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  • Ah nice one. It's a great mag. I've got a little photo essay coming up in the next issue. Can't wait to see it in print!

  • Theragun Mini initial thoughts. I really like it. I don’t see a massive difference from foam rolling (calves feel deeper with theragun but thighs with roller); however, it’s so easy to do I’m doing it more.

    Quite often after a hard run (or, any room) I can’t be bothered to have a proper foam rolling session (even though I know I’ll benefit from it) but with the theragun I am.

  • Running the Wainwrights is fantastic.

  • Couch to 5k completed. Exhausted, but nice to have kept it going for 9 weeks straight.

  • Longest long run of the year today; 25ish miles / 3.5hrs on feet on pretty tired legs. Felt it toward the end. Think I'm gonna aim for another 50+ miler in a month or two.

  • ^^^ & ^ Good going both.

    My legs have been in tatters since Weds hills. Poor warmup and avoidance of hills lately made for serious doms. 40 mins at lunch has made a difference, hopefully positive.

    There's 3 new neighbours here (across 8 houses) that all run recreationally so I asked what they though about making a street run group for ad-hoc social runs out. All went for it, and our first run is tomorrow morning as a result.

  • I tried to run home tonight (c17-20km) and got a good distance before my hip told me I'd gone far enough.

    Had to stop for an ultra-comfortable comfort break in the shopping centre in Canary Wharf - much more refined than the bush or wheelie bin I was starting to think might have to suffice.

    My GPS got a bit excited by all the tall buildings so I'm not actually sure how far I ran but it was about 14km.

  • Theragun mini.

  • I’ve enjoyed mine. Pricey but feels good.

  • Theragun is nice but there are now other cheaper alternatives which aren’t noticeably worse. I wanted something quieter so went for one which rated as good for that. Means I can use it and watch footy

  • Was it the sonic?

  • I got a jeerson I think it was recommended in here, so far so good, nothing to compare it against therapy gun wise.

  • Brilliant 👍👍👍 I used that so to did my 2nd full 5k non stop this week.

  • Why are all the air Pegasus in boring black and white?

  • Had a lighter week of running after a half on the weekend and I’ve been rewarded with a sore hip. Physio trip next week if it doesn’t sort itself out over the next few days.

  • Can the theraguns / thergunalikes replace rollers / hockey balls?

    I find it difficult to ease off tension in my quad (rectus femoralis and vastus lateralis, according to the internet) with a roller / ball, because of the funny positions that I need to get into to put enough pressure on them.

    Would a therajobby do the trick?

  • Won’t replace it but could be an additional aid and probably useful for the area you’re mentioning. They’re also quite easy so make the process simple
    I use the following:
    Two trigger point balls (diff firmness) mostly for rolling feet, shoulders and calfs
    Exercise bands several
    Voodoo floss
    Foam roller

    Been looking at one of those psorite things but not convinced

  • roughly four sub 3 hour marathons back to back. mental.

  • You might find this of interest -

  • Still struggling for motivation post marathon but beginning to get back to training last week.

    Had 5x1 mile in the plan on Thursday so took back one of the segments my new nemesis had off me, as it was almost exactly 1 mile long, took 35 seconds off his time so hopefully that’ll keep him busy for a bit while I find others that he now has that match my training plan! Though it was quite classy to do it on the third rep rather than just going all out specifically to regain the segment!

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