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  • I'm doing a 25km trail race on sunday and I was really looking forward to a jaunt about the mountains, but the organisers have just cut it to 13km as it's forecast to be too hot (admittedly, quite hot - 36 degrees). Now I don't know if I can still be bothered to trek all the way out there.

    I should be grateful the race is still on, I suppose. There was a 10km race here the other day that banned all foreigners at the last minute because of the indian variant of covid...

  • I'm keeping it simple at the moment, 3 x week, 3o minutes steady row @ 23 strokes/min, in the morning on easy run days. I'll progress this to 45 mins, more progressive (15mins @ 23/25/27 spm). As and when I'm thinking of getting fit for rowing for its own sake I'll add in maybe weekly interval type sessions, 4 x 2k at the high-volume end, or 6/8 x 500 for something quicker. The widely-used "Pete Plan" has a useful schedule you can pick some sessions from.

    It really depends on what level you're at on the erg. I think there's a similar base-building principle to running, but with the added element of technique. So as well as starting out doing shorter sessions and getting longer, it's worth specifying a low target stroke rate to help develop a good pull. (Even <20 spm, which feels odd if you're used to sliding back and forth at 30spm, but really helps concentrate the drive.)

    When I get really serious I'll take a more detailed look at the "Wolverine Plan". Loads of useful info to get your head round there.

    TL;DR: - Keep it slow and steady, make sure you get good technique before trying to work too hard.

  • Awesome cheers mate.

    I'm currently doing 2 x 5k rows, 26spm and aim for 20mins and a couple of interval sessions on the ski erg. So this plan fits quite nicely with where I'm currently at.

  • make sure you get good technique before trying to work too har

    This. Almost brings me to tears seeing people on ergos without correct technique.

  • I once watched a woman in the gym on the rowing machine with her handbag hung over her shoulders so it was in her lap as she rowed. Proper outdoor leather bag with gold bits.

  • Anyone watched the Salazar documentary on Sky?

  • Tbf I rate that level of commitment

  • I love this kind of stuff. Gyms in china don't seem to have rowing machines (not sure why) but I've seen ALL SORTS on pretty much every other machine - both in terms of how the machines are being used (backwards, sideways, upside down) as well as the inappropriate things people wear.

  • My fave is when someone has obvs forgotten a bit of kit and just gone for it anyways.

    Benching with brogues

  • Went for my first run on Wednesday since my injury. Only a mile but got through it. No pain which is good. Another one today again no pain.

    The calf raises I was prescribed I was actually do wrong. How you may ask. Because the injury was on the inside of my heel I was compensating and rolling my foot during the raise. So had to force my foot to do the raise property through the ball of my foot on the inside.

  • Sounds interesting I will hunt it out.

    Like you @Light_EDDed I had a first run back today after twisting my ankle 20 days ago. Felt like I was pulling a tyre behind me, but good to get back. Onward and upward!

  • its on Nowtv if you have that (i have that rather than sky)

  • Is it called 'Nikes big bet'?

  • yeah sounds right - got Gladwell in it

  • Agreed even though I’m lighter than I was 6 months ago. I felt heavier.

    I also felt like my foot strike was different. Could be good?

  • Just finished watching this. Very well put together - Gladwell is a big fan!

  • The Panorama program on doping-
    Catch me If you can , Is well worth a watch.

    It features in this article­-journalist-unpacks-alberto-salazar-stor­y/

  • Trail race yesterday was a total mud bath, some of the downhills were more like mud surfing and the uphills involved climbing on all fours. Quite fun but my hands are full of splinters. When I got home I decided to leave my shoes outside the flat to dry before de-mudding them... and my fucking shoes have gone missing. I'd only worn them twice!!!

  • If this has been discussed already , apologies.

    I started to read about Buteyko breathing and Wim Hof method , bla bla bla .
    Not really into the spiritual stuff but I can see value in restrictive breathing whilst running or cycling for training purposes.

    Has anyone tried nose breathing or using a restrictive mask whilst running and seen a worthwhile benefit ? Im two runs in and it certainly makes the run harder but id be interested to hear the findings of others with more experience.


  • I'm jealous! I'd love to be scrambling through mud. This weekend would have been the Cader Idris fell race. Cancelled this year, again...

    Sorry about your shoes

  • nose breathing


    using a restrictive mask


    I try to keep to nose breathing on my easy runs as like you say it's a good way to limit exertion without having to think about it. I kjust keep my mouth shut but if you are finding that difficult then a little bit of tape (micropore, not duct) on your lips is used by some people. There are benefits to nasal breathing other than restricting air intake too, The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown is a decent book on the subject if you are interested.

  • Epic record attempt in progress:

    "American ultrarunner John Kelly is in the middle of an FKT (fastest known time) attempt on the Pennine Way, a 420K route that runs through the middle of England and into Scotland. Kelly broke the route record in July 2020, but only eight days later, British ultrarunner Damian Hall lowered the FKT yet again, beating Kelly’s time by three hours. Kelly is now looking to win the FKT back, and to do so he will have to beat Hall’s time of 61 hours, 35 minutes. "­/john-kelly-sets-off-on-pennine-way-look­s-to-win-back-route-fkt/

  • He'll finish this afternoon / early evening by looks of it. New record very likely.

  • The levels of endurance/suffering blows my mind, how the hell do you train for that!!

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