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  • Ok, the times counting for GFA etc is a bit more of an incentive to take part.

  • Ok, the times counting for GFA etc is a bit more of an incentive to take part.

    Particularly since the Champs qualifying HM standard got so tasty. Sorry to hear about your illness/injury. Would be good to catch up on an actual start line again this year.

  • Unlucky especially as you were clearly going very well. Heal up soon and hopefully you'll be able to get back on it soon 🤞 i would find this plan too tough to just jump into after a layoff for any reason. However a couple of weeks to get over your injury then a month building the miles back up before starting a plan you could be hitting peak fitness by July when there should be plenty of races. Hopefully that works out for you. I'm in danger of either being past my best or over cooked by the time i actually get to race. At least I'll know the plan works for me so i can see it becoming a template i keep referring back to.

  • Up to 10k, 5k, 5k each week now, all at a gentle pace (for me anyway) until my weight and HR starts to drop significantly.

    I might add in another gentle 5k a week (and then drop it every 4th week for a recovery week) as there was no real fatigue at all after a lumpy 10k on Tuesday and a gentle 5k today. I've really upped my daily steps (as part of a family steps challenge) which I think is helping with recovery and general fitness.

    Once I get the weight down to under 90kg then one of the 5k sessions will become an interval session (and get longer as the intervals accrue) to get some high aerobic and anaerobic work in.

    Once parkrun starts up again (they're going to publish their plans tomorrow [Friday 26th Feb]) then I'll use that for one of my 5k runs. If my daughter wants to do parkrun then it'll be a very gentle recovery run with her (until she starts to outrun me), otherwise I'll use it as a proper (e.g. half-arsed) 5k test.

    No specific aims this year, I said I wouldn't enter anything until my weight began with a 7 (in kg). I want to take the pressure off. Plus I've got some swimming events in Sep/Nov that I've got to focus on once the pools reopen.

    Long term goal is to run an entire marathon (as opposed to running most of them but ending up walking chunks due to not enough training, too much weight, injury or a combination of those) and therefore finish one in under 4h (ideally 3h40m to steal the family record). Then it'll be back on the bike with a half-IM and then full-IM in mind.

  • reassuring to know its not just me!

  • Junior parkrun back Sunday 11th April.

    All 5k parkruns back from Saturday 5th June.­estarting-parkrun-in-england/

    (Subject to no further delays due to pandemic.)

  • My running feels so slow. I felt fairly please when my time per mile went from 9.50 to 9.25

  • Just ticked over 100km for the month, which is nice as I've probably only ever managed that a couple times in the past.

    Plan for March is to go back to basics, lots of easy running for headspace and work on my strength around it. Hopefully it'll be easier to work in the strength stuff when I'm not feeling twingey or fatigued from hard runs.

  • Interested to hear how you got on with the 10K plan, when you first posted it I liked the sound of it.

    Currently five days into week one of this one

    Not sure I'll be troubling sub 18 but sure the programme should help shave a bit off a 19.40

  • That plan looks good for a 5k with lots more speed work than my 10k plan. I'm feeling confident going into my 10 mile TT Sunday and i think the plan could even set me up for a half marathon PB. Its definitely a speed endurance plan so whilst my 5k pace will have improved from where it was at the start of the plan. It's not speed focused enough to get me in 5k PB shape. Your plan does look right for that with lots of fast intervals so good luck with it.

  • Even Shorter Spine.­/montane-winter-spine-sprint-jwclf

    Train single to Edale & back from Hebden on a fair looking weather window is something I'd always intended to do, just not got around to it yet.

  • 10 mile tt this morning absolutely all out. I i approached it like a race carbing up yesterday and making sure I stayed hydrated. Up this morning pint of electrolytes and a double espresso then morning clearout 💩 then straight into a proper 20 min race warm up sipping a red bull cola. Last visit to the toilet for insurance purposes then a couple minutes bouncing around to get myself pumped then off. I went through 10k in 37:01 knocking 13s of my 10k tt time from the start of the plan. I did put a little dig in to do that and did feel a bit rough for the next k or so but pushed on rather than backing off and it passed and i managed to lift my pace once i was inside the final 2k and finished in 59:19 so really happy with that and no niggles. The strength and conditioning is definitely helping. Based on today that puts me right on course for my first sub 1hr 20 half🤞

  • Impressive pace. Sounds like the plan is working well.

  • Great work! Smashed the hour! How did it feel at the end?

    First of today’s runs done, 32.2k easy and 10k easy to do this evening, was tempting to just carry on all the way this morning but have an easy marathon to do in 2 weeks so stick to the plan! Annoyingly dorney lake was shut (suspect it was COVID rule breaking driven) so had to make up a route on the spot but a trip into Windsor and back did the triack.

  • I managed to get a 10km PB again today. I really like the Woolwich - Thamesmead section of the Thames Path (compared to other 10km routes near me) so I might make it a weekly thing till football is back.

    Is there some sort of rule/guidance about how much slower your 10k pace should be than your 5k? I feel like I can pace a 10k well in terms of maintaining a consistent speed but I don't know if I could up the pace a bit - I'm concerned about starting out too quickly and then finding the rest if the run miserable.

  • I think the truth is for any attempt at a all out effort if it’s not pretty unpleasant from about 60% of the way through you probably aren’t going hard enough!

  • With zip or is that not necessary?

  • Good luck with it 👍 you've certainly got the miles in the legs and the pace judging by your shorter stuff so you've got it.
    I felt good at the end of todays run and my form held without having to think about it and i didn't notice the endorphin pros on my feet they were great. In fact my legs and sometimes iffy right hip felt great i only had to concentrate on controlling my breathing and pumping my arms and didn't have to think about my stride it was just there. I think my rough patch was just down to my surge at 8-10k but at least i know exactly where my threshold pace is currently at as k's in the low 3:40's felt comfortable but the few i did in the high 3:30's felt a lot harder. I've just got to work out how to proceed with the plan now as I've just had an email confirming my first important race has been pushed back from the end of March until the middle of May and i won't be doing a half until June/July so i may take a break from the plan for March now and just enjoy some nice long days out on the trails and the bike now the weather is improving and pick the plan back up in April repeating block 2 and doing block 3 in May that way I should be race fit when actual races should be happening 🤞

  • Sub-60 for 10 miles is a fantastic benchmark to break, especially in a TT. Great stuff!

    @tbc - My rough rule of thumb for 10k pace when I'm in form is 2 x 5k + ~1 min, but I've got a bit of a long distance bias. I think the difficulty with getting 10k pacing just right is that you're running quicker than (lactate) threshold but unlike 5k you've got another 5k to withstand the lactic build-up, which is obviously more of a problem if you've overcooked the start.

    I just about squeezed in my February 20 mile run this morning to keep up the once-a-month target. Felt good so made it progressive. 6:20/m average with 5M @ (just) sub-6 for miles 13 -18. Still felt surprisingly runner-y on the cool-down including getting up Westcombe Hill. Happy with that!

  • Wow so thats a 1:23 half marathon followed by 5 sub 6 miles. I'm no longer feeling quite as pleased with myself as i was this morning. Strong effort 👏👏

  • Still felt surprisingly runner-y on the cool-down including getting up Westcombe Hill. Happy with that!

    Awesome effort. I blew my lungs out my arse on a 5k that finished on Westcombe this morning.

  • That's a graphic development in the pooing-while-running chat.

  • GCN Dan Lloyd is training for a sub 1:30 half and in his last progress video with Mark Threlfall he complained that every long run he's done since he started has been interrupted by the dreaded mid run urge

  • marathon 2/12 today - tried a new route which was really nice but didn't take phone and relied on garmin route planner thing which kept messing up, so queue lots of stopping to try and work out what it was telling me and then when I got to Hackney wick it was rammo so just did a loop of Viccy park and back through to Leytonstone. Kinda annoying but I know the route now so should be simpler next time. Last 6-7km was grim but got it done.

  • Well done Joe!

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