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  • Got bored on my very wet and cold morning recovery run so came up with the bright idea of interspersing it with 8 x 10 lunges and 8 x 10 squats. Legs didn't like that. Has been a while since i've had the wobbles!

  • Oof!

    Tacked on a km so I’m creaking up to 7.5 this morning. Will I hit 10 before February!!!? Unlikely as I feel my old foe runner’s knee creeping up to say hello. Lovely soggy brain clearer though.

  • Will take the just delivered pair of Saucony Peregrine 10 out for a run today. My two other pairs have done at least 500km each in them and so it may not be long before the cushioning starts to go in them.

    It's deliciously muddy out there on Putney Heath.

  • What’s the typical mileage limit on trainers?

  • I tend to get at least 600km or so from my normal road Saucony Jazz (not the fashion version of the Jazz) before the cushioning goes. I could probably get more out of them but it's not much longer after that that the tread starts to go. (See below, although this was after months of wearing them as casual shoes.)

    For trail shoes I'm expecting at least 900km. The tread will last forever but it'll be the cushioning that goes first. The new trail shoes feel very bouncy, you don't notice the cushioning slowly going when you wear the same pair(s) each run.

    It's entirely personal, some people get thousands of km out of a single pair and patch them up with duc[kt] tape for the extra aesthetics.

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  • Very personal. My benchmark for decent durability in a road shoe is >1,000 miles. Record is about 1,400 in a pair of Brooks Defyance. Other Brooks models equally hardy. Current Hoka Clifton on 1,100 and counting; midsole still feels cushioned and responsive but outsole very worn to the point of slipping on muddy grass but I'll drag them out as long as possible cos they're so comfy.

  • Nike Pegasus/ Zoom things - I notice at around 600 km.

  • As somebody who has run themslves from 110kg to 90kg over the last few years (in other words, I'm a lump) I've found that I start to notice my Asics Gel Kayanos lose cushioning from about 600km and end up replacing them at 700km or so.

  • Yes, I should add that I'm 96kg rather than the ~75kg that I'd rather be given I'm 5'9" so that has a rather deleterious effect on cushioning in shoes.

  • My hoka cliftons are on similar mileage and have absolutely no tread left on them, I can't wear them if it's remotely wet and there's a few bits of pavement I can't go near (anything shiny). But I refuse to get rid of them because they're so ridiculously comfortable now.

    In general, my shoes last a long time but I'm a 64kg forefoot runner so my shoes don't get a ton of wear. I ripped all the treads off my trail shoes running on roads though :(

  • My infinity reacts are still pretty fresh after 600km. Tread is a bit worn but surprisingly grippy still.

    Also coming from a minimal/forefoot background and 73kg.

  • Also weighing in at 73kg strava tells me my epic reacts have done 941km. Still look pretty decent but all of a sudden on my last couple of runs my toes feel uncomfortable so think it's time.

  • On that note looking at the nike website trainers have gone silly money.

  • Yet another Brexit dividend.

  • More likely Covid, all fitness equipment has rocketed this year by silly money.

  • Shoes have been silly money for a few years now.

    Even bog standard shoes like Bostons. Not too sure about fancy shoes

  • Yeah, the RRPs are stupid these days but Nike and others often have sales. Think I got 30% off my reacts in April.

  • I noticed this recently. Not that long ago £50-£70 bought you a decent pair of trainers. Now it’s more like £120

    I’ve found Nike seem to fit my awkward narrow shallow feet. They also happen to be bloody expensive.

  • Speaking of which, just got some Pegasus 37s. Curious to see how they go compared with the infinity run. Last set of Pegasus’ I ran in were 27 😬s

  • Just picked up some more epic reacts, on sale for £73 then got further 15% ‘members discount’ for simply registering. So came out £60 which is much more like it.

    I’m extremely flat footed and used to get a lot of pain. Nike sucked me in years ago with the lunarglides which worked wonders for me so I stuck with them. Then the last put i bought are my current epic reacts, and those have been okay so reluctant to change m otherwise would try the Pegasus.

    I remember getting a pair of them the first time round for my birthday 28 years ago. And a football. Great times.

  • Yeah, think it’s the oldest model in the range... They still seem to be the go-to for neutral padded & fast if the fit works for you.

  • Long time lurker first time caller...

    Have been a non committed dabbler for a number of years, and finally picked up my mileage a bit last year and upped my furthest distance to 20km. Unfortunately probably overdid it and managed an adductor strain and plantar fasciitis 2 months apart which disrupted things somewhat.

    This year is the year to crack on - finally got some gait analysis booked in (albeit virtually via runandbecome) as I suspect I have a slight instep; and scored a place for the Berlin Mara of it goes ahead!

    Completely underestimated the meditative effect of lacing up and putting some miles in, really missed it when sidelined!

  • Welcome, and great choice on marathon. I've run my two best times at Berlin. Fingers crossed we're all getting back into racing and you make the start line!

  • Think @hats might be the right person to ask here. Does heat (28c+) and humidity (85%+) have much of an impact on your timings?

    I’ve started to run again about 3 months ago after a long layoff and can’t get my times down but mileage is up steadily. Or am I doing it wrong?

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