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  • First run back post-covid this morning. 3.5km, which I found very hard. HR elevated, short of breath. I suspect I'm going to have to be very patient waiting to get back to where I was.

  • 16.10

    That must be so infuriating :D

  • First run back from any sort of break is always the worst. If I were you I'd try not to be too disheartened and give it a few more runs before deciding on whether its going to be as tough as you fear to get back to where you were...

  • Can someone recommend me a well ventilated but cheap cap for running. Thanks

  • Id get one which is netted head and a solid peak.

    I just bought the Adidas 5 panel athletics cap as I think it looked nice. I always run with a hat so have a number of them.

  • I looked at the impact of detraining as I noticed I’d been struggling after some time off. Basically you lose it pretty quickly and you do build it back at the same pace. Took me too long to come to terms with that and I was getting pissed off.
    I’ve no built a new plan and trusting the process. Plus the weather is beaut so just being out and enjoying the world is where it’s at right now

  • Ciele or Vaga are my go to. Both excellent for running in.

  • ^ +1 cheap 'n cheerful

    @yoshy it takes as long as it takes, I'm only just feeling fitness is getting more reliably consistent from Jan 2020 illness.

  • Looking for half marathon suggestions, August / September, ideally West London. Somewhat reluctant to drop £50 on the Ealing Half. How do you find the smaller event listings? Cheers

  • I'm sure there's some site with a consolidated listing but for one specific provider:­athons/

    All the half marathons are under £30 there (I think).

    Wimbledon, Kempton Park and Thorpe/Egham and Dorney there in August and West London-ish.

    Wimbledon Common is mostly flat but there are some hilly/traily bits of the course.

    Dorney would be PB-tastic as it is paved and flat (being next to the lake).

  • Fetcheveryone has the best event listings.

  • What are peoples views with running in the morning vs. running in the evening?

    I enjoy running in the morning but definitely find it tougher than the evening. My heart rate is always a little higher and legs are always heavier. Even after a good warm up I find the legs always suffer more.

  • Thanks for the listings, Wimbledon could be a plot. Was unaware of fetcheveryone, looks good 👍

    Time of day running; nothing sets me up for the day like a morning run, but I find it a proper effort these days to get going early, and without the office commute I have less of a reason to do it. Just been out for an evening 4, absolutely sweltering!

  • Much prefer morning runs (usually some time between 8am and 10am start). Gets the body going. I end up feeling lethargic for the rest of the day if I leave it any time past 11am (like today).

  • I really struggle with morning runs, definitely feel the heavy legs in a big way. Love the feeling of being out early but it's rarely worth the heavy legs for me

  • Thanks for the retraining encouragement also. Ready for a slog but going to try and enjoy the process and to just be consistent :)

  • I much prefer morning, I can run 10-15km on a banana, leave it until the afternoon and I’m bonking if I don’t eat enough.

  • I don't recommend the Patagonia mesh one. Mine soaks up sweat, takes ages to dry and stinks even after washing. Expensive too.

    Let me know if you find anything decent

  • I like the Ciele caps because you can chuck em in the wash and they come out perfect. Nice, but pricey.

    I have a Salamon XA (recommended on here) and a Buff one which are both great and cheaper but you need to hand-wash them.

  • I like the Ciele caps because you can chuck em in the wash and they come out perfect.

    Yes, Decrackalon caps get washed after each run. My dhb (Wiggle own brand) cap has too stiff a peak and a few washes and it's unbearable tight, but the Decathlon ones keep going wash after wash.

  • Double Bob Graham attempt this weekend.­

  • Any forum favourite methods of carrying max 1l of water on a long trail run?

    Belt? Vest? Backpack? Just getting to the point where I'll need to start carrying water soon.

  • 2 500ml soft flasks in front pockets of a vest. easiest to access, refill and see how much you have left.

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