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  • No way man, fresh snow is the best for running!

  • First time running trails in the snow and it was unbelievable - sensory overload.

    Have been very cautious as of late, and it's paying off. No knee pain at all today. Super happy to be running again.

    Anyone that's looking for an Osteopath in East London, I fully recommend Joe Dale.

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  • Enjoyed the snow yesterday although it made the last 5k of my 30k quite a bit harder as I was struggling for grip, pleased to have got through it and my biggest week ever (92k) legs feeling a little stiff this morning but looking forward to this weeks recovery week and a small section of Sunday’s long run at marathon pace, first time trying it out so will be interesting!

    Finally got round to giving a foot bath a go, and it was heaven! Had some Epsom salts in the cupboard as well and the combo gave instant relief on the toe and generally they feel awesome today, currently sitting rolling them on a hockey ball under my desk!

  • 20k on the south downs way this morning.
    So nice up there and todays weather for me is better than summer. Had the inov8 g260's on and I've never had grip like it although they are tough on the feet on any fire road or tarmac sections.

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  • Looks like a lovely run

    In order news I bought a foam roller. Mainly for my back but also since I’ve been running it seemed like a good idea.

    This thing is a piece of torture kit. I hardly dare roll my it band it’s going to cane

  • Someone more knowledgeable than me should chime in, but last time I spoke to my physio a few months ago he strongly advised against directly rolling IT band. All the muscles around it are fair game but directly pressure on your IT band will hurt (a lot!) and may not actually yield much benefit.

    Which roller did you go for? I've got the large orange Trigger Point one and it's very much a love/hate relationship.

  • I would love that to be true...

  • I got this one. In obviously because I’m a big brute of man.

    Note to self no direct it band rolling

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  • For what it's worth I find ITB rolling very good for relieving the runners knee I sometimes get. Its initially very painful but after a week or two you get used to it.

    Opinion appears to be split among physuos about whether ITB rolling is a good idea or not but given its the only thing that works for me (and very effectively) I'm happy doing it.

  • I like to think the foam roller helped alleviate my IT band symptoms. It's been a while since it's been an issue (thankfully), but I'd also recommend some strengthening by way of the "Walt Reynolds Special".

  • I used to do side steps with bands around my legs for ITBS. Thankfully it didn't last for long, and I was ready to discover my next overuse injury surprise

  • +1 for rolling directly. I'm not a physio, obvs, but from my own issues I found direct rolling and massage guns speed up flare-up and knee issue recovery. And yeah, it hurts.

  • Itb's seem to be a problem for every runner at some point. For me treatment and prevention is stretch and foam roll all the big muscles and strengthen all the little ones. Loads of single leg abduction theraband stuff mainly and I've got a body boss kit on the way so should be really good for that kind of work. My physio said to avoid directly rolling the it band as well and said to use thumb pressure and downward friction instead. But then he stuck his thumbs in way harder than I'd ever roll it myself so i think I'm probably too much of a pussy to do myself any damage by directly rolling it.

  • New shoe time. Having always bought Ultra Boost, are there any other brands with that super cushion? Cheers.

    Nice pics @MrBaklava

  • Bit of a loaded question. Cushion could mean big bouncy HOKAs but those are just EVA foam, not the high energy return E-TPU you’re used to from ultra boost.

    Either stick with what you know, or go for an equivalent foam like Nike Infinity Runs etc.

    Most of the big running shoe brands have their equivalent to ultra boost now.

  • Every brand has a (or >1) super-cushioned shoe

    Some ideas from­oost-19-review/

  • Hey, cheeky ask, anyone on here have a 'refer a friend' voucher for vivobarefoot? Apparently, both of us get 20% off our order. Cheers.

  • Can't help with the Vivo referral link but glad I'm not the only one still on the minimalist running shoes train.

    Really don't have any issues with the various versions of the Merrell Gloves I've got in the mix, got to admit tempted by some of the other options out there

  • I have a referral link for £25 off a £100 spend if you want that? It seems to still be valid even though it was from last year.

  • Thanks that's helpful. Also will look at Nike Infinity @Well_is_it, thanks.

  • Ace cheers!

  • A quick heads-up for anyone not aware that the Saucony Endorphin line is back up and running. (Arf!) Including the Speed and the Pro. Check out this mental colour scheme!

    I'm already a big fan of the Speed and very tempted by the Pro, but they're just a little bit unnecessary at the moment. I'll wait to see whether London Marathon 2021 looks likely to go ahead as an actual mass event and assume they'll be available nearer the time.

  • pukesonshoes.jpg

    The heels on all of these magic shoes are just fucking awful.

  • The feel better live more podcast is sponsored by Vivo and there's a discount code, see here:­

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