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  • Those weird facemasks to replicate reduced oxygen which gym bros started wearing were proven to do sweet fa

    There is a couple of breathing mouthpieces being marketed like the Airofit which have an app to make them seem more legit, I still think the jury is out.

    A good friend of mine who is an ex-common wealth rower did a Wim Hof session and said it was brilliant. It's breathing and mental priming which I think are different to just nose breathing.

  • Just went for a first trail run since Covid kicked off. Man, I've missed running through the trees.

  • Fuck running in this shitty weather. It's mid May and I refuse to get my gloves out again! #raynauds

  • I suffered a bit sitting outside a pub after a very soggy 17 miles in Epping Forest.

    Two pints of Guinness and some spicy chips helped my fingers through the worst of it

  • Smashed it: 58hrs 4mins 49secs

  • Just caught up after work, impressive.

  • Sure , I haven't got one of those masks , I've just been trying nose breathing on runs.

    Maybe I should be more open minded with the Wim Hof stuff as a natural sceptic I moved past the mental / spiritual part and just assumed its only about being able to more efficiently use oxygen and having a higher tolerance for c02

  • Glorious day for a run in Suffolk.

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  • If anybody finds a lung on the sand near Minsmere, could they PM? Ta.

  • Obligatory dip in the sea?

    I got soaked on a lunch run in the woods. Felt great. Unlike cycling, running in all weathers is excellent.

  • Obligatory dip in the sea?

    Kind of. I've got a a touch of big toe bursitis in my right foot at the moment so only went up to to the ankles to cool my toe down!

  • went running in Snowdonia over the weekend. My quads are still battered. Not ideal prep for a sub 16 attempt on 28th May.

    I was thinking about John Kelly on my run this morning. He ran 259 miles on less than an hours sleep. That's bonkers. that's a quarter of my yearly mileage in less than three days. crazy.

  • My nipples beg to differ!

  • I made the classic error of reading the comments under that. A number of people bravely defending Parkrun but my god, there are some sad miserable bastards out there. Can't wait for it to return, hopefully it does across all locations.

  • Apparently Manchester Council has said yes to resumption. This gives me 5 of the nearest 7 (within 2 miles of home) to choose from if so.

    P.s. Never read the comments.

  • Looking weirdly cheerful on the trail at the weekend. I was interviewed beforehand by the organisers and it's gone out on provincial TV! Which is better than when I was asked to take part in an advert for Huawei AFTER a race and just after I'd necked a beer in a very dehydrated state...

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  • Good for Manchester! Hope you can get to one soon. Seems nuts that Parkrun is being prevented from restarting when the parks are (apparently) full of people anyway and people can eat indoors/do much more risky things. The risk outdoors is pretty low and people could just wear masks, making it even less risky. Surely exercise (and yes of course you can go for a run on your own but the structure of having a saturday parkrun is important) is key to physical and mental health. Gahhhh...

  • Gahhhh indeed! Lord Coe was on the wireless bigging it up earlier so fingers crossed it'll be ok shortly.

    Great race picture.

  • Yeah the main problem is that not enough parkruns have been given the go-ahead. And if not enough get the go-ahead then the ones that do will just be swamped, so they can't just start off with a small subset of them, it's got to be 80%+ of them or nothing.

    I'm guessing many of the landowners are just being over cautious in spite of the considerable evidence that is being presented by parkrun that it is very safe.

    I like parkrun but I'll probably volunteer for the first couple of my local one, just to see how it pans out. (I'm not the main target audience anyway as I don't struggle for motivation to run a 5k. I'm more likely to run 5k to volunteer and then run 5k home.)

  • I reckon they'll also be concerned that even if 100% get the green light they'll still be swamped compared to regular weeks numbers.

  • Recently joined the Victoria Park Harriers. Is anyone else on here a member?

  • Writing a pissy email to the Woodland Trust who’ve rescinded permission for Tring Parkrun is on my to-do list today, gits.

  • My local council has not granted permission either.

    They also have, conveniently, a PSPO on the park, so that anyone doing organised runs can be prosecuted.

    Unimaginative feckless cunts.

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