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  • might just do laps of the garden

  • Wow, nicely done! Interesting about the appetite - it varies so much from person to person. I was reading a thing about training for ultras on Reddit and someone made a really good point that you should essentially train your meals for the night before and on the day to make sure it’s the right thing and that it can be made consistently regardless of location but also unique enough that when you eat it, you know it’s go time.

  • Moab 240 currently happening. Couple people already finished.­ing.html

  • @Philipflop, @Arducius, that is extremely useful information thank you. I'm around similar weekly mileage as you Arducius. However I'm looking forward to stepping it down over winter and mixing in some cycling. 100 mile is a goal for next year.

  • Yeah, I can't recommend that caffeine bar enough. My hunger hasn't come back until today. I expected to be downing burger and fries straight after, like after a big cycle, but hasn't been the case.

  • I rarely feel like eating after a long race but I know it's the right time to be eating so try to find the thing that is the least unappealing and force it down.
    Normally hungry again and wanting food by the morning after though.

  • I have a pair of these to sell :
    Size UK 9.5­mbus-21-ls/p/1011A632-001.html?size=10&w­idth=Standard

    They’ve done 80-100 miles. Can bring them into central tomorrow (office is SE1) if anyone is interested?
    What’s about right? £50?
    Can share photos if there is interest?

  • I have a pair of Nike zoom pegasus 37s Black/Black size 12UK- worn for one 10km for sale £70?

  • Loosened my shoes. Rested a week. Fixed! Internet medical help never fails. :)

  • Physio confirmed M.Neuroma most likely for me.

    Early days but simply taking time to splay/spread my toes out a few times a day is providing great relief.

    I still get some pain after time on feet/ pedals but it is already noticeably less.

  • Local xc unlikely here, no surprise­ason-update/

  • Tried pushing hard on 10k today and managed 42mins. Would love to do a sub 40 but can barely scrape a 20min 5k, let alone two in a row.

    What’s a good way of getting faster with limited free time and avoiding injury? Thinking hill sprints once a week.

  • There are some people organising X country on private grounds near London but without the team aspect of the race I'm not sure how it will work.

    My motivation for road racing and time trials is now extinct.

    Hill sprints, fartlek, steadily increasing in time tempo runs will all help speed you up @Well_is_it

  • Podium are organising a small team event up here. I'm starting to miss running, still autumn mornings & evenings are perfect conditions.

  • Monday easy
    Tuesday hills
    Weds easy
    Thursday tempo
    Friday rest
    Saturday easy
    Sunday long

    Replace the easy with cycling to avoid injury and build slowly, once you start hitting 60k per week consistently you should be able to do sub 40... gifted people can do it on less, heavy or particularly ungifted people might need a bit more...

  • Find someone who can pace you, and then you’ll replicate it alone no problem.
    As @Sainsburys_Ed says- 80/20 is a good shout.

    I’d throw in some conditioning too.

    I also do not think you need to do 60k per week.

  • Does anyone want these for free - a pair of Ron Hill tracksters in medium? I’ve used them a bit but run hot so don’t use them so might as well go to someone who will.

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  • I read a report recently that there's an imminent shortage of leisurewear in the UK, so I think you should hold onto these and make $$$.

    Also, surely everyone in this thread runs in forum-approved short shorts and a vest?

  • If you are willing to post then I could use them thanks.

  • 68 yards... so something approaching 285 miles? How do you even?

    She is a beast.

  • Yeah, postage is no problem. Slide into my DMs with your address (although I may still have it).

  • Thanks for the tips guys.

    Just seen Courtney Dauwalter won an endless “keep going until you can’t” race... 456km

  • Courtney ‘only’ won the US championship, Belgium’s Karel Sabbe won the overall international competition, completing 75 yard!!!!

  • ^ 8m43s for mile 313!

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