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  • Sorry if this is a dumb question but will the HR displayed on the watch be the one coming from the strap? I want to easily be able to train in hr zones

  • If I got to a tunnel under the Thames and found myself knee-deep in water, there's no way in hell I would carry on.

    I'd have just run on the spot on the Woolwich Ferry.

    Fantastic effort.

  • I was doing exactly the same for my long runs and whilst i can run comfortably and hold a conversation at 75% max HR for my long run i would feel it the following day. Now i use my long run to cap off my training week and to avoid it putting me on the back foot for the following weeks training i had to reduce my pace to close to 1:30 slower than my 10k pace. This would also lower my HR to 65-70% max and takes far less out of me. I know everyone is different and some people have a capacity to bounce back quicker than others from a hard session but i would still say you running them too hard. And when was the last time someone asked am I running my long runs too slow?
    It will feel very slow at first so i had to rely on my HR monitor in the first couple of weeks to stop my pace creeping back up.

  • Yep, it shows (and records) the polar HR when it’s connected

  • Awesome cheers dude - ordering!

  • Have you found any deals? I'm going to order one this week and the cheapest I've found so far is £53:94 inc postage

  • Is the wahoo rechargeable one not a better bet? (Admittedly I know nothing of its accuracy..)

  • 30mins threshold tonight, did at the track so I could run with a mate, felt like I was holding back all the time which is probably how it should feel, feeling good about Sunday’s half marathon now!

  • The tickr fit? I'm open to recommendations accuracy is the most important thing for me. It has 5 star reviews all round on wiggle.

  • Any thoughts on 245 Music vs 645 music? Does anyone have the Wahoo watch?

    Could the product category be anymore impenetrable?

  • Someone on the Facebook group, sub3 marathon was selling a 245 music for 200. I mentioned that the 645 music was a similar price, new, on Argos, and he reckoned that the 245 was better.

    I have no idea, but I'd rather a new watch than a second hand one.

    My 735xt's battery life has declined loads over the past couple of years

  • I think I’m gonna get the verity. Like the idea of it working in the pool etc

  • I think I’m gonna get the verity. Like the idea of it working in the pool etc

    I stopped using my OH1+ for swimming when Garmin enabled the wrist sensor on the 945 for swimming.

  • Good shout I'd never heard of it. Dc rainmaker rates it and sounds like it basically makes the OH1 obsolete unless there's a huge price difference. I'll pay whatever as long as its good.

  • Haha yeah read the same thing and thought the same - think you can get 10% off through polar so that makes it like £12 more?

  • Yeah same - but I don’t love wearing a watch when lifting weights so this would be good on those days as can just keep wearing the strap

  • I decided to do my run in the morning today. Getting up was a challenge as I’m normally asleep until 0830. It was good to run on an empty stomach, being light helped and there were less cars.

    But getting up at 0730 was awful

  • Parents of the world are laughing right now.

  • Being a parent is a vocation and it’s not for me

  • My usual "allotted run time" is before little one wakes up, so I'm normally out to be back home for 7:30AM, but I've always been a morning person. The mornings are getting lighter now which makes life easier and the branch scratches are decreasing!

    Had a free pass this morning though so I did my first 10mile / 16Km. I didn't have a distance in mind, just to go for a longer comfortable run so trying to keep to a 5min split pace and did 1hr 21 with a stop for the sunrise photo. At 10k I considered heading back the way I came to do a 20k but opted to explore some new routes looping back to home to keep it "fun"

    So I'm thinking I have it in me to do a half marathon. Would it be reasonable to take my woodland/groad/trail running straight to a road? Or should I start doing some specific road running? In my head road running is going to be horrible on my knees so will need to build up some... thing? But I hate running next to traffic so that might be a motivation killer and a nail in the coffin for the idea.

  • Interesting, I think the answer is "it depends". They both seem to have a rich feature set but the features don't overlap completely. This article does a good job of differentiating­erunner-245-vs-645/

  • If it's any help, any time before 9 am feels utterly uncivilised. Parent or not.

  • I notice less knee impact when trail is mixed in. Especially longer runs where tiredness affects form a little.

  • I agree. I don’t feel alive until I’ve showered and had tea and coffee.

    The main reason I’ve done it it’s because it’s done. I don’t have to think about not eating after 1300 because I need an empty ish stomach to run at 1700.

    I think I’ve found my next pair of trainers Adidas on ultra boost. They sound like they are for narrow feet and have a small toe box. Also not to expensive. £80 on sports direct but £159 everywhere else

    Also the Boston 9 have good reviews

    Does anyone have any experience of these?

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