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  • Just under 5 weeks, 3rd April, so figure while towards the end of the ideal window, shouldn’t be too bad..

    Haven’t done a marathon since 2018, and completely bonked at IM Austria in 2019, plus figure that’s not really the same kind of intensity so having a bit of a rethink...

  • Nice, love a Shrigley.

  • Plenty of time then for a decent trial i thought your marathon was right around the corner. Let us know how you get on if you try the Maurten. A half iron will be the longest I'm hoping to do this year and i find 10-12 sweet gels combined with sweetish drink is hard work.

  • What do people think about running clothing, in particular their shorts. There's a couple of companies like Tracksmith who offer more 'upmarket'/premium stuff a bit like how Rapha positioned themselves for cycling. But I can't really find anywhere that looks like it does a pair of classic, nicely cut 'short' shorts that aren't silly money.

    I've been thinking about trying to get something off the ground that uses sustainable materials/doesn't cost the earth/looks the part and wondering how others on here see it. Or are we all just happy with getting stuff from Decathlon (which don't get me wrong is very good for the price IMO).

  • I've got cheap, mid price and posh shorts and i think my £12:99 decathlon shorts are as good my £70 ones. Expensive trainers and decent socks for me but not bothered about the other kit anymore.

  • I’m a big fan of the twin skin shorts for taking to work so I don’t have to take separate underwear.

  • I just use Wiggle's dhb brand, usually the 5" Run Short. £30 though (although I think I got my last pairs in a sale), but they're very comfy with a mesh inner.

    I've been thinking about trying to get something off the ground that uses sustainable materials/doesn't cost the earth/looks the part

    First bit sounds like Contra which is the brand started by Paul Sinton-Hewitt (he of parkrun fame).

    But their aren't classic cut shorts and they're quite expensive.

  • That's interesting to know, I'd heard of the brand but did not know the parkrun connection.

  • Still on my primark "exercise shorts" I bought in 2010 to put on for going in shops over bibshorts on a big tour

  • Had the first pain free / smooth 5k I've ever experience yesterday (following some ongoing physio stuff).... dodged some road furniture and turned my ankle on the last block before home (obviously).

    That's sod's law I guess. The running gods really don't want me about apparently.

  • I’ve looked at tracksmith previously and I would be willing to spend more (than decathlon) for shorts which could also be worn casually.. more subtle branding and cut etc.

    I keep seeing ads for a tracksmithesque brand called iffley road (or something along those lines) ... but I know better than to click those links for fear of being chased all over the internet.

  • Never really that taken with tracksmith stuff. Some of their tops look ok.

    I’m a total buyer so I have some Satisfy, Soar, Doxa and Noah running stuff but mostly I stick to Nike.

  • I stocked up on the last Nike Sale and bought 3 of each of the Nike Rise 365 top and the Flex Stride 2-in-1 shorts. My thighs disagree with brief lined shorts in general so prefer a longer length lining. Also has secure pocket on the back and drawcord that can be worn internally or externally. Good value at 40% off the last time.

  • I went to a podiatrist last night. He thinks amongst other things I may have an insertional Achilles tendinitis bone spur. And very very tight calves.

    Going to have an X-ray to confirm

  • id be really careful, is this a proper qualified doctor, or a quack with an xray machine?

  • Proper qualified podiatrist referring me to a proper hospital with a proper x ray machine

  • So. Not a doctor then, just urging caution about medical diagnosis by someone who is qualified to deal with minor soft tissue injuries and ingrown toenails, have heard plenty of horror stories of osteopaths, podiatrists etc over stepping their remit and causing damage or large bills (including a personal one where a neck adjustment was performed on someone with a herniated disc), I know there are good masseurs, physios and others out there who stick to their swim lanes and provide a fantastic service. So, apologies if I’ve touched a nerve just advising some caution...

  • No worries, no nerves touched.

    This is my first step to try to sort out this pain I’ve had in my ankle. I’ve had it for about 3 years and normally manage the pain by trying to forget about it. But it’s really flared up this week.

    He had pointed out a number of issues with my feet

  • ^ sounds similar to my issues with Achilles Tendonitis/tendonosis.

    After someone on here recommended Manni at Pure Sports Med, I've made decent strides and am back to training at a decent level. But its still there, occasionally a bit worse and occasionally a bit better. Off the back of the injury I've improved strength in a lot of areas which is great.

    BUT - the injury happened around 2 years ago now. So wondering if there's anything else I can do to finally get rid of it!

  • Got to do my favourite workout tonight, the yasso marathon predictor.

    10x 800m with equal time rests and 400m to cover while resting, aiming to do the 800 in minutes and seconds equivalent of marathon time in hours and minutes, so for sub 3 hour marathon to do 800m in 3 minutes and recover in 3 minutes..

    Avg’d around 2:48 so pretty pleased, felt like I had a couple more in the tank at the end, but with a 4K warm up and 5k cool down it made for a 21k run so plenty for today...

  • Still on the 10k plan so this afternoons workout was 6x1600m ave 5:43 pace with 2min/300m jog/shuffle recoverys felt nice after hurting for an hour at the weekend the shorter intervals flew by. I'll go for another pb attempt next week whilst I've got some form. Probably a 5 k as i can recover fully in 48 hours so it won't set back the rest of the weeks work🤞

  • Plantar fasciitis is a bastard isn’t it?

    Second flare in 6 months - probably related to some over enthusiastic distance building.

    Currently sleeping in a sock which looks like a set square I had at school to stretch it out at night, and hobbling in the morning.

    Much calf stretching beckons!

  • are you a triathlete or a runner?!

    please stick to one unit of measurement as my head cant cope..

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