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  • Would be interested to hear the verdict after the longer threshold session. I really love the bouncy feel of Vaporflys at marathon pace but would be much happier avoiding Nike if possible.

  • Thanks man, hopefully the former!

  • Thanks for the tip on her Instagram now. Loads of great stuff here, can't see any calf specific work. Am I looking in the right place?­id=105bhjl7tcgzl

  • I think there’s a lot of ankle, Achilles, glute and soleus work which will all aid calf strength and recovery.
    I’ve recommended Manni_o on here before but he’s also on IG. Another would be sam_pepys_performance who is less running specific but has some good content.

  • I can see from the website some nb are available in narrow fit. It’s a question of how narrow? Are they too narrow.

    Currently trying anything on is a bit of a nightmare

  • I'm doing 4x10 mins at threshold tomorrow so I'll alternate them and report back 👍

  • Wearing a calf sleeve for a few days and nights after I twinged my a couple of weeks ago helped massively.

  • Yeah i think calf guards and compression wear in general are great for recovery if not performance enhancing. I've had minor calf strains before and if i double up on the calf sleeves i really do get a firm squeeze.

  • Good point, have mild calf discomfort after a gentle 5k this morning so I might just stick the calf guards on...

  • I also found that cool/cold baths (just for the legs) really helped recovery. I need to add them back in now that I'm not swimming regularly (even the 25oC water in the local council leisure centre pool was enough for me to feel the difference).

    I used to have a normal warm/hot bath and then I'd let some of the water out and turn the cold tap on full, putting the plug back in/out to keep the water level just above the tops of my legs, and see how long I could stay in the bath like that. The gradual drop in water temp was less of a shock than getting straight in to cold water.

    Also, at this time of year, cold mains water is a lot colder than it is in spring/summer!

  • I've had the compression tights on in the house the past couple of days, one of the benifits of working from home. Defo feels better with them on.

    Did a very easy 15 mins on the turbo earlier. Just turning my legs in the granny gear, felt pretty good.

  • Had a massive curry for dinner and somehow did a 1:31:39 HM straight after.

    I think it’s the cold and very dry air. Been eating like an animal this week, been sleep deprived from a 1 year old and felt bloated and grumpy all day so maybe running on adrenaline or something.

  • Just ran 95.56 half marathon - Goal this year was sub hundred minutes so mega chuffed.

    There better be some races at some point this year cause reckon I’d go faster with a number pinned in.

  • Threshold session today 4x10 mins @3:38 P/km pace alternating the endorphin pros and the alphaflys. No difference in HR at that pace just very different feel. The Sauconys feel fast and suit my foot shape better. They are however noticeably stiffer than the Nikes and I'm having to roll my feet after running in the Sauconys as the entire sole aches a little after a hard session in them. I don't have that issue with the alphaflys or my 4% flykits. It isn't really an issue as a quick roll and a rub and they are fine plus the shoes will break in a little and my feet will get used to the extra stiffness but worth noting especially if new to carbon plated shoes. The Sauconys are definitely a pure race shoe and for me they don't start to wake up until about 4:20 P/km pace which is only a little slower than my marathon pace but the alphaflys feel good at all speeds. I've gone right down to 5+ min P/km for long easy runs in the Nikes and still get that bounce. So the Nikes work at a wider range of paces but will suit less feet as they are very narrow and high in the arch and in combination with the high stack they can feel a little unstable and if you have any unwanted foot roll these will exaggerate it and they don't actually feel that fast because of their bulk (not weight) but they are very fast. The Sauconys are only suited to faster runs for faster runners and they are extremely stiff and whilst their shape will suit more people as its just like a regular trainer those other characteristics won't which i assume is why they offer the speed version. The Sauconys do feel quicker even if they aren't in comparison to the alphafly and i just prefer how they feel. So I'm still leaning towards the Sauconys for my race shoe at this stage. At the end of this months block I'm going to have a crack at either a sub hr 10 miler or 1:18-1:20 for a half which will be a pb for me if i pull it off and if i don't i certainly can't blame it on the shoes.

  • Thanks for the review..

    Give my aim is marathon it slightly confirms that alphafly is the next to be added to the stable, but the saucony are probably next..

    Did my third run the the vapours on Thursday and have to say I really like them, half marathon with 10 x800m hard, was pleased to be hitting low 2:40s for the last few reps, long run today with last 11k at marathon pace this morning!

  • Sounds like your training is going really well. For a full marathon I'd probably lean towards the alphaflys as well but this year I'll be racing everything but. If your loving your vapours and get on with the narrow midfoot shape you'll really enjoy the alphas. It's interesting to have 2 pairs of trainers with the same performance objective that are so different yet equally as good and both nail their brief just very different flavours.

  • Definitely heading in the right direction and making good improvements week on week, feel like another few weeks before race day would help, but I’ve had a good build up after a decent base period, and never managed this much volume before and I’m sure that’s just nerves!

    3x11k progression run this morning with the last set a little faster than target race pace, was tough into the wind, made even tougher by leaving my gel bottle at home, but I got through it, recovery run this evening and recovery week next week ending with a crack at a half marathon best effort, which I’m looking forward to, feel as though I’m close to PB form, so we shall see!

  • Todays session sounds very encouraging a good workout if you finished it strong as well as a nice confidence booster. Just don't injure yourself by throwing too much in your half PB attempt in training if you have an important real race right around the corner. I say that a day after declaring I'm going to do my own 10 mile or half PB attempt at the end of the month having entered my first race of the season for the end of March.

  • Thanks, this is a really helpful review. The fact that the sauconys feel quicker even if they arent I think is enough to sell it to me. I'm not too fussed about them being less versatile as I've never done anything other than race in the Nikes a) because Im cheap, and b) because I like that psychological boost in the first mile of a race when you remember quite how effortless running feels in the supershoes. In theory, I have a track ultra at the end of April and I think the lower and slightly more stable profile of the Sauconys might also make the relentless leftwards bend easier on the ankles.

  • I'm glad the info was helpful. If your doing the entire race in one direction i would definitely say the increased stability of the Sauconys from the lower stack and wider footprint make them more suitable. Also if you running for such a long time the roomier fit of the endorphins will allow for a bit more swelling before feeling pinched. If you like that fast first mile feeling in the Sauconys you just lean forward at the start line and the speed roll takes you effortlessly up to tempo pace in 5-6 strides they really do want to take off.

  • Can also recommend the hoka rocket x if you want supershoe speed without instability...

  • After many years of stubbornly trying I’ve come to the conclusion that my feet are not Hoka shaped.

  • I've found Hokas either too short or too wide for me and Salomon the opposite. It's even more annoying when a brand chops and changes especially within the same range.

  • What would be the best replacement for a pair of Nike Zoom Structure+ 16 (H2O) in terms of support and comfort?

  • I’ve enjoyed my Brooks Adrenaline GTS since giving up on Nike Zoom Structures.

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