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  • So my 5k time might be bullshit...

    Jagged line is gps from phone with yellow mark roughly at the 1km mark. Smooth line is m430, with 1km mark a good 50 meters round the corner. Sad face.

    All this means is that I’ll have try a repeat 😂

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  • Quickly delete that and keep quiet...

    If I’m doing timed runs I map a start and finish and time it for pb attempts. Otherwise close enough is good enough.

  • Ha! It’ll be pretty close but over the whole distance, I reckon it could be as low as 4.5-4.8k.

    Edit: just checked on google maps measure distance and my phone was 400m off. Fuck! I reckon it’s still doable.

  • 10km today - very slow pace but that’s not the point. Achilles felt fine and no pain or tightness in the hours since.

  • So inspired by those doing fast 5ks, figured i'd give this a go.
    1 min faster than my 11 year old PB!!
    3 mins faster than my most recent park run(Feb)!!!
    Had hoped to be a little faster but overall quite pleased :)

  • Niiice! You gonna shave off those 59 seconds next , eh?!

  • :-)
    Was trying to convince myself, if it were race conditions, fewer walkers to dodge, and i hadn't had a massive curry the night before, would have easily taken another minute off. Definitely!

  • My Saucony Peregrine 5s are coming to the end and I see that the model numbers have really moved up. Given that I actively look forward to putting them on at the moment—never worn anything more comfortable—does anyone happen to have any experience of the latest model, especially as to whether the toebox has changed? My stupidly wide feet thank you.

  • Oh, I've just seen the Strava news. Sad face.

  • It's not very fast but it is very flat:

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  • Impressive.

  • In other news engine following the Cockbain Accumulator? Quite a few still going after 25miles yesterday, 26 today as part of a near 200 mile week!

  • How did you get on dude?

  • Did 7km today, it was hot.
    A bit slower than usual, but accidentally did a quick first km and paid for it in the last km

  • I had a fairly fatigued run up round the back of Polesdon Lacey today. I was hoping to improve on my place on Heartbreak Hill, but started getting blind spots so stopped for a bit. Still worked out 3 minutes quicker than the same route the week before.

    Funny old world.

    Not very flat either

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  • Oh god blind spots. Thats the worst.
    When the world is not locked down, my pre season training in September involves lots of hill sprints and pyramid sprints. I get the blind spots in them.
    Also the pre season bleep test, urgh.
    Because im overly competitive I go really deep to try to keep up with the younger, fitter and faster people, who then try to talk to me immediately after. I know if I open my mouth to reply i'll probably vomit.

  • 7m elevation that I'm pretty sure was just the steps up to the pedestrian bridge crossing the highway (because who doesn't love massive great highways in the centre of the city).

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  • And great air quality to boot...

  • Attempt 2 at a sub 18 tomorrow. It’s gonna be hot and am a bit skeptical I’ll be able to make up those missing 400 metres. Nearly vomited and passed out last time so this should be fun.

    Thanks Apple.

  • I’ve floored myself with back pain. Can’t stand up so I’m out of the running for least elevating.

  • Ouch. Hope you're up and moving soon.

  • 38ft in 6.7miles today 11.5m. Riverbank better but not flat enouhh. Going inland on next attempt, reckon a bit of planning will bring sub 10.

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  • First run back on the trails today. Jesus it felt good. Managed pretty decent pace (for me), but deffo need to get back on the steep stuff.

    I see hill reps incoming...

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