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  • Girlfriend has the expensive (£400ish) one and I got the mini.
    Prefer the mini. Easier to lug about, don't notice much difference in power

  • Bit of a weird one, but I took a fall while rock climbing a few months ago, landing on my bum and fracturing my sacrum.

    Sacrum is all healed, but I have some scar tissue (hard muscle) in my bum / gluteus maximus from where I landed, and it can be painful when running as it kinda bounces up and down.. It also prevents me from doing any floor-based core exercise, as I can't go from lying to sitting up easily without rolling over it which causes discomfort.. SO, can anyone recommend a good place for deep tissue massage that might be able to help me with this, and give me some exercises to loosen it? I've been running and climbing again so it's not the end of the world, but it's just a little uncomfortable and I'd like to sort it out if I can..


  • I’ve been and got exercises that I do but the Achilles pain comes and goes every few months. My calves have been feeling tender so I thought it was that. Maybe I’ll just have to do the exercises and wait for it to pass. Most frustrating injury I’ve ever had!

  • What one did you go for?

  • Bought a cheap 2 litre backpack for the long runs. Freed up my hands again. Dried mango has been added to the trailmix and a caffeine bar for last 30 mins is working nicely.

  • Before I end up down a rabbit hole and waste my day:
    Forerunner 45 for everyday run to work and see if I'm getting faster/park run/running
    or 245?

    I have ~ £150 to shell out here.

  • I have ~ £150 to shell out here.

    If you find another £50 and want music on the watch too then the 645 is cheap at Argos atm

  • Music is not a desired thing. I like to run to the rhythm of the night.­Yk8

  • I've got a spare forerunner 235 if that's of interest? Comes with the box, cable etc. Say 80 quid?

  • Yes to 45 or 45s. Does everything you need

  • 45s is quite a lot smaller, particularly on the wrist. I bought one, by accident, to replace a 45.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm going to look at a 45.
    @gms thanks for the offer but I think I might just treat myself to new.

  • 12:35.36 !!!!

  • Good luck to him.

    Monaco last night was pretty ludicrous.

  • My instant thought (as a cycling fan over the last twenty years) is, has everybody been doping during lockdown.. seems to be a noticeable bump in performances when you might expect a dip in competitive race ‘sharpness’

  • Potentially it is that everyone is peaking at that same time in a condensed season. But I am sure there is a doping element too

  • If you find another £50 and want music on the watch too then the 645 is cheap at Argos atm

    Thanks, was also looking at the 45s but don't run with my phone and want music... perfect!

  • Very possibly. But another argument I've heard is that maybe racing lesseans that athletes are able to perform better when they do. I'd really hope that Laura Weightman isn't doping and that her run was the result of a substantial training block and a good race.

    Did my first BGR recce this morning - two Nav errors one in the mist and the other taking slightly the wrong route off Blencathra. Will definitely need to do it again before the big day. Decent morning out with some good views until the cloud base at 650m.

  • BGR recce


    I travel to Wales on Weds. Half tempted just to download a gpx file and fastpack the whole PBR if the weather looks ok & my partner is agreeable to this.


    maybe a problem with the tracker this morning, or he is having some extra rest in Keswick?

    My quads are battered after Sunday, even gentle road downhills hurt.

  • quads are battered

    They'll grow back even stronger!


    Apparently a tracker glitch but also possibly avoiding some heavy rain...

    "Looking at the forecast for Keswick the heaviest rain of the day seems to be in the next hour with it then gradually improving. So I guess he's delaying to avoid the worst of it in the hope that he'll get the time back whilst running."

    He's only 15 mins behind schedule now by looks of it.

  • Sadly, my trip to Llanberis is off, so no PBR recce.

    Primary purpose was family camp & wild swim opportunities for my partner with a group but forecast has been iffy especially windy, so the swim group has collectively cancelled the trip.

    The hills will still be there next time.

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