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  • I wouldn't say it's bad etiquette per se, but it is just as lame as KOM hunting on a bike.

  • IMO, if segment bagging is what gives runners motivation to get out there and run a bit faster then why not? Particularly if they're unattached/not in the habit of racing it can satisfy the competitive streak, and maybe even get them interested in racing/joining a club.

    I say that, having been guilty of doing exactly the same on an easy run last week with one single spurt of speed, but only ending up 3rd on the leader board for the segment. In my defense, the lead time "run" looks decidedly dodgy (best km not much over 2 mins!) but I didn't even flag it up. ;-)

  • A little Sad definitely

    Just smoke him on the segments and tag him in your run after with a picture of a poo

  • Stravabombers gonna stravabomb

  • Any ultraboost devotees... House of Fraser sale looks to have some decent discounts for various flavours of Adidas.

  • What websites do people like for aspirational trail run type articles? The equivalent of radavist, etc? Not racing, more travel, fun trips and suitable everyday kit

    Did you find anything? I wouldn't mind a few recommendations too, all the ones I've found are super runner runner rather than the enjoyment / quirky / interesting side of things.

    Maybe I should start one called Runavist...

  • Not a website but Run like the Wind is a great little mag if you don't know it already. Sorta like the Ride Journal for running.


  • Ah nice, will give it a look.

  • Not what you are asking for but here’s a few internet things that have inspired me lately on the trail/ fell running side of things.­mits-and-discovering-yourself-with-kilia­n-jornet/­jornet-417/

  • Seems a gap in the market here but maybe runners are too straight for fun websites!

  • After running at my own pace for the last 3 months I forgot how hard it was trying to keep up with people in the hills, fine margins between feeling comfortable and being close to your limit.

  • First run back post marathon, nice easy 19k in a group, legs felt pretty sluggish, but nice to be running in a group again!

    5k plan time!

  • 5k plan time

    Shorter faster intervals. You'll be flying for sure.

    I've just entered the 4 x Sale Sizzlers 5km's late June & through July. Recent track session splits suggest sub 18mins might be a realistic target for this year.

  • I'm not sure I'll get chance, but some here might enjoy a crack at this­aunders-howgills-virtual-score-course-fo­r-training/

  • Went to a physio about my calf and had a deep massage. Never felt anything like it!

  • The thumbs of doom? I have to go and see my physio on an empty stomach and i bring a towel to bite down on. I'm booked in next week just for an MOT. I know I'm overdue and not looking forward to it. Hope he fixed you up though

  • Oh yes! Still feels sore today. Should be on the mend now though!

  • I've been going to physio for a rotator cuff problem. On occasion I have woken up the next day looking like somebody has twatted me on the shoulder with a cricket bat! I thought massage was supposed to be pleasant! :D

    (I grumpily concede that the brutal massage approach seems to work very well for me)

  • Have for plans to get up and give this a shot soon. Will probably scupper any fast 5k I had hoped to do.

  • While we’re on physio talk, did I just make a massive schoolboy error?

    I’m seeing a physio / osteo (who is a trusted friend) who has identified a psoas issue has me doing physio exercises twice a day. I saw her in the real world for the first time (Covid) two weeks ago and she gave me acupuncture and a good ol pummelling.

    I ran a few ks the next day and did some upper bod weights the day after (plus the prescribed physio) and my back locked up like nobody’s business.

    I assume it spasmed to shield something else which shed inflamed. Anyway I’m only now able to get close to bending my back enough to put socks on.

    Seeing her again on Thursday. She’s gonna bollock me isn’t she. She didn’t say I should take it easy and I’ve never done osteo / physio massage stuff really. Is it general knowledge that you have to ‘recover’ afterwards?

  • My physio told me to rest my calf for 24 hours after a massage. I don’t think I would have assumed to do so if he hasn’t said though

  • I ran the Box Hill fell race one / two days after a calf massage session. It still hurts just thinking about it

  • Not a website but Run like the Wind is a great little mag if you don't know it already.

    Flicking through my first issue now, what a great shout.

  • Yeah, I think I binned myself.

    First week in seven months where I’ve not been able to run.

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