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  • Fwiw I had bad chesty symptoms in January, the after effects lasted well into lockdown and killed my run mojo entirely as it became so hard and recovery from activity was days.

    Did some bike in May/June that felt more manageable and am only now feeling like running is getting back towards normal... so 7-8 months interrupted here.

  • And Alex Yee also under the old record at 13.26
    Not too shabby for a triathlete.

  • Yeah, fantastic result there.

    I spotted another budding triathlonist in there with a pedestrian 13.46, doubt he'll win much posting those sort of times. I hear he has a brother who might be a better prospect though...

  • This is the bridge of my nose betweenmy eyes, my glasses have turned razor sharp when I run. Any ideas beyond sponge padding?

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  • Ouch you could try some of those easy breathe nasal strips?

  • What about a decent coat of vaseline? I have never run with glasses and rarely wear mine. Driving is more exciting without them

  • ^ & ^^ good call both.

    Having had a while to think of some other solutions... this is a great opportunity for someone kind to post the "you need some rad expensive Oakley frames with soft nose bridge" (or similar) so I can show my partner and get the go ahead to spendz £££. Preferably on a new page...

  • Been enjoying running in this heat oddly. Went out on Friday at peak ridiculous time to buy some nice socks from Decathlon as I’d given myself a gnarly blood blister down the inside length of my arch from wearing cotton muji jobbies. Done a few decent runs in the new socks since then with and active blood blister, and no issues.

  • If you want value for money, get some more mile socks.

    I don't think I have had to bin a pair yet over the last five years.

    If you are running in tights, put them on first and then the socks

  • Cheers, useful to read someone else's experience.
    Yeah it's weird - at the moment I'd say about three quarters of my runs feel a lot harder than they should.
    I ran a 10k PB back in December (38:12) and despite running pretty consistently since then (few little niggles but nothing major) I feel like I'd struggle to run sub-43 at the moment. I suppose the lack of races means I haven't had much motivation to do any 'proper' training.

    I'd really like to know for sure if it is covid related.

  • Experiencing something very similar at the moment, my time’s have fallen off a cliff for no obvious reason and I’m struggling to hold what I previously considered an average pace.

  • you need some rad expensive Oakley frames with soft nose bridge

  • OMM in October. We've entered the A course, which will be a real test of our abilities and fitness.

    Yes! Good luck, you madlad.

  • It was pre-lockdown. March I think.
    The rationalist in me thinks that a bit of weight gain, lockdown inactivity and not racing are all probably bigger factors. Also just getting older. I got back in the gym to do some weightlifting earlier in the year and it really depressed me at how much I struggled to recover. 5/6 years ago in my mid 20s it would only take a couple weeks before I’d be back in the swing of things and not suffering awful doms after training, happily managing a few sessions a week.

    I’ve also been having similar with big hill runs - getting back to doing 20km runs with 1000m ascent is really battering me when previously I’d be able to manage them on consecutive days. But again, there’s other factors at play.

    I’m going to give it a few more months of training before I make any judgments. There’s a lot of know reasons why I’m unfit to deal with first!

  • Good to know.

  • All this has led me to believe that my old and knackered shoes might be part of the problem so I’ve ordered some Inov8 terra ultra g260 and a set of mudclaws, for science of course.

  • 20km runs with 1000m ascent is really battering me when previously I’d be able to manage them on consecutive days...

    That’s pretty hardcore. Even without the consecutive days bit. 20k with 10ft elevation would fuck me right up 😂

  • Has anyone got a theragun or something similar? My achilles is a constant problem which - I think - is caused by tight calves. I've been rolling but it doesn't release them as much as other areas. Would a massage gun do the job?

  • copy/pasting when inchpincher asked just before I got the mini

    Anyone tried one of those vibrating massage guns that are popping up in all the adverts at the moment? Nowt wrong with my foam roller but I think I’d love to pummel my annoying calf with one.


    I ordered the Theragun Mini recently. Should arrive next week. Will see how it compares to the prev

    I like it. It's a little less aggressive than the expensive ones but it's small enough I can leave it downstairs which means I actually use it.
    I've run a lot more in the last few days than I normally do (20k Friday, 20k Sat, 17k Sun) and made a point of using it as part of stretching after.
    Normally if I ran 20k then the following day I'd be hobbling down the stairs somewhat but I've been pretty much fine. Enough that I'm pondering heading out again today for another 18k (arbitrary club lockdown challenge to do 25/50/75/100k in 5 days)

    But yeah, thumbs up on the mini so far.

  • Lovely, cheers!

    Has anyone ever seen Theragun do offers/discount codes? The Prime looks good but £275 might cause my partner to murder me.

  • I'd spend the money on a physio instead - Tight calves are probably symptomatic of something else, be it postural / gait / shoe-related or other.

  • I'd kinda echo what @TW says (see also strength and conditioning + proper warm up) but also say that I have one and think they're great and it got a lot of use in July. There are now a few options at the lower end, which get good reviews too.

  • We got the Musclegun carbon and I’m pretty impressed. I was worried it was a ‘knock-off’ of the Theragun but it came top in the Runners World and Men’s Health reviews for good reason. Worth looking at as an alternative.

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