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  • I have one.
    I gave up using the music function, as trying to upload podcasts/albums from Spotify was very hit and miss. Good sound quality etc when it did work though...
    Now if I do listen to music I have my phone with me in a flip belt.

  • That’s what I do at the moment with my phone. I wonder if I’m better off just doing that with a cheaper watch.

  • Beth Potter - YouTube.
    Only a few videos so far but interesting

  • Thanks for the advice. Had a lil free gym sesh today complements of my cousin, was trying some or what you suggested trying to see what could help, seems just doing all right stretches often should help, don’t think I’ve been stretching properly lately

  • Around 25-30 miles a week!

  • Are you thinking that's low ? As I am thinking that too.

  • Yes, without knowing much about track/5k training.

  • From what I’ve read, it’s low but her swimming/biking make it possible. Great video - thanks for posting.

    There’s something I find so relaxing watching people run fast with great form. Can’t wait for the olympics racing. Triathlons were great.

  • Sweat Elite also have some great training films

  • First post-Covid 20km today and I have to say the lung pain was immense.

    Is anyone else recovering from the virus and running? My symptoms disappeared over a month ago now, apart from the death lungs. Guess I'm in it for the long haul.

  • Plenty of positive massage gun chat on here and just spotted these on sports persuit

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  • I've noticed a pain in my lungs after first 2 runs since covid. Sticking to easy runs and hoping it will go away. I've done some strength work and found that better, might do more of that for the time being.

  • I’ve joined the hip pain club, feels like DOMS in my hips, nothing too severe but annoying. Looks like I’m going to have to up my conditioning as well.

  • You can do a lot of work to strengthen the hip abductor with a mini band. My physio has me doing it at the moment. Also hockey ball rolling the area, activation exercises (also mini band). Easy to do Infront of the telly.

  • I never got covid but I worked through all of lockdown :( stacking all the heavy stuff like beer, oil, beans and so on…

    Now I’m off work recovering feel everything is seizing up.

    I’ve been doing some stretches aimed at my thighs n hips past few days basically, seems to be helping, so far so good.

  • Interesting 10,000m final right now. Not fast just a bit tactical

  • Was the discussion about running caps concluded?

  • If I recall correctly, in summary:

    Bucket hats - Hoka Adventure
    Caps - Ciele, Vaga, Inov8, Decathlon ones.

  • Hoka, Nike, Adidas, On all make nice running hats too.

  • I went for the Adidas one in the end. Hopefully it fits. According to their size guide I have an enormous head.

    Also has having the covid jab affected anyone’s running. I’m due to get my first instalment in about two weeks.

  • I went for a run the day after my first jab, but it wasn't fast. I didn't feel up to it for the next two days after that, then back to normal.

    second one had no ill effects at all

  • Also has having the covid jab affected anyone’s running. I’m due to get my first instalment in about two weeks.

    Obviously totally coincidental but my two best runs of recent times were a few hours after my two covid vaccine doses. For me, the vaccines had no negative effect on my running.

  • Salomon or 2XU for massive heads.

  • I’m a big fan of the patagonia duck bull running hat, someone else in here wasn’t a fan as it’s too sweaty but I don’t mind that as it’s well vented and for me when it’s really hot the sweat it soaks up cools me down.

  • Thanks for the heads up. According to the Adidas website my head is fucking enormous. 23”

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