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  • I'm a triathlete who doesn't like swimming very much. I didn't realise I'd put that last run in miles. I work in metres or pace per 100m for swimming, mph on the bike and km/min per km for running. Is that wierd?

  • What kind of calf stretching are you doing out of interest? I think I have a touch of PF. Heel drops on a step seem to help (and some ball rolling on my soles) but wondering if there is anything else I can do to help it.

  • All roads lead to not running.

    I was advised if the pain is over a 5/10 then stop. It’s currently at 1. I’ve been doing lots of calf stretching and weirdly stretching my big toes.

  • I’ve got a stupid question about insoles. I’ve bought some and I’ve put them in the shoes. My foot is now higher in the shoe. Should I take the original insoles out then put the new ones in?

  • Yeah always take the old ones out. Replacements are often thicker than the stock ones they replaced as well

  • you're flying. good work.

    re. shorts I have Soar / inov8 / saucony / adidas / dhb and would say that Soar are the most comfortable in anything over 90 minutes but probably not worth the money.

  • I'd never heard of Soar so just checked them out. I really like the look but the price of some of it 😲

  • I was thinking about some Soar shorts but they are pretty pricey
    I got a free jacket doing a modelling job for them some time ago (no laughing at the back). It's pretty nice but I gave it to my girlfriend. £180s worth of coat, I think.

  • Just googled them, they look nice, don’t think I could justify the price.

  • It was worth £199 actually. I kept getting emails with my face, or parts of it in for four years.

    The photographer wasn't much cop, he lopped the top of my head off

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  • Running falling away from me a bit at the moment. Still getting out, but no motivation for anything hard or long. Will hopefully keep a modicum of conditioning for ramping up again when the motivation hits.
    Need to Google why running slow hurts more than running fast

  • No but mixing them up in one sentence is more than I can take....

  • Noted metric only from now on 👍
    With regards to the Soar stuff being mentioned and me saying my £12:99 decathlon shorts are totally fine i am now resisting a fairly strong urge to spend nearly £90 on a pair from them. I mean fine is fine but its not the same as desirable.

  • I had plantar fascitis earlier in the year and it is indeed a bastard. I found this really helped

  • Anyone come back to running after abdominal surgery? Just had an open hernia repair, been told not to run or lift anything heavy for 4 weeks and have so have plenty of time to plan my comeback. Anything I can do without impacting recovery or am I in for a frustrating couplemof weeks of doing nothing?

  • That’s a great video. I’ll give that a try tomorrow morning

  • A combination of these:­ation/3691/Patient-Education/Educational­-Materials/Plantar-Fasciitis-Exercises.a­spx

    Although mainly rolling my foot compulsively over a cold ginger beer can...

  • I did that video this and the pain in my ankle has gone!!!

    Will keep doing the routine for a couple of days and maybe try a short run next week

  • Ta, I'll have a look at that thanks.

  • Flipbelt recommendations appreciated - I trialled it last night and it was great.

    I'm going to try out the Bluetooth headphones recommendation next and see how I find running with music now.

  • Has anyone had any experience with Nike Returns? They say they’re happy to take trainers that you’ve run in. I ordered a pair of Nike Trail 2 (which I think are brilliant) but they’re a size too big. I’ve now run a muddy 50km over the last week in them - is there a chance they won’t accept the return?

  • Ditto I was watching the thread and glad I bought one also.

  • I'm not sure that meets the requirements for a return (it's Nike so who cares try it)

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