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  • I've done a lot of my running in the morning before breakfast. It used to be the way I'd commute to work, so was fairly easy. Now, it's complicated by school runs and breakfast making. So a 630 -645 start, breakfast, kids to school for 9 and then run.
    I definitely prefer starting the day with a run than finishing it. Though, I'm hoping to bang a second run in today.

    adidas - for me, no. The sizes/ las are funny compared to my usual nike. But the boost material is good.

  • I think I’m going to give the pb’s a go. Annoyingly the shittest colours are on sports direct

    I’m going to continue with the morning runs as it’s a much better use of my time

  • I’m a newish parent and can confirm must if my runs now start earlier than 6am.

  • So I'm thinking I have it in me to do a half marathon.

    Definitely. The 10 mile barrier is a big mental one. Those extra 3 miles might not be 100% pleasant but you will be able to do them.

    Would it be reasonable to take my woodland/groad/trail running straight to a road?

    It wouldn't be unreasonable but you could prepare yourslef a bit better. Running on a harder surface does take more of a toll on the body if you're not used to it. You don't need to do all of your runs on the road, but you also don't need to do your half marathon on the road. You could stick to the trails and have a much more pleasant run.

  • Page 1000 - Keep up the running LFGSS!

    (No one cares how many pages of comments you have ignored. Shut up and go for a run, dorks :) )

  • Wish I could run that early, problem is it gets stuff moving and I usually have to cut the run short and sprint home desperately trying to make it.

  • Strong coffee before the run normally sorts me out.

  • Give it a few months and you can get a running pushchair. Well worth the money.

    My twins used to wake up on a Saturday, early, they'd have a bottle of milk in the pushchair on the way to parkrun, then fall asleep again as soon as we reached the magical 9/10 mph mark.

  • Half marathon attempt this morning, was feeling quite ropey after a day gardening yesterday, but set off at target pace, and held it until 17k when I managed to push on a little bit, finished in 1:23:09.. super pleased with a 40 second PB.

  • My Wahoo watch is arriving next week. I will report back. I already have the TickrX HR monitor and record on the Wahoo app so I'm hoping it will slot in nicely.

  • Wahoo watch looks interesting, await some feedback from real life usage from real people. From a quick glance I don't think it's going to tempt me away from my Garmin 945 but it'll be nice for there to be some more competition in the market.

    (I should probably check to see if DC Rainmaker has reviewed it ... ah yes ...­o-rival-multisport-gps-watch-review.html­ ... will read that later.)

    Got distracted on my "easy" 5k run and did an extra 0.5km loop in the middle. Bonus.

    Great run @Sainsburys_Ed !

  • Week 1 of Couch to 5k done. Have felt alright after the 2nd run, kind of fortunate to have the Olympic Stadium a stone's throw away to just run around endlessly...

    Bought some cheap-ish Adidas Runfalcon's, doing the job

  • Good effort 💪 sub 3 is surely on

  • Waist strap, arm band, or something else for keys etc?

    I always run with as little as possible and I hate anything in pockets, but as I'm doing more runs that start a cycle ride away from home, I feel like I should be taking a phone.

    I used to use an armband but it's too small for a modern phone, and I've got a really shit waist band thing that bounces up and down and put me off them.

    Is there a forum-standard way of carrying stuff, or is it personal preference?

  • I've resisted since it came out because a) I have teeny weeny wrists and it looks huge and b) it seems aimed at triathlon more than running, but I've heard a rumour that they'll be adding more running features this year. And not having to constantly take my phone out of my pocket during speed runs to set a new lap will be worth it alone.

  • Christ that quick. Strong work.

  • Flipbelt is my preferred method of carrying a phone - can fit a key, card, mask in too. It's one piece of material, doesn't bounce around etc

  • I dont run with a phone these days as not commuting but when I did ^

  • Was supposed to be a 30km for me today but had a bit of an ache in my achillies, rather than push it I dialled it back and just went for 20km. I'm really feeling the lack of S&C work, I suck at doing stuff at home as am used to going to the gym for strength work but think I need to just suck it up and do it. Anyone else have the same?

  • Is there a forum-standard way of carrying stuff, or is it personal preference?

    It's definitely personal choice. I hate belts or armbands so I avoid them as much as possible.

    For recording my runs I use a Garmin watch. I don't carry a phone. If I really needed to call/text in an emergency I'd just ask a stranger - I don't think I ever go more than 1 minute before seeing someone else at any point on my runs. Keys I hide at home so I don't have to carry them on a run.

    I don't listen to music when running, but if I did want to I can do that with my Garmin Watch and bluetooth headphones. Still no need to carry a phone.

    Some weekends I am on call, and I stuff my work phone into an armband, but I find them really annoying.

    When I used to run commute I'd need to carry my wallet, phone, keys, work ID badge, etc and so I'd use a little rucksack (usually a 2L Hydro back from Mountain Warehouse, without the bladder in it) that had enough straps to stop it bouncing round annoyingly.

    For longer runs (>20km and <35km) I'd carry a hand bottle like this:­71/ultimate-performance-kielder-handheld­-bottle-~-aw20/ with a couple of gels in the little pocket. Still no phone or keys. I think I also took some cash (notes) and an Oyster card in case I injured myself 5 miles from home.

    For the 35km training run I'd use my bike as a base leaving spare electrolyte drink and gels in a pannier (locked to the bike). The bike keys would also be hidden in the pannier somewhere (bit of a risk with a ~£500 commuting bike but I was only ever away from it for ~1h at a time). I'd run with the hand bottle and I'd leave my phone at home as there was no reason to bring it with me.

    If I had to carry more things then I'd probably just default a small running specific rucksack or maybe give a belt another go.

  • Do Hokas have weird sizing or am I likely to take the same size I do in other brands?

  • Had Ultra Boost for years and they have been great, if that's the answer you wanted?

  • Hoka fit me similar to Saucony and Brooks, so true to size I'd say. Strictly speaking I'd say the Rincon is a slightly more snug fit than the Clifton, but not particularly narrow and enough room in the toe box. Haven't tried any others.

    @Sainsburys_Ed - for a TT effort that definitely points towards sub-3 marathon form if that's your aim?

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