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  • Don't normally associate ultra marathon runners with luxury accommodation... Might float somebody's (speed) boat though I guess.

  • Took my pooch on a little 3 miler this morning. He was loving it. Normally I have to drag him by his lead otherwise he just sniffs everything but today he was like a sledge dog off in front of me.

  • Anyone else getting a bit sick of overgrown footpaths? Really putting a downer on running new places.

  • Etnies scout are a personal favourite for running…but there not even a running shoe they just seem to work, light comfy not over designed

  • I had a nice long run planned for the weekend... but there's a typhoon and it's not safe to go outside. Some people I know went running regardless and I called them irresponsible and selfish, and now we're having a full on fight in a group chat, and urgggh I wanna go for a run to chill out...

  • Treadmill? Not the same, but better than a typhoon....

  • Yes. I was on bridleways / unmetalled roads on a fastpacking run last week and the hogweed / bracken / brambles / nettles were doing my head in at times.

    Pictured bit was relatively clear!

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  • Need to be runnin with a machete jungle style

  • Gyms etc are closed. The only option is laps in the stairwell of our apartment block (which I'm not sure I can bring myself to do).

  • Bedford Autodrome Marathon yesterday. Good job I booked it in as a last-gasp attempt at a VMLM GFA-to-Champs place upgrade, since I ditched the previous week's half marathon at Dorney due to the massive bloody heatwave.

    So the target was always sub-2:40 and I had a chat with a couple of guys on the start line with similar ideas, and despite the rather small field I did end up running a fair portion of the race with others. Conditions were a lot easier than last week; way cooler, overcast, bit windy as the aerodrome is prone to be, but not awful. Set off around 6m/m and actually went through 5 miles in around 30:00 give or take a few seconds. 10 miles 60:30-ish, all good. One or two splits went out to ~6:10 with a stiffening wind or fiddling with my half-way gel, but it was all pretty textbook and I didn't really start stiffening up till the last couple of miles...

    2:38:19 official, 2nd overall, in yet another race this year won by an oldie, so I was only 2nd V45, but I was only ever running against the clock yesterday. Really happy with the execution, not a jog in the park but very controlled, and a massive contrast to my last actual race attempt at the distance, 2:42 at Frankfurt in 2018 finishing in a niggly hobble.

    Sub-2:30 still feels like a huge challenge but at least I'll be starting that bit nearer the front, potentially with club mates going for the same target. (And after a less stressful toilet queue experience prior to the start.) Game on!

  • Absolutely incredible. Well done.

  • Orion 15 confirmed for November - anyone else get the email?

  • Yes, not sure I can make it, but will see.

  • Gimme a shout if you do - won't be able to keep up with you mind! ;p

  • Amazing! Well done!

  • that's how you do it!

  • Yes. Might try and build some fitness.

  • Practice running in thick gloop!

  • Struggling with hip ache again, in the adductor muscle, don’t think I’m stretching properly either…

    Is this common problem that goes away if I keep up with it? because I feel my body isn’t used to running, yet.

  • Wow! That's amazing - well done!! Unfathomably fast!

  • That can be an overuse thing, putting too much load through it over too short a time - I pulled my abductor in March and it's been quite a slow process to get back to fitness. Some of this was lack of gym and pool access. wont just be that muscle though but glutes, lower back, hammies and calfs all need attention.

    Strength work:
    Sumo deadlift focussing on keeping feet and knees out
    Single leg reverse lunge (Ideally band around your leading leg to add tension)
    Leg press machine with knees and feet angled out - Heavy.
    Leg press jumps - light load and jump up and down on the machine, feels weird, works well.
    Hip abuction machine - as heavy as you can go
    hip abduction machine - isometric for 30-40 secs (basically make it too heavy to move and just hold a push against it)

    Adonis Harrison Jnr has also done some posts on hip mobility which are well worth looking at on Instagram.

  • I’ve cracked the screen of my forerunner 235 and now the activity button is working sporadically. I think it’s time for a new watch! I’m thinking 245 music. Has anyone got one? What’s the music function like? Are there any other models I should consider? I’m not wedded to garmin.

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