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  • eat less

    This is the part I struggle with.

  • "Eat the same, but do more." is how I do it.

  • same, but do more." is how I do it.

    Thats what I've been doing to great success. Tackling diet and exercise was just too much of a tall order for me. Sadly, i've reached the limits of what I can achieve while eating like a fat bastard.

  • Drink less is my eternal struggle

  • "Eat the same, but do more."

    My boyfriend is attempting to do this - I bought him a (chinese version of a) fitbit and now he's walking/running as much as he possibly can (eg. if he's waiting for the bus, he paces up and down - looks a bit nuts). I feel like he needs to maybe eat a LITTLE bit better (eg. no poptarts in the house) but one thing at a time...

  • no poptarts in the house

    Jesus hats, have a heart!

  • One thing I found with "Eat the same, but do more" (which I should also expand to include "try and drink less but end up drinking roughly the same") is that it takes 3 to 4 weeks for my weight to start moving. I look like I'm losing weight but the weight stays the same, this is because I'm adding more lean muscle mass and losing fat. Muscle is denser than fat, plus the muscle is added to legs/arms whilst fat mostly seems to be lost from the belly so there's a bit of weight redistribution too.

    After 3-4 weeks I've put on most of the new muscle required and so the remaining effort goes towards weight loss.

    If I can maintain 2kg/month loss whilst continuing to eat what I used to eat, and drinking what I normally drink, then that's a win for me. I know I could possibly accelerate it by cutting out booze completely, but that would make me even more dull than I normally am.

  • Chapeau to folks for plugging on when the activities are not particularly fun then - that's impressive commitment.

  • They don't call me Heartless Hats, patron saint of the hungry, for nothing you know!

  • Has anyone here ever attempted the Bob Graham round?

  • Not sure. but I'd like to.

  • How many times a week and what sort of weekly mileage are you guys doing? I’m on the comeback trail from a calf injury and torn between getting up to 4 or 5 days a week.

  • Roughly 40 miles running, 6/7 times a week, roughly 50 miles a week of cycling.

    I might even swim a couple of times a week in the not too distant future, but I'd like to lose my fat back first

  • Not a runner.

    Up to 25km a week (5k, 5k, 10k, 5k) and occasionally add an extra 5k in for a fifty run. Have built up in the past to 4/5 times a week up to 40k peaking at 50k weekly totals when I was lugging my lardy arse around a marathon.

    But I'll swim 10k+ week if I can and used to Audax so a "quiet" week was 4x2x10k commutes and then a 200k/300k/400k/600k ride once/twice a month. But with Coronabollox I've cycled about 30k in the last 12 months.

  • I'm on about 55 miles a week average at the moment. Helped by running to and from work. I try to get in two proper sessions and a long run.

    First race in over a year tonight. 5k round Battersea Park. It's going to be interesting.

  • That's pretty good going. How are you breaking that down?

    Anyone done the Chiltern Chase before? Worth doing?

  • I do about 28 miles commuting. Track session about 4 miles. Tempo session about 7 then a Sunday long run.

    Race last night went well. Was in a slower wave than I would have liked but fortunately there was another guy who wanted a similar time to me. He paced me to 4k then dropped out. I carried on and ran 16.09 for a pb.

    Great event. The winner overall, Jack Rowe, ran 13.35!

  • 16.09 for a pb.


  • Great stuff! Sub-16 this year then?

    I'm still sort of attacking things from the other end. Had myself down for another 20+ today but weather's shit and second jab on Wednesday left me groggy for a couple of days, so maybe next week.

    Exciting times on the x-training front. We've taken delivery of a Concept2 rowing machine, but need to move house (hopefully next 3/4 weeks) before there's a space big enough to use it. In the mean time I'm getting 3x half hour sessions/week done in the gym to get me up to speed.

  • That's the plan. But plans normally fail.

  • 16.09

    Well done.

  • first pain free run in 6 weeks on Thursday. 5km very easy. Been recovering from a strained abductor but having the gym back open has let me got on with some decent S&C so not feeling too bad + been back in the pool too

  • I aim for six runs a week. One long on Sunday, an interval/tempo session, a hill session and the rest all easy zone 2. Generally that will get me to 50 mile weeks without really trying, but as the long runs approach 20 miles+ I'll do 60-70. Much more than that and it feels like all I'm doing is eating, working, sleeping (not enough) and running. But I'm not recovering from injury mind ... And I am training for a multi day ultra.

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