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  • Yes, had that on a hilly 8miler with pace sections only yesterday. Tends to happen more often when it's warmer weather though.

  • Yeah I’ve only noticed it recently when it’s been warmer, not a fan!

  • I've had that doing vo2 max on the bike at 95% hr max my hands and face go numb. I did read into it and apparently its not uncommon and just blood leaving the extremities where its needed less. For me the feeling comes back very quickly as soon as i back off less than a minute. I actually find it good to do a couple of these sessions before a short race so when it happens I'm like oh my face is going numb again rather than thinking oh shit i can't feel my hands what is happening.

  • Yes, I think it's due to low carbon dioxide in the blood as you're puffing away blowing out more than you need to (not a doctor/expert but reading about low CO2 sounds familiar).

  • It happens when my hands are hot and good blood supply too - veins standing out on back of hands, sweaty etc so I don't think it's lack of blood like some others described. I do get Reynaud's symptoms when it's cold and this is different.

  • Another - I occasionally get a tingling or light pins and needles things in my hands with hard intervals or occasionally in the gym if pushing hard. Never been sure if its a blood-circulation thing or more a muscle tension thing

  • I've just read back on it and from what i could find again it does suggest it is blood being recruited by the more active working muscles and then clenching your fists/gripping bars will make it worse. Apparently it is fairly common when lifting weights do to pressure points blocking the nerves. Despite my best efforts i still end up clenching my fists gritting my teeth and screwing my face up when really going hard despite coaches telling me not to do any of those things. It does get complicated as you can seemingly have good blood flow to the tissue body part yet poor blood flow to the nerves in the same area which is where i started getting lost.

  • P20 still the go to summer sun screen? Starting to think I need to pick some up now. Baking out this morning.

  • I've been using the Pelotan spray on which seems to be good.

  • Had a cracking run this morning .. went out for my usual 10km but got all the feels! Comfortable, pace was better than usual, felt strong, weather fantastic.. so I extended it to 10 miles and got some great added views on the way round .. legs feel beat-up now but well worth it. One of the fleeting occasions where everything seemed to come together.

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  • That looks bang on. Will order some.

  • I love those runs where you feel you can carry on forever and are loving every step.

  • An actual race! Not including a HM pacing job just before first lock-down, this was my first time toeing the line with actual people since January last year. RunThrough 10k in Battersea Park. Recent sessions suggest I've been getting some speed back and I set out to break 34 mins, so 33:41 chip with even splits was very satisfying. 5th overall, although 3 of those in front of me were also V40! So good to be back. :-)

  • Anyone want this for postage ? Will make you want to move to Cumbria and race

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  • Great running thats an amazing time 💪 and must be nice to be right back in the mix after such a long lay off. Vets racing is so competitive I'm still doing some v40 mtb racing and i managed 5th vet and 11th overall last time out with v40's making up half the top 10 so us old boys can't be written off just yet

  • A torturous 3.5 miles today. Even at 1800 it was still too hot for me. Thank goodness for cold showers

  • I've read it on Kindle but would love a physical copy to reread if it's still going.

  • That is an amazing time, congrats. I hope to run my first race in many months at the same event a bit later in the summer, was it well organised - easy to access bag drop that you know of? I would be coming along by train/bike so would need somewhere to stow stuff.

  • Thanks! Yes it's a really well organised race. A few hundred runners but starting in waves, and mini-waves on the start line with 4 runners going off every few seconds. I don't know if you're familiar with Battersea Park but the bandstand area in the middle is race HQ, with the actual bandstand being used as an informal but marshaled bag drop. The regular park toilets are bolstered by several porter loos, the people at the information desk know what they're doing and marshals on the course are very encouraging. Add in a perfectly flat course with gentle bends and not too much people traffic, it's all good. :-)

  • Sounds great, thanks for that. I will get it booked in. In the pre-covid days used to run around the park on my run commute, which feels like a long time ago. So I'll be glad to be back. I'll give it a whack but I'll certainly not be going anywhere close to 34 mins, unless they let me use my bike!


  • Another 5k at about 16.10. One day the sub 16 will come.

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