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  • Thanks. I don't think I'll be pushing for the pb, no. Content enough easy running 2x a week with gf, with a longer solo run in the middle. Not really feeling like I have the mental space for a hard target/pressure to be honest.

  • in June last year I did a similar time, by September I was down to sub 20 by only running 180-age and now down to sub 19, with one speed session per week!

    Admittedly I have run faster before, so not a perfect comparison, but it’s definitely possible.

  • I hate it too, but rely on it so much for pacing but #NotARacer. I generally head out around 6:30am, saw 2 dog walkers this morning and both times Strava blurted out just as I went past. I do feel terrible when that happens.

  • So after my Apple Watch Series 2 Crashing 9 miles into what was shaping up for a half marathon PB decided it needs replacing (Done it a few times now when going over 10k)

    Seen a Suunto 9 pretty cheap, could get a newer Apple Watch Obv and everyone loves a Garmin right?

    Any strong views?

  • Garmin Forerunner 35 is a great watch

  • Whilst we're talking watches.......

    I've been pondering the idea of getting a watch for a while. My partner @speculoos has a Garmin forerunner and I use that for pacing etc. and it works great.

    To compliment that I would love a watch that has a few more functions for trail running, mountaineering, ski touring and navigating. I'd love a watch with a barometer and altimeter, as well as an ability to load .gpx tracks onto it.

    I appreciate that this might not be something that people on this thread are always looking for, but I'm struggling to figure out the market so if anyone has any knowledge I would be much obliged.

    This seems to be very good for the price­amping-and-hiking/gps-watch/suunto-ambit­-3-peak and I can't make heads or tails of why there are some that cost triple this....

  • The Forerunner 235 i borrow from my partner has way more features than I normally use, so i'd say the forerunner 35 is probably a good shout. for tracking pace, distance and heart rate (which is all you need really).

  • I bought one of these on here. It’s great. It does way more than you’d expect. Links to iPhone, there’s the garmin app which is pretty good.

    It’s light, not complicated or fussy

  • Run Every Day January for me, 196 miles for the month and manged to get out to do something every day between 5k and 18 miles. Pretty pleased I managed to be consistent and not aggravate any injuries.

  • I’ve a Suunto ambit 3 run which is recommend. Well priced, accurate, totally reliable (unlike all Garmins I’ve ever had)

    Don’t know the difference between the run and peak though

  • I’ve got a fenix 6x pro which does all that and more (garmin pay for an emergency bottle of coke, music for complete phonelessness are two of the highlights for me) and it is excellent if a little pricey

  • Kind of willing my Fenix 5 to stop being so durable so I can justify a 6 but have a feeling that it'll be Fenix 9 before this thing gives out. Have had my 5 since release and I still easily get it to record 12 hour+ activities with room to spare. Battery life is superb.

  • Bit of a deviation off topic I know but my Fenix 5 has become more of a piece of safety equipment for me in recent years.

    If you're climbing on a glacier and need mountain rescue the best way to give your location is to simply say which glacier you are on and what your current altitude is. This narrows down the search area to a very thin strip without having to piss about with coordinates.

    For this reason, one of the things you always do before stepping foot on a glacier is to calibrate your altimeter. My Fenix 5 has done a really good with this, giving accurate readings under all conditions so far even compared to much more expensive kit. It even compensates for barometric pressure drop which is useful for stormy days. . Assuming that one day they integrate their inreach service with watches, Garmin are nailing it for mountain sports at the moment.

  • I bought a knobbly foam roller and it is unlike any other foam roller I’ve used. I think I actually hurt myself using it on a tight calf. Mustn’t roll too hard on sore spots from now on.

  • I guess a gaggle of them slightly out of sync going off in succession would be very annoying.

  • Contentment is a good place to be. Enjoy!

  • Did a good 5 miles tonight. It actually felt enjoyable rather than torture.

  • Went out for the first 25k of 200k Feb tonight. Was so focused on the distance and keeping steady pace of around 4:30 and heart rate below 150 that I accidentally broke my half marathon PR (1:35:44) as well as the 20k and 10 mile ones.

    Feel like I could definitely push a bit harder in time but I do have some blisters now, which might be a sock thing and hopefully not a permanent feature of the Peg 37s.

    Going to chill until Thursday/Friday before doing it again - might pop out for a quick one during a lunch break if it’s not mental.

  • It looks like the difference between the two is an altimeter. These seem to go secondhand for under a hundred quid which is pretty brilliant!

  • I still can’t quite figure out why there’s such a big price difference between some of these models with relatively similar features. Also, I’ve been put on to Coros­mping-and-hiking/best-altimeter-watch

    If I was buying first hand and have some more money to spend I’d be very interested, but until they’re available secondhand I will just be watching with interest.

  • I’ll celebrate that. It’s harder to come by than many would think.

  • Excellent work!

  • But also awesome work dude, that’s a great way to start the month. Reckon a sub 90min hm could be on the cards?

  • Haha, maybe slight humblebrag but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. Definitely feeling it this morning though.

    Would really like to do a sub 90 hm but nearly 6 mins is a lot to shave off. Probably not this month as it’ll all be about just getting mileage done and not getting injured but maybe I’ll do some speed work in March and have a stab at it.

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