don't know what the recovery will be like from this. Might take a while to feel back to full strength so may defer that one.

    I'd definitely like to do King Offa's Dyke Race (did the first 100 miles of it in 2019), and maybe a summer Spine in 2022.

    I also had an idea that qualifying for Western States would be a good target to get myself into the ballot but there aren't many qualifying races in the UK and they sell out fast so maybe more of a long term project.

  • I'd love to do something like this

    You have two years to prepare, and change your name 😉

    It's a really great event and the small field means you get to know everyone and it's a really nice atmosphere in camp. When you pass people on the trail you have a little chat and then can catch up when you've all finished and hear about your various days. In bigger events like MdS you wouldn't really get to know so many people so well.

  • You'll be ok for EfM I should think, that's November

    Summer Spine

    See you in Edale all being well!

  • That's an awesome effort and result.

  • Agreed, massive respect @Arducius - I can’t really get my head around how you can run that far in a day, never mind over consecutive days.

  • Bgr record attempt in progress­

  • New ltd edition Alphaflys turned up this morning. Didn't need these but had to have them. These won't be available for long if anyone wants a pair. I'm doing 3x3 miles at Tempo tomorrow can't wait to try these out. I also made this months 220 triathlon magazines gurner of the month or something.

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  • I took my new alphaflys to the gym this morning for some b2b testing against my endorphin pros. 2x5k (4min km pace) tempo then 4x1 (3:35km pace) mile threshold off 2mins walk recovery. Only 1bpm difference between in the Nikes favour. In the last half of the last mile i had a 3bpm rise in the Nikes but my form was starting to slip so put it down to that. Feel totally different to run in the Sauconys have a more flexible upper but a more stable midsole and the Nikes the other way around. The Sauconys feel livelier and the Nikes don't feel as fast as they are and are bulkier but not heavier and are more cushioned so a bit easier on your feet and muscles. I think with these two its just a matter of taste and preference rather than one of performance for anyone looking at getting either of these in their quest for speed. I'm going to keep the Nikes as i really like the look of this ltd edition and just for the sake of alternating for a different feel and I've got them both now but if i could only keep one it'd have to be the Sauconys and thats completely ignoring the fact they were £80 cheaper as well.

  • I'm a bit late to the party but this is amazing, well done! Hope you have been recovering well and relaxing a bit. Phenomenal effort. (time for me to change my name to Andy and see some success!)

  • Thanks @hats and everyone else!

  • Three weeks off running. One week of rest and two weeks of high altitude hiking and mountaineering (2000m to 4300m). Just had first run, back in London...can really see why professional sportspeople put so much effort into altitude training. Its like i've had a leg and lung swap with somebody considerably less lardy and slow than I am :D

  • I'd like to start a weekly social run on the trails of Epping forest.

    I mentioned this a while back and had some interest, just before Covid took me out of action for a few months.

    If people are interested, we could meet at Chingford station around 7ish on a weeknight, for 10-15kms in the woods, at whatever pace - avoiding gravel paths as much as possible.

    I'd like to keep this going as the nights get darker, with the aim of being relatively familiar with the available routes before it's time to get the head torches out :)

    Pint in Chingford at the end - optional

    If anyone is keen, lettuce know!

  • Keen! just moved to Leyton so trying to get to know trails up that way. I'm doing the marathon on the 3rd Oct so would be after that?

  • Anyone done Race to the Tower? (or any of the Race to... events?) Tempted to enter for next June. Would be longest event and first over marathon distance.

    Looks well run.

  • I'll have a week in Austria from next Wednesday, hoping to make the most of it as I have the 3 peaks fell race in October. No quarantine this time thankfully so hoping to feel pretty good from day 1 or 2 in the mountains, felt so tired on the first day last trip so may need a day to acclimatise.

  • Awesome! Hope you get to do one of the routes we talked about. Feeling pretty jealous.

  • I've got the Sunday tentatively booked off so fingers crossed!

  • All eyes on the weather then!

  • When my shin splints heal up I would be well up for this! Not sure when that will be though...

  • Anyone doing the Hackney Half this year? I am wavering, have not been running at all.

  • I'm doing the free 5k. Let me know if you do it, and what you look like and I'll keep an eye out for you

    I think I sent you the photo of my face last time I ran it, having done zero long runs leading up to it

  • At the moment I’m running 6 miles every other day. Would it make more sense to run less miles everyday?

  • Depends on if you have a goal in mind...?

  • Probably make more sense to run fewer miles faster some days, and more slower on others.
    Or structure some as an warm up, intervals and a cool down.

    As rhb said, what’s the goal?

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