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  • The main reason I suddenly thought I needed a phone today was that I really wanted a coffee after my run and was worried I didn't have enough money on my card - if I'd had my phone I could have used that!

    Likewise if I'd needed to get on public transport if I'd got a puncture etc.

    I don't listen to music but my watch is pretty much the most basic available (Forerunner 25) so a phone would be good for that too.

  • Yeah, it depends on your individual circumstances.

    I go out running to get away from things (including my phone). I don't ever plan a run where I'll need money and, right now during the pandemic, the furthest I ever get away from home is about 2 miles (even on a 10k). My runs start/finish at home so there's no need to carry anything more.

    My "next level up" is the small rucksack, which is quite a big jump in terms of being able to carry more stuff.

    Nothing -> Armband -> Flipbelt -> Small running rucksack or running bumbag type thing -> bigger and bigger rucksacks...

  • I'm pretty sick of running from home, unless I'm pushed for time. It's about 2km in either direction before I get to anything that's not just narrow tree-lined pavements.

    But I've discovered the joys of Royal Docks and (today) the Thames Path near the Greenwich foot tunnel.

    I did my first sub-50 minute 10k today. Which by the standards of some on here is nothing at all, but I'm pleased with it. Sub-45 will be harder.

  • @tbc - nice work on the sub 50 min 10k! Been a long time since I was in that stage!

  • Nice, cheers!

  • get a flip belt :)

  • They're doing a 30 trial I saw earlier, so you should be able to make a good decision :)

  • personal preference?

    This because you need something that works for you and won't chafe, annoy you, can fit your specific items blah blah...

    I have found Decathlon running packs to be affordable and decent. Never taken it on a run and then wished I hadn't, and a bit of extra carrying capacity is useful if you pop to the shop as you get close to home to save yourself heading out again.

    Also got an OMM 6L bum bag for Xmas which I've used a few times but only really got the hang of today (20 miles, phone, 2 gels, windproof in case it was windy up on the ridge, emergency loo roll and loads of space). It needs to sit properly on your waist (as opposed to on your hips) otherwise it will bounce or ride up so it sits quite high.

  • Well that’s what the plan is moving towards. I did a test half back in late November and did a 1:28 so thought 3:05 was a safer bet, but training and shedding so flab has gone well (avg ~90km per week since Xmas and lost 6kg) so it’s beginning to feel like it might be on.

    The marathon is unlikely to be happening as it’s 3rd April but will go out and run the course/distance either way!

    Last 3 week block before the taper start now so some big weeks coming up but looking forward to them!

  • Nice! Hopefully they release the Arahi 5s here soon.

  • I’m 9.5 in most brands (including hoka) apart from Nike vaporfly where I’m a 9...

  • Thanks for the heads up on the sports direct sale .. I’ve ordered a pair of the PBs to try and also some of my ‘old faithful’ pre-2019 ultraboosts

  • Well done on the 10km .. my PB for around home has been 48:50 for well over 4 years.. I almost accidentally beat it today without realising until after I got home. I was engrossed in a podcast and I could have certainly shaved some time off had I realised.

  • +1 to flipbelt and +1 to feeling the lack of motivation to do strength and conditioning at home. My long run last week was pushing the boundaries of injury free running for me, which was a nice reminder to take it seriously again.

    Distance progression is going well, if intentionally slow:

  • @Sainsburys_Ed great work on the half!
    All that maf training!

  • In other news : I have an old Tom Tom spark 2. It doesn't hold its charge, does anyone still use these? I have at least three chargers in my drawer. Happy to post them on. Happy to include the watch if you think you might be able to bring it back to life/fancy a challenge.
    TL;Dr : I've got some electronic junk, who wants it.

  • it's certainly testament to the theory that running lots will bring improvements, oh and cheat shoes help..

  • 6 miles done this morning. Really struggled to get out of bed but managed to get it done.

    I did think I was going to shit myself 1/2 way round though.

  • One of my many reasons for not favouring early-morning running.

  • No access to running trails nearby? I live on the downs and regularly have to 💩 alfresco. Only been caught a couple of times 😬

  • What was the reaction like!?

  • They usually just leave me to it and walk on shaking their head as they're generally as embarrassed as i am and I always try and find the most discrete spot so they can never see exactly what I'm doing but they obviously know what I'm doing. Or just make direct eye contact with them and they scurry off looking at their feet pretty quickly 😂

  • Quick sprint after!

  • Glad to say I've never had to wild poo on a run.

    The only prep I do is to make sure I haven't eaten for an hour before hand (ideally I'd do my runs on an empty stomach in the morning), and generally my body wants to go for a dump at home just as I'm about to leave for the run.

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