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  • No kids yet, so can’t really use that excuse…

    Children suck the time from your lives. Start running now before they appear :)

  • I’d go for a long walk. Probably about 3-5 miles Once you are out and about enjoying the scenery and that pace you can build on that.

  • Bought a pair of the standard Atreyu and 1st impressions are very good. Only a few miles as yet but comfortable. Very light.

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  • Live laugh love thread >>>>>>>


  • Finally a company making men’s shoes in decent colours. White, blue or black seem to be the standards.

    What if I want leopard print sl20s

  • First good run for me after three weeks of struggling. Was straight after my 2nd Pfizer. Pfizer 2 makes you heard it here first.

  • Well done for perservereing! Glad to hear you're back in the game.

  • That’s why I prefer running during winter. I may try the idea of walking few miles first, exploring nature n all that sound more interesting

  • This is a great gel ,If you love Kendal mint

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  • Anyone enjoying the heat? I hate it, it makes me want to puke! I’ve had some time off this week and have got up to Snowdonia and peaks a few times, I have felt dehydrated for nearly a week now. I just can’t seem to drink enough even when necking loads in the evening.

  • Weather sucks I’m not running in a oven

    I’ve been drinking a lot of caffeine lately, I am a caffeine addict, I don’t think that helps with running personally, maybe its something else making you more thirsty?

  • Loving the heat myself. Did a cracking 8 mile trail run earlier. Vest on, bucket hat, water belt, suncream, bliss!

    We'll be missing it soon enough!

  • There was absolutely no breeze whatsoever up on Kinder Scout today, it was insane, I think I could have handled it much better if there was, I genuinely felt awful for 3/4 of the run.

  • I do drink a lot of coffee in the morning and it’s probably not ideal but since quitting fags and cutting down on booze it’s one of my only vices left, I’m not ready for that emotional break up yet even if it’s dehydrating me to death.

  • I set out at 0645 this morning and it was already warm. Home before 10 and I have been feeling dehydrated all day.

    I think you can be excused for struggling in this heat. Not really something you get a chance to acclimatise to in the UK!

  • John Kelly has no luck with weather over here.

    Looks like his wainwright's attempt is done, due to the heat I'd guess.­

  • I did a MP 10k last night, I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home (set off at 8.30).

    My run this morning revealed all the bits that got chafed yesterday so it was a thoroughly miserable affair. I've had loads to drink since, but I still need to drink loads more.

    I might make up the shortfall with Kronenbourg and prosecco tonight.

    When does this rank heat end?

  • MP?

    Weekend they say...

  • marathon pace. It was supposed to be a race effort, but sod that

  • Persistent niggle in my achilles tendon, about halfway up the tendon between the bony bit on the back of my heel and where it joins onto the calf muscle. Feels bruised when I press or squeeze it and sort of follows the tendon extension when I extend it. I can feel it twinging when I first go out and it gets irritated on longer runs. Any ideas?

  • What are the recommended running/sweat resistant headphones/earbuds?
    (Wireless pref. Not for me. I like to know how bad I sound)

  • Aftershokz Aeropex.

    Conduction, rather than in ear, so sweat is no issue, and you can't hear them bounce on your neck like you do with in-ear.

  • I love running in the heat. I love the sun. But it also is a seriously effective training method bc it makes your body produce more red blood cells. I think it’s considered as effective as altitude training. But you need to use it properly. Take it easy, hydrate properly etc

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