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  • I have no idea, it's really bizarre and the first time I've seen it here. 英里 is miles and I was staring at it for ages as the 英 is used in the word for "the UK" and also the words brave and hero... So when I saw it my first thought was "hero km?? wtf?" before I worked it out. Anyway I don't think I'm going to be much of a hero, dragging myself around a mountain in the rain for 20 anything.

  • Cockbain's accumulator did this in May and is doing so again in July... in Miles though.

  • Hero KM is quite a a cool name for a mile

  • thats totally bonkers, in any order whatsoever. bravo @hats if you get through that

  • I didn't realise they all had to be continuous - I thought it was daily mileage...

  • fuck it.
    Im in

  • Yessss!
    We've set the slightly arbitrary rule that runs 15km and under have to be done in one go, 16km+ days can be daily mileage. I've got a wall chart and stickers (because I am a child).
    If you complete it you get a free physio session; catch is that it's in Shanghai...

  • so
    1st - 15th - single runs
    16th - 31st daily mileage

    But in the order 1 > 31?

  • 1km-15km single runs
    16km-31km daily mileage

    Any order you like! It's already the 1st here and I can't sleep so I just did 6km.

  • Some hard lessons learned this afternoon:
    -Use the lap button, so you know exactly where warm-up ended and run started
    -When you're aiming for a time that's a huge pb, don't run 10secs/km faster than that time, you'll blow up

    Still a 40 secs pb though!

  • This one­5

    I bought from amazon though - the wiggle ones don't seen to have sizes­C8J

  • I've got a Petzl Tikka which I bought for running in quite literal pitch darkness in Colorado, which it handled well. My hands, less so, as it was minus ten degrees and I'd only bought thin gloves.

  • So that would mean you’re not running a 6km again (although you could run a 6km + another distance over 10km another time)?

    Think I might need a month planner to make sure I don’t double up!

  • I like the idea of going 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc but with a house move at the end of the month that’s asking for trouble.

  • Exactly, 6km is done and dusted - and yes, I have both a month planner and a spreadsheet to make sure I tick all the distances off. Running it in order would have been "fun" but not feasible with work and events already booked in.

  • I'll cheer you on from the sidelines if you don't mind. Good luck! :)

    My exercise streak (mainly running, some cycling, bit of indoor rowing just before lock-down) is going strong with 112 days and counting. June brought up some other nice stats; highest mileage month for the year and highest June mileage ever (239) and 1,001 miles year-to-date.

    I did one of my stock favourite long tempo runs last night, using breathing as a guide to pace, i.e. 2/2 - breathe in 2 steps, breathe out 2 steps. Any harder and I'm only breathing out for one step. No pace display on the Garmin. I know breathing is an individual thing but for me this gives me a rough guide to ~marathon effort, and it stops me getting too carried away or wasted from a session. Still hard work mind, but I was happy to see 5:50/m for 9 miles following 1 mile warm-up on an undulating route. Shame there aren't any marathons to run anywhere.

  • Edited post asking for advice on HRM as I've just bought one.

  • Nice one, will check out.

  • ^ @hats that's an insane commitment. Keep us updated Id like to read about how you are doing, but obviously have no wish to join in.

    Did a little 7km loop over ally pally on Monday, and just got around to review my run. A bit slower than I had hoped at 5:13m/km. But the real shocker is my heart rate, usually it operates between 155bpm and 168bpm on a run like that, it registered several minutes at 197bpm! Im hoping its an error as its only a Wrist monitor.

    Since starting regular running, my breathing has got better, Im running further, and im less tired. Im quite pleased with the progress, however Im losing quite a lot of explosive pace, different excercise etc. I might repeat my sprint/jog lampost game just to try to keep some of the higher pace work in there.

  • realised that it's 450km over the month

    I made a spreadsheet earlier and its 496km ;')

  • 12 down 484 to go

  • What can I say, I didn't go to school for maths!

  • Atta boy! Do you have Strava or anything so I can give you meaningless kudos?

  • No spreadsheet required...

    Imagine a triangle that's got rows of 1, 2, 3, 4 items:-

    o o
    o o o
    o o o o

    Now imagine another triangle upside down that "fits" on top,

    o x x x x
    o o x x x
    o o o x x
    o o o o x

    This makes a rectangle of 4 x 5

    So to add up 1,2,3,4 you can do 4 * (4+1) / 2 = 4 * 5 / 2 = 10.

    In general that's n * (n+1) /2

    So for 31 you get 31 * 32 / 2 = 496km.

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