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  • 23" is a wee melon though

  • I’ve got a tiny head which has put me off buying a cap. Does anyone have any recommendations of running caps that come in smaller sizes?

  • The decathlon one should do the job.

  • Cap arrived this morning. I can confirm the m/l fits my enormous head perfectly.

  • Any of you lot in New Balance Fuelcell's trying to weigh up the Rebels vs RC Elite's I'd like a carbon plated but also I'm tight!

  • Well chuffed managed a 5k under 25min. I used to hate running but something clicked and I started to enjoy it. I like the ease of just putting on trainers and going out for an hour or so. Would like to get a lillte mp3 player with blue tooth so I can leave my phone at home.

  • First time running HM distance in a long, long time yesterday morning. Due to having stuff to do I had to get out first thing, no time for breakfast - up at 5.40, quick coffee and on the road by 6am.

    Most I've ever ran fasted is 10km or so, I was a bit apprehensive about doing further without food in me but it was completely fine. Will definitely give more options in future for weekend longer runs, will just try and be conscious of getting carbs in the night before. It's a really nice time of the day to run along the river too, bliss!

    I've been slowly building since Feb and this was a big goal for me. Not an amazing time, just to go out and be able to do it and finish strong was my aim. First 15km was a breeze, final few km a bit tougher but finished fast and got it done for about 1hr 43. I am chuffed for hours of boring slow running and S&C work in the gym to be coming together.

    Now, aim is to keep slowly building and then this time next year tackle the PB - need to knock 20 mins off yesterday for that though...

  • It’s so unnecessary.

  • Ta mate was v happy. To see a real progression. Part of me thinks something must have timed wrong

  • I'd take it. And then aim to match it again.

  • just checked....only recorded 3.5 k but said i did 5 k so something did go wrong....bollox

  • Had a very nice 3 miler this morning. The new cap is great highly recommend.­etics-cap/GJ8313.html?pr=still_intereste­d&slot=4

    Great fit, lots of ventilation. The peak is big enough to keep the sun out of my eyes without looking daft.

    Not sure how white it’s going to stay.

  • Bollocks indeed.
    go out and try again.

  • Crushed.. Running is stupid

  • Don't know those shoes, However you can generally find very good condition carbon shoes with little use on eBay. I recently bought some Zoom fly 3 to see whether they would have any impact and the difference is quite remarkable in my road distance times.

  • I keep toying with the idea of buying some ‘super shoes’ despite my distinctly average performances… I don’t want to use that particular power-up until I’m at my target weight and already sniffing-around my 20m 5km target.

  • The biggest improvement using carbon shoes for me so far has been in half marathon distances on a road.

    About 4-6 weeks ago my half PB (non carbon) was 1.51.06

    A couple of days ago with carbon = 1.42.03

    Using carbon on a track is also getting me around quicker.

  • Has anyone had any experience with dry needling?

  • Yeah I did a few years ago to help with shin splints. Seemed to work, cost quite a lot along with physio

  • Yup, extensively. I've had very good experiences but your experience will vary by the injury you have and how experienced your physio is.

    For my Cervical Facet Syndrome, it's about the only thing that gets me upright again during a flare up.

    Have also had it on quads and glutes for various running injuries and also on glutes to help me through a niggle during my ACL recovery.

  • Cheers guys.

    Do most physios offer it or are there specialists for it?

  • Free entry place for the Big Half. I can't make it.

    You need to pick up the runners number, tag, etc. from Bermondsey either tonight, during business hours either tomorrow or Friday, or on Friday evening.

    Let me know asap here if you want it, then PM me your phone number and we'll arrange

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