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  • No injinji love? They're all I wear.

  • They're all I wear.

    Now that's an image!

  • +1 for Balega

  • Anyone else find post vaccine running a slog? I got my first one a week ago and can't figure out is it that, the humidity or just general fatigue/stress but it's been feeling tougher than it should

  • I have a pair of Hilly twin skin socks that hug my feet in a lovely way, a pain to put on if your feet are damp though. I know everyone always says it but.... decathlon also have some decent ones, I got a pair of plain black socks years ago that have lasted really well, nice smooth fit without being anything fancy. 1000 mile are also nice but I only have winter ones and it's currently 37 degrees here so they don't get a ton of use.

  • I run in the Hilly twin skins. Talcum powder is your friend!

  • Possibly worth a physio trip to iron out what sounds like (as an armchair expert) an overuse injury possibly brought about by a kink in your gait.

  • Just do what Manni says?

  • Flipping heck!

  • It's Orion's Fast Friday this Friday at the track round the back of the Walthamstow Feel Good Centre. I might take my daughter along seeing as she trains on the track

    I have copied and pasted below.­8601609/

    Two ways to watch FASTFriday (inc the @EnglandAthletic
    10000m champs):
    Join the lane 3 warriors and watch live. Socially distanced fanzones available for more spectators than we normally get. Malaysian street food (menu below) plus trackside bar and tea and cake stall all provided by the Runners Beer Cooperative, Walthmstow Track first race 6.20
    Watch the action on the livestream: @trackstaa_
    YouTube channel­N_MFPFJsYtKg

  • Thanks for the reminder

  • Good night, I had to leave cos I forgot lights for the tandem (and my stoker is 8)

    Very high standard, I think everyone in the early race finished sub 38

  • I've entered this...

    9.5mile run/walk home afterwards might be too much?

  • Just set off for my long run of the week. Ten miles. With a pace step in the middle.

    Managed to make it two miles before grinding to a halt. Legs like concrete, tight chest, nausea and a stitch. Walked and stretched for a bit, still felt energyless.

    No biggy in the grand scheme of things but feel crushingly disappointed for some reason. Long runs have been a little too tough recently and have dialled the mileage back a bit hoping it would help.

  • Anyone tried any Atreyu ?

  • My long run yesterday was equally awful - hot and humid (44 degrees LOL) meant it zapped all my energy and I ended up unable to breath, pale and clammy, retching in a hedge. I drank six litres of water, a coke and a monster and managed one very small wee. Had to lie down on the floor when I got home. I should probably learn lessons from this but I'm not sure what.

  • That's at least 7 degrees hotter than I've ever tried to run in. Bloody hell!

    Still no energy today. 4mi easy...30 secs a mile off what I'd expect to do on an easy run. Not in itself weird for me to have a few days like this but it's very odd after a short break and reduced mileage. Resting HR is pretty normal for me....can't be fatigue.

  • Did some SwimRun today in Wales at keepers pond, running up bellonge (spelling?).

    Three swims, three runs. Lots of horrible rocky paths and inclines. The sauconys were great. Good on the rocks, and drained quick.

    Now rest....

  • I looked at swim run, but sacked it off for the needing yet another wetsuit aspect.

    Looks like a lot of fun though.

  • I've been battling a dodgy achilles pretty much all year and it finally seems to have calmed down after much rest and many calf raises. Ran 6k on Thursday in 35mins and 7k on Sunday in just under 37mins. At this point the times don't matter, it's just about staying pain free and slowly building up the distance. Minimum of 48 hours between runs is a must for me.
    Do I have enough time to build up to a half on 22nd August or is that just a recipe for disaster?

  • I need a backup light source for Deadwater at the end of Aug, anything better/cheaper than this I should look at?

    We already have one of those and they are pretty good for the money, but it will be in use on a cycle tour so I need to find another!

  • Since I’ve started running again I’ve noticed my gait has completely changed and I’m more focused on subtle things like landing softly and taking shorter strides. Seems to be helping.

  • Interesting interview with fell running legend Joss Naylor

  • Does anyone want these for the cost of postage plus a small forum donation? More Mile Cheviot 4s, size 11/46.

    I bought them very cheaply last winter but didn’t get on with them at all. Drop me a PM if you’d like them.

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