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  • I aim for six runs a week. One long on Sunday, an interval/tempo session, a hill session and the rest all easy zone 2. Generally that will get me to 50 mile weeks without really trying, but as the long runs approach 20 miles+ I'll do 60-70. Much more than that and it feels like all I'm doing is eating, working, sleeping (not enough) and running. But I'm not recovering from injury mind ... And I am training for a multi day ultra.

  • I'm doing 60-70 miles per month at the mo, 2 to 3 sessions a week some empty weeks. Last few weeks have included a hill rep session replacing a track session I had started but quickly lost due to work shifts. Some unstructured cross training via bike rides & bike commutes. Hope to start swims again soon.

    Reckon sub 18 5k will be a good (achievable) season goal off this.

  • Anyone doing the Great North Run ?

  • Lad down the pub last night wearing the Kipochege Alphaflys. Apart from being fairly ridiculous looking and an absolute fortune I can't imagine they're very comfortable for walking about?

  • Wiggos work as an influencer possibly paying off?

  • ... and breathe

  • I had a covid jab yesterday and feel a bit ropey today. I'd normally run to the local track with my daughter for her junior running club session, but that ends up being about 12 miles including to and from.

    I think I might ride up with her and mooch about for an hour instead.

    I was shivering when I went to bed last night, and must have woken up sweating five or more times. I think I've just talked myself out of running tonight

  • First 10k in two weeks, slow and really trying to keep the HR down but still averaged 16bpm above MAF limit (I'll get there eventually).

    Schedule has another four 10k runs before the end of the month (including a gentle one to do the virtual Vitality 10,000 with a slower friend, but I have to do a hard one before that and I'm really not looking forward to that.

  • Attempted a 5k time trial on the track on Friday. Was all set to PB with even splits when I got a pain in my chest at 4.4km that caused me to stop abruptly. Was pretty dissappointed. Have been taking it easy since. I've had a couple of days off work so went for a 10km on the road this morning and PB'd in some pretty awful conditions. Absolutely chuffed!

    tl/dr running is an emotional rollercoaster

  • The "I used to do drugs in that park" comment made up for the state of that picture 🤣

  • Finally had an MRI for fairly long term knee pain. Turns out that its a very minor meniscus tear, but its a "flap" that can stay in place or occasionally rub against the knee lining.

    Doc reckons carry on as is while its not causing problems, then give him a call for a key-hole op to remove the offending portion of meniscus if/when my patience runs out.

    Anyone had key-hole surgery to remove a bit of meniscus and can talk to what recovery looks like? Doc reckoned a couple of weeks if alls well, 4 weeks normal, 6 weeks if you're unlucky before back to full health

  • From the forum's very own @MechaMorgan

  • Haha I did not know that. Brilliant!

  • Used to bunk school and sniff speed there. It’s a nice park otherwise!

  • He may have wanted to get to the pub quickly, or maybe he had to be home by a certain time. Marginal gainz to maximise drinking time

  • No, but I've got a small meniscus flap from when I partially tore my ACL.

    My knee surgeon advised me to crack on with life and see how things go. His reasoning was that it's always better to avoid having your knee inflated etc if at all possible. After about six months the flap stuck down and hasn't bothered me since.

    Obvs YMMV!

  • For completeness, same story with my ACL. It was almost torn through but was still in place. My surgeon advised me to get hench legs and only get it repaired if it finally snaps. Three years on, although after a fuck ton of strength training, I can barely remember which knee is the bad one.

    I remember him saying that if needed, he could fix my knee, but you're always better off with part of your own knee than one he can make. If that makes sense.

    I guess the key thing is that I wasn't in significant pain for long. I'd have been banging on his door for surgery if things weren't going the right way after a few months

  • Avoiding invasive treatment seems to be standard practice.

    I have a fucked MCL and suspected torn / worn / frayed cartilage.

    Treatment is to strengthen the muscles and work on neuromuscular conditioning.

  • Seems to be a good practice in my experience! Glad to hear that it is standard.

    Of course, its guaranteed that what is left of my ACL will ping at the most inopportune moment requiring mountain rescue to get me home so there is that.

  • The only keyhole I've had is on my dodgy hip but that's another kettle of fish.

    Tried out my Endorphin Speed* on the track for the first time this evening. Lovely and springy! Fairly happy with a long interval session of 3 x 2k w/ 400 walk/jog recovery, 6:39, 6:41, 6:40 (I paced 1st and 3rd rep in a group of six or so), same pace as km reps just a few weeks ago so definite progress.

    *Pretty sure I'm going to invest in the Endorphin Pro for target race shoes, so the Speed are relegated to regular sessions, minor races and faster long runs. So bloody comfy.

  • Yes, totally agree, and pretty much what the surgeon is saying. Its not exactly last resort, but Id only have someone stick a knife and a camera into my knee if my activity was restricted, or if an ongoing chronic problem could lead to a worse outcome later.

    Interested in hearing from anyone thats actually had work done though

  • @PhilPub you got any good rowing session plans to sprinkle into running training?

  • Feet in the clouds is a great book if you want to get a feel for what it takes. Not sure I could ever dedicate myself enough to be able to do it, I would love to though.

  • I've had keyhole surgery (not on my knee - on my hip, I seem to remember that it's the same issue that @PhilPub had), for me it was crutches for two weeks, walking for two weeks, then gradually back up to normal activity over the next couple of weeks.

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