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  • Got an email about that... Tempted to plan a route from Meriden to Avebury.

  • It'd be the usual slog towards mcr if I did get a space. Unlikely to go for it though unless I could get a good training block started soon.

  • run report - first run of the year after a long winter nursing a dodgy achilles. When I say nursing I mean mostly rest, some (not enough) calf raises and a copious amount of wine, cheese and lindt balls.

    Plan was to switch it up between walking and running for 800m intervals on a pancake flat route and see how the achilles felt, as soon as I started running I thought 'fuck it, just do a 5k'. 200m in I could feel it, 2k in it felt like my achilles was gonna explode... so I kept going. Suddenly, pain subsided. I was still aware of it but it had definitely eased and I even managed to up the pace for the final km without that classic searing pain. Pace was all over the shop but came in at 26:53 with a lofty average heart rate (according to Garmin 945 so take with a pinch of salt) of 153 bpm.

    Got the ice pack on, collagen shake to be downed. Will I regret this tomorrow? Almost certainly. Will I even be able to walk without limping? Probably not.

    Was lovely to run again though, even if Greenwich Park was rammed.

  • Greenwich Park was rammed.

    I poked my head in for my afternoon run and immediately u turned. It was heaving!

  • Lockdown is over people!

  • Yeah was ok - last 8km were tough. I ran with a Salomon hydration pack thing, which is useful but also meant my back was sore by the end and basically that was annoying me. 3:52 so not so bad

  • I’m absolutely dead after that fell race, I think I’m still coughing up parts of my lung.

  • ^ doing it right, well done.

    I left late for club night so hammered it there at 7 min mile pace. Arrived 5 mins early, bit tired.

    Was OK on the run as I was in an 8.30min mile group but was completely fucked on the run home.

    New(ish) club (to me, what with covid etc). All group runs have a stop to regroup every mile, even if the group doesn't need to re. This is the way. It's going to take me a while to get used to it. I've offered to lead too, although might be a bit maverick in my style. #thewearenotstoppinggroup

  • All group runs have a stop to regroup every mile, even if the group doesn't need to

    This sound shit. Surely the 9 minute milers will be just as annoyed at the 6 minute milers by that.

    First time back at track tonight. HR super high for the pace, and pace dropped off completely given it was a pretty short set. Partly (mostly) a lack of mileage but I really don’t cope well when it’s warm.

    Still, very pleased to be back. Lido swim booked tomorrow to remind me I’m apparently a triathlete.

  • Did someone say club run? First track session since Dec 2019 last night and it was good to be back. Like a school reunion! 6 x 1k (200 recovery), ended up in a mini-group of just two and shared the pacing for avg 3:18, pleased with consistency and actually don't feel too stiff this morning.

  • This sound shit. Surely the 9 minute milers will be just as annoyed at the 6 minute milers by that.

    Others in the group appreciated it. It allows folks to get used to running at that pace without blowing apart.

    I wonder if it affects their race pace expectations and results though.

    I've got a track session booked on Friday. Making the most of a very short window tp be social before I am back into work.

  • Ah, I think I misinterpreted what you meant. Thought you meant the 6min group would stop and wait 3mins for the 9min to arrive, then all set off again. Rather than just a pause for all 6min folk to regroup, then set off.

    Ok, I can see how that would be useful

  • Another one for first group session here. Our track was so full of juniors we still ended up on the roads and my Achilles still doesn't like concrete.

    There are some 5000s on the Belgrave Harriers YouTube channel tonight. Races start about 6.30 and the elite are around 8.30.

  • All group runs have a stop to regroup every mile

    My nightmare. Once a group is stopped it's like getting blood from a stone sometimes to get them moving again! Much prefer looping back and keeping everyone moving at their own pace.

    We don't have set paces though so I can see how it's helpful for people trying to step up into a faster group.

  • First run for me last night in 4 weeks due to recovery from minor surgery. Felt ok if a bit achey from the surgery. Legs aching like I ran a marathon effort this morning :(

  • After yesterday's ill-advised 5k the achilles feels surprisingly ok. Little stiff when I first got up but no worse than usual. I expected to be in pain today just walking around but it's fine. Playing tennis tonight so hopefully that doesn't aggravate it, if all is well I'll attempt another run on Friday.

  • As lockdown comes to an end it sadly means that the local track is being used by its owners when I would usually use it so in search of new options, have found a business park that has a 1.2k perimeter road, about 5k away which is actually the start/finish of Maidenhead Easter 10, it’s not perfectly flat or lit but it’s quiet, so think it’ll do for now..

    Managed to bag the cr in one direction last night but the other direction is used in then race and it’ll be a while/full doping regime before I can run 1.2km at 2:50 pace!

  • little achievement for me managed a 5k non stop also managed just under 30mins was v happy.

  • Nice one, good on you!

  • Thanks I know it's not a big one but I'm really pleased I managed it.
    now to bring that time down 🏃♂️

  • Cannot believe how rough I feel after that fell race yesterday, couldn't sleep until 4am, lungs actually feel injured, I've not pushed it that hard for a long time, it doesn't feel healthy.

  • That doesn't sound good. Hope it is a one off.

  • I haven’t been training on anything quite as steep and the double summit at the top of the first accent pushed me well into the red early on.

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  • yesterday, couldn't sleep until 4am,

    I think that’s normal, lots of adrenaline and endorphins in the system make it hard to get to sleep after racing. I used to suffer from it a lot back in the days I was doing Herne Hill track league.

  • Any tips? I kept needing a piss, pretty sure hydrating with water might have been a bit silly after sweating loads of salts out.

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