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  • Running with phone I use this -­-running-belt-s8/_/R-p-302460?mc=8545773­&c=RED_PINK in black.

    It's a bit fiddly but for the money works very well, have used for a handful of half marathons no bother.

    Edit- can also use it to dispense jelly babies.

  • These popped up earlier on my sportpersuit suggestions. Good price and £120 rrp on Diadoras website. Mid weight, neutral, cushioned, wideish daily trainer the one review i found compared them to Asics cumulus and Mizuno wave riders. A few colours and all sizes in stock. Worth a punt at that price?

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  • Isn’t diadora a Mike Ashley brand?! I’d avoid like the plague if so as you are probably getting £30 worth of shoe...

    Your point about daily shoes reminds me that I am slightly concerned that I can’t remember the last time I ran in shoes without carbon!

  • If they are another Ashley owned brand i would have expected them to be getting knocked out through sports direct or run and i was relieved to find out he doesn't own sport persuit as i'm also anti Ashley. Because I'm doing a lot of intervals at the moment I'm wearing carbon shoes a lot but still use my nimbus 21's for road and pegasus trail 2 for my long runs and one foot goes in front of the other just fine 😂

  • I was loosely diagnosed with a minor meniscus tear today. The pain variable but never more than a 6/10, and is anterior medial with some focal tenderness over that area of my tibial plateau. Been going on now for 6 weeks.

    I'm not one for making things into a big deal, but I'm going in for a physical therapy running assessment to see if my posture is making it worse. Other than that, Id like to just spit on it and get on with my day. I would however seek the advice of other runners. Anyone been down this road? I am not a serious runner. Maybe 3 miles 3 times a week absolute maximum.

  • It’s the up down bouncing motion of running that does it. Normally I would be ‘ready’ until about 1030.

    I did keep looking out for potential poo places but there was always a dog Walker or runner just around the corner.

  • This is why you have to get up a bit earlier, drink your coffee ASAP, maybe move around a bit as you're getting ready to go running?

    This morning featured a "oh, yes. I should have followed my own advice there" and featured a detour to the finest toilets in CP Park.

  • Any pro tips for 'venting gas' whilst running without having to stop?

  • a quick google suggests they aren't....

    its not so much doubting ability just that of the 7 pairs of run shoes i have on the go, 5 are carbon, one is trail and the non carbon shoes are at the bottom of the pile (literally) maybe todays easy run should be in them!

  • Same as when you're riding a bike?

  • Yeah exactly you can really back yourself into a corner with fancy kit. I used to commute on 1100g carbon race tubs until i had little run off punctures just because they felt awesome and everything heavier or shallower didn't. Training shoes or wheels i reckon have around 4x the life span for around half the cost which should be a factor.

  • I was talking about farting and exercise, but yeah I see your point...

  • The desire for hype kit is strong. I can treat myself to some Nike zoom tempo’s or for the same price 3 pairs of Nike winflos.

    I currently have winflos and find them supportive and comfortable. But after 6-8 they feel flat and lifeless

  • they are great, but it feels a bit like a one way street once you go that way, its difficult to go back to "normal" shoes

  • No point wasting fancy kit on me.

    3 pairs each of Saucony Jazz and Peregrine (trail) ranging from 600-800km for the soon to be retired to new pairs of each at under 100km each.

    Not a hint of carbon.

    If I ever lose the 20kg I should lose then I expect my foot shape to change anyway, so buying funky shoes now would be an even bigger waste.

  • I haven't lost all perspective though. I think to a point these new super shoes can justify their high price but £70 for a singlet and £100 on shorts absolutely no way. Oh unless its a tri suit which is essentially those two things stitched together then £250 is totally acceptable once again. Maybe i need to have a word with myself 🤔

  • I'm having the same dilemma with expensive kit. I've run in Gel Kayanos for more than ten years and can never quite bring myself to try something cheaper/different. I'm a 90kg chunk of spunk...there's no way I'd notice a difference in GT2000s but I still can't bring myself to move outside of my comfort zone.

    Two pairs of Gel Kayanos a year over ten years is a lot of money.

    EDIT: I have recently managed to wean myself from Asics to Hoka for trail shoes though, so maybe there is hope.

  • Two pairs of Gel Kayanos a year over ten years is a lot of money.

    It is if you tot it up and think of it that way, but you need to think of what it provides instead and whether that is good value.

    I pay £60-£90 a pair (Saucony Jazz[1] or Peregrine) by buying them in sales or getting last year's models when they're 50% or more off. The Jazz are good for 600km+ so that's roughly 10p/km. The Peregrine trail shoes are probably similar to 10p/km as they seem to last longer (am on 800km in one pair right now).

    20km a week running = £2 = fuck loads cheaper than a gym

    Would I pay £2 a week to keep myself (relatively) fit and healthy? Of course.

    10km run commute = £1 = fuck loads cheaper than train or bus(es)

    Cycling might be cheaper per km (for commuting) but for general fitness I need to cycle for a much longer amount of time than I need to running, by my calculations it ends up roughly the same in terms of £ per week on consumables and wear/tear.

    1. The actual running shoe, not the retro fashion trainer.
  • What Hoka trail shoes do you recommend? I need a pair and searched for stability ones on their site but couldn’t find any.

  • I've done about 20 miles in the Torrent 2s and am pretty impressed so far. I mainly run on grass on Blackheath and in Greenwich Park which can be very greasy after prolonged rain but its rarely a proper quagmire.­ne-men-s-torrent-2-L1314909.html?colour=­3661

    I wear an 11 in Kayanos and had to size up to an 11.5 for the Torrents. They seem to fit me almost exactly the same way as the Kayanos apart from maybe being a tiny bit narrower in the middle if the shoe where the arch support is.

    I don't know enough about shoes to recommend them, but they work well for me.

  • Any pro tips for 'venting gas' whilst running without having to stop?

    I just quacked one out in installments over twelve strides. Just focus, clench and believe in yourself. Visualise success.

  • Fuck it. Have 500 miles on my current pair of Gel Kayanos and can really feel it on longer runs.

    Just ordered a pair of bargain bin (ugly colour) GT2000 v8. £50 posted with Vitality discount. Whats the bet I won't be able to tell the difference? Not saying they are cheap shoes, but its a step in the right direction.

  • New shoes for me today.. ultraboost PBs mentioned upthread. Not as spongy as I remember the normal ultraboosts.. these were all I wore until a year ago. I have lost 10kg since then so maybe I’m not putting the same stresses on the foam!

  • All this talk of farting, I very nearly got caught short tonight, only just got home in time. There’s not a lot of discrete outdoor toilet areas in suburban south east London.

  • Slap bang in the middle of Blackheath there's a thicket of gorse bushes known as Whitfield Mount. Apparently it is of historical importance because various notable people used it as a pulpit for large rallies and speeches to armies before battle.

    Anyway, that's not important, because now days it's the only bit of cover for hundreds of meters in every direction so it's basically just a runners gastric distress emergency toilet. Judging by the condom wrappers and empty Viagra blister packs scattered round it's a multi purpose bit of cover so at least it's getting good use.

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