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  • I only run with my dog on lead, and always get interupted by other peoples dogs running over wanting to play/say hello - it's deeply annoying. We always get the "oh he's friendly" I'm like "mine fucking isn't" - which seems to do the trick!

  • Ok, I’m a novice, now on my 3rd week of the C25K thingy, and after 40 years of cycling my legs are really having to adapt to this new lark. They’re pretty stiff and my feet do ache on the first run, and afterwards, so I need new shoes. @Alph0nse recommend the Asics GT1000 as a good beginner’s shoe until I get to a level where I need something better, but obviously right now no shops are open so I can’t even try a pair on first. I’m usually a 9.5/44, so before I take a gamble and order a pair online does anyone know offhand how Asics shape up size-wise, do they come up large or small? I also have fairly narrow feet too.

    Any thoughts, folks?

  • @jj72 I wear a 10 street shoe but 11 for running, always size up as you want room around your toes and your feet will swell a bit too. General rule is a thumb width between tips of toes and end of toe box. I have a pair of asics cloud nimbus 21 and they are true to size and I have narrow feet too. I assume their sizing is consistent.

  • Cheers for that. I’d have thought that a tight fit would have been the thing to have, to stop your foot sliding around inside, but I’ll heed your advice in that case.

  • I'm usually half size up in running shoes. You want it to be snug enough around the middle of the foot that your foot doesn't move around when laces done up properly, but roomy enough in the toe department that when your feet get warm and expand a little, you're not hitting the front of the toe box and losing toenails/getting blisters.

  • You'd probably be fine with half a size up. It's the same principle as fitting cycling shoes, you dont want to be able to feel the end of the shoe with your toes. And phil is of course spot on with regards to the rest of the fit, tight but comfy mids and no heel slip.

  • Victoria Park closed today, due to people not taking social distancing seriously. A bit disappointing. So many runners all crowded onto the canal paths now. Need to get myself another route.

  • The Olympic park is rumoured to be quiet. I haven't tried it though.

  • This is going to increasingly happen, I fear, until all shuts down.
    Which would be mega shit.

    I ran into work this morning, it was more busy along the central/western canal end (Paddington to that bit past kings cross) than my normal running at the same time.
    I was a little confused as to the general grumpiness though.
    No one smiled back. This didn't help.

    Lots of good social distancing and some very cute puppies out which did help.

    All in all felt very privileged to be able to run to work- with respect to each part of that sentence as well.

  • does anyone know offhand how Asics shape up size-wise, do they come up large or small?

    I am a 9 generally. 9.5 in Adidas and Asics. I bought a pair of Asics Nimbus recently - possibly more expensive than you planned but I can't fault them. If they fit your foot shape and running style then I'd highly recommend!

  • Out with the running buggy today - Was called out by a buggy walker coming the other direction:

    "Calm down, it's a marathon, not a sprint."

    Am confused, as was running 10k at marathon pace.

  • Lovely. Thanks for all the advice guys. I’ll have a look at Asics and get a half size up.

  • Blasting 5.4km through an empty city at night is proper lovely.

    Managed a new 1km pr at the end because I was in such a good mood, wasn’t in the plan just felt it.

    Shoes still annoying me, ordered zoom fly 3 as they apparently have a better upper. Might be a waste of money but hey ho.

  • Would be interested to know how you get on with the Nikes, they certainly look pretty cool. Has anyone tried Hoka Carbon X's?

  • I've only worn a mate's pair for a few hundred yards running up and down, and they were about half size too small so I can't make a full assessment but they felt pretty good. I've since started using Rincon for my everyday training shoes and they feel great. They're actually lighter than anything I've raced in on the road (e.g. lighter than Adios Boost) yet well cushioned, so I'd definitely consider longer races in them, and if I ever go down the carbon route I'd definitely consider the Carbon X.

  • Online gait analysis in case you are REALLY bored at home­-analysis

  • I've been sat on run and become for half the day whilst in an 8 hour training session over zoom. Had a little look at that earlier - kind of tempted!!

  • I went there and tried on every single pair of trail shoes they had once. Must have been there for 90 minutes!

    Ended up with Walsh PBs - I'm on my fifth pair of them now. Great shop!

  • nice! proper old school! which shop was it out of interest, assuming cardif or edinburgh? Have you ever tried inov8's?

  • It was the one near Victoria station in London. I might be showing my age a bit there.....

    Don't know if it is still there or not?

    Ah it is still there -

  • right on, I guessed not london as theyre proper fell trainers! are you running fells / cross country?

  • I used to live near Box Hill, and still work near there, so they were for that mainly. Then I moved near to Epping Forest, joined a running club, and started doing XC

    A classic tale of boy meets hills / mud / fell running shoes

  • Well jel. I live in peckham which I'm starting to hate. My heart's in the hills - hopefully will move out before too long. Spending lock down in Berkshire and being out on the ridgeway everday just makes me so happy.

  • Hills? Head up towards Forest Hill and do some reps of Canonbie Road. Oof! Nice view at the top. :)

  • lolz I know it well. I need welsh hills sadly, less local.

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