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  • Yeah, regular or normal fit. At least freedoms and kinvaras.

  • I made a similar mistake last week: combining the long run (longest in a while) with not running on tarmac for the first time in a while. I was ruined by the end.

    What kind of time investment is 20000 steps a day?!

  • Generally Nike but I’ve had brooks and Adidas in the past

  • I like that the iso has good heel containment and they look fairly spongey and cushioned

    I’m also looking at Adidas Boston 9s.

    I currently have Nike winflo 7s which I’ve had since October but they are losing the springiness and the heel fabric has worn away. Other than that they’ve been great. I just don’t like the new winflos

  • I've found all my Sauconys fit like a regular Nike like a pegasus the carbon plated Nikes are a bit narrower. A little longer than Adidas for the same width in a good way for me as I've always found Adidas a little short.

  • I’m very tempted by Nike Zoom Fly 3 but tbh they’re quite expensive for a pair of trainers that sound like they wear quickly

    And the carbon foot plate intrigues me

  • I’d say my feet are on the slightly wider side of normal and Saucony fit me better than any other brand I have tried (quite a few)

  • What kind of time investment is 20000 steps a day?!

    For me 5k is 10,000 steps so however fast you run a 10k

  • What kind of time investment is 20000 steps a day?!

    I run at a cadence of 160 spm[1] and walk at a cadence of 120 spm.

    120 spm is 7200 steps per hour, so I need to do about 2h30 of walking a day for ~18k steps with the rest coming from pottering around the flat.

    On a day when I'm not running it's usually something like:

    • An hour long walk with my daughter (5000 steps) to get her out of the office house
    • An hour long conference call for work (7000 steps)
    • A trip to the shops (2000 steps)
    • General pottering (3000 steps)

    On a running day I get 5000-10000 from the run, usually in place of the work conference call, although being off for half term this week has thrown things a bit as I don't have any work calls to do.

    Today's run has wiped me out (along with a 3h walk with Mrs GB yesterday) and so I've only done about 1000 steps more than the 10k from the run.

    1. It goes up closer to 180 spm when I'm lighter/fitter/faster. No point forcing it now, it'll come.
  • Do I just buy the standard Garmin chest hr monitor or is there another better option?

  • I prefer the armbands

    Polar OH1 is what I have
    Though they’ve just released a new one­r-verity-sense-optical-hr-sensor-band-in­-depth-review.html

  • I could not run a 10k a day for a month

  • That's a serious commitment, fair play. I'd be knackered.

  • I thought I had a short stride, but that’s 50cm steps?! Or do you mean if you do a 5k you end up doing 10k steps for the day?

  • +1 for polar arm band. Got more consistent readings than polar chest strap with conductive gel. Also more comfortable.
    Cons are short battery life and no way of seeing how much charge left. Also reading are 5-15 seconds delayed compared to chest strap.

  • At the risk of repeating this topic for the nth time - am I running my long runs too fast? Feel very comfortable and are at a 'conversational pace', but HR is at ~150, which is pretty 75-80% of max. Obvious caveat is that info is coming through Garmin watch so could be dodgy - is the general consensus that if it feels comfortable and is conversational then that's about right and disregard HR? For reference long run pace is ~1 min greater than 10k pace.

    Just had place accepted for marathon for Sarcoma UK so want to be training right!

  • And a polar arm strap will work fine with Garmin? And will this be more accurate than the wrist HR in Garmin 945?

  • Yep. Pairing my OH1 with a Fenix 6s Pro. All fine.
    And much more accurate. My watch has a habit of deciding my HR exactly matches my cadence.
    Armband has no such problem.

    recent run - blue is pace, red is HR. the random drop at 1.3k is where I stopped to collect someone so paused the run.
    tracks/reacts well

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  • Yes, yes.

    I've used my OH1+ with my Garmin 945 for running with no problems.

    The wrist based HR on the 945 works fine most of the time, but it's the time it doesn't when it is annoying. I've had it read consistently 20-30bpm below for a sizeable chunk of a run and then suddenly it jumps back up to the expected value.

    I always use a Garmin HRM strap for running with my 945. You don't get the running dynamics stuff with a Polar OH1+ unless you also have the running dynamics pod thingy. I don't need the running dynamics data at all, I barely look at it, but that's another matter.

    Here's an example of wrist based HR not quite working for the first part of a run:­ty/241567919

    (I hate the garmin preview thing this forum does....)

    Note that it gets stuck just below 160bpm (probably affected by my 160 cadence) and then eventually breaks out suddenly to 167bpm and above. That run was done at a steady state so there was no reason for that plateau and then sudden jump.

  • Picked up a pain on the back of my lower left calf about three weeks ago (about the size of a ten pence piece) that gradually radiates worse the more miles I do. Doesn't hurt when I cycle. I backed off for a week hoping it would go, but it has returned. Trying to run through it at the moment while knowing that isn't a good idea. I'm sure it will fade soon and be replaced by some other pain as usually happens.

  • long run pace is ~1 min greater than 10k pace.

    Sounds fast to me, but don't know what your goals are.

  • On the one hand, 10k + 1min does sound a bit pacy, on the other hand, where does your max HR figure come from? Have you done a reliable max HR test or is if from a formula? There's no way I could feel comfortable for a long run all at 80% of my max, so your true max could be a fair few beats higher.

  • I'm going to grab one of these then as I've still not found a comfortable enough HR strap. I just assumed Polar and Garmin weren't compatible.

  • All fine. And it’s also happy for phone/tablet to read HR for Zwift/TR on Bluetooth and Garmin to read on ANT at the same time.
    Looks like the new model has more channels too

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