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  • How about the least elevation in a 5 mile run challenge? I did this one back in March, wouldn't count properly as it is short though ;)

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  • Managed a very easy 4km with the missus this morning. Ran in barefoot trainers. No pain. Will see how I feel tomorrow and might try another short slow one.

  • How about the least elevation in a 5 mile run challenge?

    10m in 5.29 miles. Most of that would have been crossing Putney Bridge and the drag up through Chelsea Harbour.

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  • Was this on or off road? Have been wearing barefoot shoes since the lockdown for everything bar running but planning on trying it out soon. I am planning to run just on grass/dirt on the first time to try them out.

  • Impressive. Knocks my 54ft (16.5m) out of the park. I'll try again on my next run.

  • There we go.
    Actual 5k section was 17:51.

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  • Thanks, have you used them yet? Just wondering whether the plastic on the top is annoying, some reviewers seem to have complaints, others really rate them.

  • I can feel it when I put them on, but it isn't really noticeable when I'm running. Definitely not the best design though so maybe there's something better out there in that price range.

  • Maybe flat here... Run with my wife.

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  • I think my 20:29 was at an average HR of 176, you're comfortably below that whilst running 30 seconds per Km faster.

  • Second point. Everyone’s heart rate does mad stuff during hay fever season yeah?

  • Comparing hr between people isn't usually a good idea, one person's threshold is another's tempo

  • I think it’s the way Strava is working out averages. According to the Polar app, I hit 182 (which should be near enough my threshold as a 33 year old) and was in the low 170’s from about half way. You can see it climb below...

    It was definitely a hard effort but felt pretty good.

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  • Just need to repeat it with the M430 and check if the distance is accurate 😬

    Speaking of which, it arrived today. I went with the short strap as I have skinny wrists. Does this look ok? Didn’t want loads of excess strap flapping about but worried I’ve gone too hard the other way.

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  • Ron Hill
    Higher state

  • I bought some of the £17 Decathlon ones, and a pair of Saucony Bullet tights in the end.

    I will keep you posted on how they work out (post 13th June)

  • Looks good. Didn't realise they did a short strap. The regular strap is so long, on my wrists the end of the strap sticks out a fair bit. Annoying.

  • 2m in 3km could be about 8m over 5 miles. Defo a contender.

  • Too busy out to check the spirit level on the river paths.

    Only 4.5 mile run not flat enough on the nearby trails & playing fields.

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  • It took verrrrry careful route planning And no shortcuts through planted areas.

    Will try crack a longer one tomorrow. Sub 10 for 5 miles.

  • I'm really enjoying my running at the moment, despite being a slow old man.

    40Km this week, for 305Km in 2020 - I was significantly behind my annual goal but I'm now only 90 adrift.

  • I’ve got a recurring Achilles injury that goes (eventually) with some exercises my physio gave me. Can anyone recommend a good compression sock thing that will help it along?

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