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  • Thanks - I went down a Reddit rabbit hole last night and ended up paying significantly less for a knock-off unbranded version and using some Am*zon vouchers I’d had since Christmas. I’ll also report back.. The theragun mini seemed to be aggressively discounted now (still pricey)

  • What one did you go for? I think I’m going to buy a mini today.
    They do 30 day returns if you’re unhappy so I’ll try it for a week and see how it is.

  • I have the mini. Girlfriend has prev gen pro. We both prefer the mini. Much quieter and because it's a lot smaller then probably easier to use than the adjustable head on the pro version.

  • There's an Irish company (I'm in Ireland so no Brexit charges) doing knock offs with a 30 day guarantee and 1 year warranty.

    Worth a go?­ssage-guns/

  • Bought the mini earlier. Will get it tomorrow and will let you know how I get on.

  • Are there any music players that are small enough to clip on a sleeve (like the ipod shuffle), and have bluetooth?

    (asking in the running thread because its for running...)

  • Not exactly what you are asking but my Garmin (vivoactive 4) does this. So I run with just my watch and earphones. It doesn't hold as much as I'd like and it's a bit annoying to do but it works once it's on there

  • I use a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus. It does the job but not without it's issues.
    Battery life is poor, 5-6 hours.
    One of the bluetooth earphones that I have, produces a very noticeable hiss when using with this device (cheap amazon special, don't have this with my Jabra's, though they've stopped working so stuck with the specials, and the hiss).
    Primarily bought it to listen to audio books/Audible compatibility. Which it does have.

  • I saw on YouTube that people buy super cheap jigsaws and get an attachment for them, which comes to about £25 all in with similar results.

    Not tried it mind....

  • Wouldn't bother doing this, don't as me how I know. Buy one of the purpose built options - I had a Theragun and now a smaller/much quieter one, forget the name as it means I can use it and watch TV/listen to radio etc use it 3-4times per week

  • @jb000 @jackc @Baerli_Baer - thanks all.

    I think it comes down to the Vivoactive and the Mighty Vibe - being able to directly upload spotify playlists in one go is a bit of a must-have, even if the SanDisk is cheaper.

    And at £85, the Mighty Vibe feels too pricey for a single purpose player - meaning that the Vivoactive 3 is looking like the best option, as a music player & upgrade to mrs_TW's Vivosmart (which doesn't really cut it as a running watch).

    We have a mate that works for Garmin too, which makes it a bit of a shoe-in

  • Watch defo better. Mighty vibe an odd product.

  • I went Renpho - about £60 I think .. I have their branded weighing scales and reviews seemed good.

    First impressions are good .. nothing to compare it against but build quality seems fine and not insanely loud.

    I’ll try it out properly before and after my next run and report back.

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  • I've been on the look out for a cheap percussive massager recently too.

    Theragun are fine but I've seen a few teardowns that really show how overpriced they are. I don't mind paying good money for a good device but when that device only cost a few tens of pounds to make and is being sold for a few hundred quid I object.

    I've heard some good things about the "Jeersonn" brand ones on Amazon. a physio I know at a fairly large rugby team has recommended them to his players over the last couple of years and they've proven to be effective and reliable. Think they cost about £60 or so too.

    (haven't bought one myself yet)

  • You can get a refurbed Samsung Galaxy Active watch for about £80 that does music/bluetooth and also has GPS if required.

  • What websites do people like for aspirational trail run type articles? The equivalent of radavist, etc? Not racing, more travel, fun trips and suitable everyday kit

  • Got my first FKT on Saturday. Nice day out in the Surrey Hills. Thought the time I was trying to beat was seven minutes faster than it was so finished thinking I had missed it by a minute.­y-3-peaks-united-kingdom

    Not entirely certain why I am classed as supported when others are classed as unsupported who ran it with someone else.

  • I think i've accepted that most running trainers look terrible, but picking a decent pair (particularly whilst shopping in person is difficult) is a minefield.

    I've got pretty normal feet, 80% road 20% trail - trainer recommendations?

  • I’m a hoka fanboi and wear them all day everyday, I really like the look of them too. Hoka will refund you even if you have worn them for 30 days and don’t like the feel.

  • Excellent work! I was invited along to this but it was never going to happen at that time in the morning, I had a date with a bowl of porridge. You up for the North Downs Run, end of June?

    @scunny - another Hoka fan here. (On my second pair of Clifton for everyday training.) But really, I would get myself along to a decent running shop (Up & Running, Run and Become, Runners Need) and try on as many pairs from different manufacturers as possible, and see what's comfortable. If you're mainly road running then don't even look at trail shoes; good road running shoes will have the cushioning you need to look after your feet, and will be good on the trails in most conditions.

    London Marathon news! The window for upgrading a GFA place to a Champs place has been extended to end of July. I'm now wondering whether it would be easier to target a 72:30 HM or a 2:40 marathon; on paper the marathon target is easier, but it does involve, er, running (and recovering from) a marathon. Hmmm... Dorney Lake HM 18th July is my preferred pick at the moment.

  • I’m really enjoying the theragun mini so far. One of my calves is quite sore though, so I’m not sure whether I should/shouldn’t use it on it. Has anyone got any advice?

  • One of my calves is quite sore though, ... Has anyone got any advice?

    Go see a physio.

  • I meant advice about foam rolling/massage gunning a sore muscle. Wasn’t looking for medical advice.

    Edit: sorry that sounded a bit rude. Not intentional. I will see my physio if it doesn’t go away in a few days but I’ve booked a physio a few times and it’s nearly gone away by the appointments date.

  • Is it bad etiquette to go on runs specifically targeting crs?

    Keep getting notifications that the same guy has taken a cr off me, no record of him in run Britain or power of 10, but some splits are pretty impressive, but the runs are definitely targeting crs with 6min kms with a sudden segment at 2:30 per km for 600m and then back to 6 min kms!

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