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  • Bucket hat was great to run in. It was raining and felt nice.

    Peregrine 11 news. Had a few runs in them. Initially they felt firm and a bit unforgiving, Albeit excellent on rocks and stones.

    However, I popped some superfeet run comfort inners in, and now they feel excellent. Good comfort and nice 'feel' of the trail.

    Hopefully they've for the durability people have said they do.

  • 18.46 at tonight's 5km

    On the plus side it's only 2.4s per 100m off my p.b.

    Left hammy and lower back a bit tight. Anyone got any decent sciatica stretches for modern times?

  • Always take a sub 20.

  • He's a really good guy. If you're ever up in Snowdonia he knows the place really well.

  • 18 was my benchmark but I need to recalibrate as I get older. Wava was 75% so not too shabby in that currency.

    When's your next sub 16 blast?

  • Nice running!

  • Interested in buying an affordable running watch and looking to spend around a £100, Garmin 35 & 45 seem to have decent reviews.

    Anyone have any recommendations ?

  • I've had a forerunner 35 for a few years now, and have been happy with it. The optical HR is a bit whack, but I knew that before I bought it, and use a chest HR strap connected over BLE if I really care about accurate HR measurement. The Garmin companion app is surprisingly okay for a Garmin-produced software product.

    I've had to buy a new charging cable recently as the original wasn't reliable, but that's my only real criticism.

  • I've had to buy a new charging cable

    I tend to treat the charging cables as slightly disposable - much beyter that they break than the watch itself

  • You can get a 2nd hand Suunto Ambit Peak3 for under £100, way better than the cheaper Garmin's in terms of functionality, battery life, multisport etc.

  • I have a 45 somewhere that I don't use. Let me see if I can dig it out.

  • Been using a 45 since last year and its been great - would highly recommend. HR can sometimes have a mind of its own but aside from that very impressed

  • Either of these hats still available? Could do with a summer runner.

  • Arrived yesterday, thank you very much @SideshowBob.

  • Thanks, Got one as a present now.

  • Race to the stones in 19 days. I’m on 600 miles for the year so far - wondering if people tend to cruise into these ultras on a normal schedule or taper into them? Just looking to get to the finish and have sometimes felt a bit rusty after a taper but not sure what the wisdom is. Also anyone else doing RTTS on here?

  • I taper for ultras. Don't want to be doing a long run at the end of a normal training week so 2 weeks out the intensity starts to drop, and the week leading up to race day is no hard efforts, max 10k and probably last run on Tues/weds with race on weekend. Seems to work for me but tapering is very individual.

  • Got a refund in the end for the Nike Pegasus Trial durability issues. Took the money and just ordered a pair of those new Salomon Ultra Glide Trail shoes. Managed to find a 9 in stock!

  • Let me know how you get on with the fit of the Salomons vs the Nikes. Every Salomons i tried were really narrow. My peg trails are shot now as well not the tread but all the cushioning has gone now. It took them ages to go from great to still ok but went from ok to totally gone over 3-4 weeks. Interested to see how your new ones hold up.

  • Will Do. Word is they are a bit wider than previous shoes (used to run in speedcrosses years ago which were quite narrow).

    This is interesting read -­m-an-ultrarunning-dream-to-designing-the­-salomon-ultra-glide-trail-shoe/amp

    He wanted something for the runners who found other shoes too narrow

  • Nice one I'll check that out. It was the speedcross i tried. Sorry about the duff recommendation on the Nikes the were my absolute favourites at the time.

  • Don't think it was duff, they were a genuine pleasure to run in until they wore out!

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