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  • Ah nice! Glad you like it

  • Marathon is potentially being delayed to end of April, final call to be made on Friday...

    I’d always said that I’d run it on 3rd either way but one more training block can’t do too much harm, other than I have been 100% focussed on getting this last block done, and all of a sudden it feels like a massive ask to do 3 extra weeks!

  • I returned a pair with 100 miles or so in them. Their policy implies you can give them a good trial, I did, didn’t like them and then returned them. Had the money back within a few days.

  • 34k with last 13k at marathon pace today using maurten as fuelling

    Run went well, first were nice and comfortable, apart from needing an emergency week stop, thankfull took a quick diversion down the Thames path and all was well, last 13k were hard work and I find if I drift away from focus then my pace drops quite a bit but hopefully a few more runs at marathon pace and it should feel more baked in...

    Maurten was good, used the 320 drink mix in first 12k, taking a little often, taste is basically sweet neutral, probably on the edge of being a bit too sweet, kind of like lucozade in my head... then had a standard gel at 14k which was a bit of a surprise as it was actually chewy, not steak chewy or even cliff shot block chewy but not gel consistency, flavour consistent with the 320 drink and once I got my head around it, the consistency is kind of handy for the “little often” mantra as you can easily run with the packet open and spread it over several bites. Then had one more standard gel at the start of the hard section and a caffeine one with about 7k to go. No issues eating while running a bit faster, and the caffeine gel took at least 500m to finish. I didn’t die, I definitely felt a benefit of a boost in energy 20 mins after each gel and while the flavour isnt delicious or even interesting it’s not offensive even after equivalent of 5gels worth. No gi issues so far, will do one more test as I have 20k at marathon pace on Thursday, plus warm up and cool down but no reason not to use for the marathon in my head at the moment.

  • My wife had a problem with a pair of Nike shoes after 100mi or so (sole peeling off) and they accepted the return and issued a refund. No idea of specifics but sounds like they are pretty good.

  • 10km PB for me today on my local loop...
    Nothing earth-shattering for this thread, just under 47minutes, but I was happy since I’d not got even close since 2017..
    45 minutes seems achievable.. I had some bad luck with red lights, traffic etc.

  • Out for a run this morning. A family walking a few dogs entered the field I was in. A little terrier immediately started sprinting towards me and the family were going nuts trying to call it back. I've gotten a bit too relaxed in these situations as the dog normally just wants to play but on this occasion it started biting my calves. I was on the verge of kicking it (which i really didnt wamt to do) when it gave up. Shouted at the owner about having it on a lead but didn't get much in the way of an apology. I thought nothing more of it but when i got home discovered the teeth had pierced the skin. Trip to local hospital to be on the safe side. All OK.
    TLDR: watch out for loose dogs

  • Any off road out and backs you can find? I’ve got a route near me that’s ideal for PB as it’s gently uphill out and down on the way back on a disused train line.

  • This kind of thing has put me off using the nearby paths until the Covid situation changes and less people are out wandering about. It's horrible having to guess whether a dog is going to attack you or not. Anecdotal, but I think there is a growing trend to let dogs off-lead. The recent times I have calmly said the things you did I received verbal abuse, even while riding a bike on a National Cycle Route and trying to speak up for the dog's safety as well as my own. Glad you were ok!

  • I’d have kicked the dog. And I say that as a dog lover and owner

  • ^ +1 reluctant kicker if situation requires it for my own safety.

  • I was on the verge of kicking it

    You showed great restraint. What I don't get is as a dog owner you presumably don't want the police to confiscate and destroy (kill) your dog as a dangerous animal and yet you still get situations like this all the time. If you haven't bothered to train it then don't let it off the lead.

  • Assuming floop?? It's perfect for it, other than having to deal with wilmslow road from my end! Both my 10k and hm pbs have made heavy use of it

  • Yes - I can find a better route for sure.. my previous PB in 2017 was set on today’s loop with my teenage son as pacemaker.. he would not have ratified any improvement I may have made on a less-challenging course.

    Also, I would have kicked the dog I think.. a squirt of water if I’d a bottle with me (which is never)

  • My PB route is the Middlewood way from marple towards Macclesfield, it’s where they do the Stockport trail half marathon, it’s lovely. Floop isn’t quite far enough out and back from wilmslow road to Debdale around and back for a half, down hill most of the return though.

  • Sounds like a successful trial for the Maurten. I'm interested hear how you get on with it for the 20k. I'll grab an intro pack as its not bad value. 5k pb attempt for me tomorrow 🤞

  • I managed to get a 10k PB today for the third Sunday running (also nothing world-beating but I'll take 'faster than last week').

    I managed to forget my watch but thanks to the new flipbelt I had my phone - but that meant I had no idea about my pace or distance until the very end. It felt quick, but I equally wouldn't have been surprised if it had been a few minutes slower. I'm never sure if the constant pace reminders are actually useful or not.

    Maybe when I try running with music again and ignore them it might help.

  • I hurt my lower back lifting something on Saturday. It was agony on Saturday, Sunday sore and progressively getting better. Can I run with it if it’s a little sore or should wait until it’s totally healed? Everything I’ve googled relates to lower back pain from running, so I’m not sure what I would do.

  • I think I would massively err on the side of caution with a back injury and go for a walk instead or preferably ask a professional.

  • nice, quite keen to have a crack at a 5k, so it's my positive to look forward to if my marathon does get pushed back, announcement due this Friday, really don't fancy having another 3 weeks of hard training to get through!

  • Ah nice, it's a lovely bit of trail

  • sounds like a successful weekend of running (minus the dog bit).

    Nice email from strava saying I just hit 500km in my first pair of shoes (Pegasus 36 trail) so time for a new pair? When I first started running I obviously I ignored all advice on going to get my gait analysed and just went straight for these. I've not had any continuous pains so maybe I lucked out but want to go and get some properly suited shoes when next available. Any other similar light trail/road shoes to look out for?

  • Found myself struggling with runs a bit recently so took five days off. Just ran my fastest 5 miles in 13+ years.

    Mental note: have rest weeks in future.

  • My ankle pain came the following day and even evolved into shooting pains so have laid off the stretching too.

  • Can anyone suggest how to navigate trails? Last summer i plotted routes on komoot, it shouted directions in my ears while i listened to audiobooks, but i was never quite convinced i was picking the right path, so had to get my phone out my elastic belt thing to check. It was almost great. But i'm sure there's a better way instead of getting my phone out all the time. I have a forerunner 935, and 'maybe' this has functionality to follow a map? i.e. lift my wrist and see if i'm going the right way. Is it easy to see if you're pointing the right way?

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