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  • Googling: "day release" run


    (Makes more sense if you know about 'Escape from Meriden'.)

  • Quotation marks made all the difference in that search. I fancy having a crack but the last long(ish) run I did destroyed me for weeks and I’m in quite a nice rhythm at the moment with my running.

  • Just as I say it, took a tumble on a pot hole between off road sections tonight, got a nasty sprained ankle, horribly cut up knee, no running for a while now :-(

  • Sorry to hear that, heal up soon.

  • Well done, sounds like you had to dig pretty deep on that one!

    Ended up turning back in a random field when I couldn't find where the footpath left it!

    Ha, been there too many times!

    I chose my turn around point having taken the wrong path again without noticing and could no longer be bothered to retrace my steps and find the right route for the hundredth time!

  • Have you had much use of these? What are your thoughts

  • Anyone keen for some Epping forest trail running? anything from 10-25km.

    Also, I'm looking for a head-torch that doesn't break the bank, or look too cybergoth. Thinking Decathlon...

  • Not tried them outside yet, sorry to say.

  • I'd definitely be up for this, but what kind of pace do you run at? Have been meaning to get out to Epping one day mid week when it's less busy. Bored of the marshes now!

    Re headtorches, I've got an alpkit one that has served me well and was v affordable. The red light function is great for (map) reading at night. Also got a Petzl Myo which I'd recommend, but they're quite spenny...

  • Im on the edge of Epping between Wanstead and Walthamstow - would be up for midweeker run

  • Yeah, though once I knew I had time to walk it in it became easier. Had a little cry when I got home, I was completely done.

    Navigating from the watch, in the dark, on less obvious paths is a special skill. But it's highlited a few areas where the route could be improved and a closer look at the map would help so I can avoid some tricky bits for next year's EfM. I doubt I would have reccied any of it otherwise.

  • Another 3 mile run done. Although I need to invest in a Willy warmer. Do they do those on wiggle

  • This is super impressive! 45 miles is amazing, especially given the circumstances. I hope you've managed to sleep and eat properly since.

    I'm toying with the idea of it but my house --> edge of the city in any direction that doesn't involve a ferry is around 40km so it would be a horrific urban trudge. Still...

  • I'm going day release today, just waiting out a rain shower before I set off. Mostly walking and paying attention to foot. 16.5 to hit 15 atcf, mostly flat too.

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  • Thanks! I think you only have to start from (or very close to) home if you're in the UK due to current restrictions. You might be able to get somewhere more scenic to start?

  • Great!

    I'll need to get myself a headtorch, but let's plan something with @speculoos when Covid allows / before.

  • Ta. It wasn't pretty, 9hrs for 35miles but not too painful. Toe was fine, amazingly, all other muscles grumbled given lack of recent training.

    It was weird not being able to go sub 12 min miles, running at 140bpm hr wasn't much quicker than walking at 120bpm hr.

  • Keep an eye on upcoming Black Friday deals for head torches. I just picked up a nice 600 lumin Ledlenser for 40% off. Got tired of changing batteries in my faithful Black Diamond and looked for something rechargeable and so far so good. It has a lens that can be twisted for wide/narrow focus which is surprisingly useful.

    @rhb still a great effort even if not at your best. I’ve had a year of getting fatter and slower and all I want is some injury free hours.

  • Great work! Chuffed your toe isn't hurting you.

    16.5 to hit 15 atcf

    what are the units here?

  • miles.

    16.5 miles (on the road) to go 15 miles (as the crow flies).

  • Sports pursuit have loads half price or less

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  • Ta. I was 4kg heavier than normal last night. I really don't recommend couch to 35 miles in one day as an intro to running.

    Hope you're back out and on it soon.

  • Chuffed your toe isn't hurting you.

    4am I reckon it'll announce it's displeasure if it has inflamed, it'll be like a knife has gone into it to wake me up...

  • Thanks, strava and the face it's an out and back had me puzzled

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