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  • Have been doing about 25mi a week recently. Build up very gradually from 17mi pw over the last 6 months or so.

    Started to get some aches in various places and no longer seem to be recovering between runs as I did until recently. I've added a bit of cross training in recent weeks too so that will be having an impact on my body too.

    Time for a gloriously lazy week off.

  • My wife is after a Garmin Forerunner 35 or above - anyone got one for sale?

  • Long shot but anyone interested in either of these instruments of torture. Both used a few times then dismissed in my battle with tight calves..

    Will need posting as I’m in Leeds.. donate something to the forum and I’ll do the rest.

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  • I’ll give them a go please, had to cut short the last few runs with a tight and twinging calf so I’d been about to get a torture stick. May as will grab a torture boot to go with. Will pm, thanks

  • Feeling pretty empty this week but still equalled my best time on a segment I ran through during Thursday's interval session (on the last interval too) so seems like I'm doing better than I feel. Anyone else ever have weeks like that?

  • Yeah all the time. Those horribly sloggy runs that you think are about 2mins a mile slower!

    In other news, got a few runs in the Ultra Glides. They feel nice, have a good shape to them, not tight at the toes. They don't feel as nice as the Nike's, but they're pretty close and much nicer than the Pegasus 11. (Although Pegasus 11 will become my winter muddy shoes)

    Would recommend.

  • I have a 925 that is unused. I'll let it go for 2/3 of ebay used price + a forum donation if you're interested

  • 925? Don’t think that’s a thing

    920 for the squarer tri watches, 935 for the newer ones

    (If it’s a 935 and Fred doesn’t take it I’d be interested, suspect a club mate would be keen)

  • 915?
    Maybe a 910


    Got there in the end.

  • I have the same feeling with these and fancy trying with the super feet, was it just the normal ones you got, do the different colours mean anything other than looks?

  • Just about got over my quad-DOMS from the weekend. Sunday was the North Downs Run - 30k, pretty hilly but a slightly quicker course than previous years with its new COVID-friendly start at the Gravesend Cyclopark. I managed to bury the demons of my last attempt at this race in 2018 where I hit the wall badly, most likely due to dehydration on a warm day + under-trained; kept going this time for 5th overall, only 2nd V45 in the British Masters' Multi-terrain champs, but no shame in losing to a former winner of this race and the Beachy Head Marathon.

    Cracking race, thoroughly recommended.

  • I got the green Run Comfort insoles. I think the colours are related to arch height / pronation. I have medium arches and I roll around the outside of my foot slightly (supination), and I was recommended the green by a mate who used to work for them.

    Fwiw I've not used them on any other running shoes, and I've kept the standard Salomon ones in the ultra glides. Might try them in the Salomon's though to see what they're like.

    @PhilPub - that looks steep!!!

  • Long hill reps this morning. Turns out if you run up hills on a fairly regular basis, you get a bit better at running up hills! Who knew?!

  • I've had 3 weeks off of running due to Covid. Can't wait to dust off the shoes, and get them gummed up with mud this weekend in Epping. It has been, too long.

  • I hear it was an eventful Sale Sizzler tonight!

  • I was there, start delayed by a couple mins but I didn't see owt else eventful?

    I paced it better than last time according to my mile splits, 6.00, 5.56, 5.55 but got no hrm data despite wearing strap that had worked earlier in the day.

  • Fwiw the start area was very crowded, didn't feel "covid safe". I stayed out the way in lane 8 until just before the start.

  • I heard that the leaders had a fight with a local using the park!

  • Brave! There's some interesting characters around there. Is that why no-one ran sub-15 then?

  • Erm, better start training like a Sprinter I guess...?

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  • Amazing, I’m going to sign up for that. We were running over kinder the other week and people from that race were coming the opposite way, it was ace cheering everyone on as we ran past, looked like a great atmosphere.

  • Nice one, See you on the start line then!

  • This weekends running was Pen Llyn 100 mile ultra. There were roughly 45 entrants and half of them DNS. As far as I can tell only 9 finished. I was 4th man (5th overall) which I was quite surprised about.

    The field seemed pretty strong at the start. Lots of people talking about their Bob Graham's and Paddy Buckley's and fell races with me feeling like maybe I was out of my depth. I managed water and food intake well but had a big dip around 75-80 miles. Entered the penultimate checkpoint feeling like I was going to quit, left feeling like a new man and ran the next section really well, catching a few people and climbing strongly so made the most of it and motored to the final checkpoint. Slowed a bit after that but was still moving well and brought it home in just over 26hrs.

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