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  • I thought so too , t h there wasn’t much under £100 in the shop

  • I'm gonna sound old but running shoes are way more expensive than they used to be! I'm sure there's already been a knock-on effect of Nike realising that people are willing to pay £200+ for a snazzy pair of shoes with springs in them, so all of a sudden £100+ doesn't seem quite as much for the normal ones. I've still never paid more than £100 for a pair but the costs are edging up even for online bargains, plus it's probably worth paying a small premium to be able to try on a few pairs in an actual shop and get advice. Once you've found a pair you like you can usually get them (or last season's version) cheaper online... till the manufacturers inevitably discontinue them. Bah!

    Re: mileage, the 500 mile rule is one of those that has an element of truth, but is partly sales guff to make you buy a new pair when you probably don't need to, and also varies a lot between different people, according to how you run, how you land, what bits of the shoe wear quicker than other bits, etc. I'm not particularly light on my feet but can usually get closer to 1,000 miles from a pair, and often more like 1,500. The limiting factor is usually the outsole wearing away to the foam (usually outside of the heel cos I'm a heel-striker.) But you might find the spring in the midsole going before then. I think it's very much trial and error, but don't bin them just because they've reached a certain mileage.

  • Merrel do a zero drop shoe with Vibram soles (which are great), and have a very spacious toe box. I have wide flipper shaped feet, and they work well with those.

  • These new balance are super wide

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  • Are New Balance still making their shoes in different widths?

  • Nice kicks.
    +1 for everything PhilPub said above.
    I typically get only 500km (300miles) out of a pair of trainers. I seem to land heavily on the outside of my right foot and the outsole wears away to the midsole pretty quickly. Around then I start to feel my right knee which is when I need to replace shoes pronto. Looking at my left shoe, it would look I could easily get another 500k. Damn wonky gait.

    I've often had calf issues. Stretching and foam rolling help a lot. Recently starting wearing calf compression sleeves, during the run and also during the day after a run (apparently it helps with recovery). It could all be rubbish but I'm definitely sticking with them.

  • Nice one. Do you happen to know the name of the model?

  • Yeah I can understand this view but think point stands for urban based running sub-40km

  • blimey it was muddy at the nationals today.

    nice to see @juanito at the start. hope you had a good run!

  • It certainly was. I thought it was a great course even if every lap there seemed to be a new bit of ever deeper mud. I had a good run 285th. How did you get on?

  • It used to be Bare Access, but then they changed all of their models (thanks so much, Merrell) - Now it's Vapour Glove.

    Inov-8 are back doing their road shoe (although marketing as crossfit shoes, the model is the same as the road shoe they discontinued 5+ years ago) - They are minimal drop, wide toe box, and ~£80 for the F-Lite 230.

  • These look cool in Khaki!

  • Wow. They look interesting. Think I would have to try them in a shop for a good 30 minutes before I could make a decision on them. Way more minimalist than the Altras I owned.

  • 285th

    Well done @doubleodavey too, the pics I saw of the course looked tough.

  • Good running @doubleodavey

    I saw the start on twitter. So many people. So much mud.

  • I finished in 1004th!

    But I was 19th at Harlow parkrun on the way up

  • 1000? Jesus that's a lot!

  • I read elsewhere 1700 started of the 2700 signed up in the men's race. 1000 dns seems high!

  • 1700 finishers. It didn't seem as busy as Leeds last year.

  • My race photos are terrible

  • Great run, well done! I hate mud, even without injury that course would've done me in. Looked horrendous.

    2 x 10 milers easy in the wind this weekend. That's enough progress for now.

  • Mine are rubbish. I only have about 5 from the first turn.

    Another video of the mud here:­status/1231234554423316482

  • ..haha, what the fuck!

    : D

  • Early season tan lines

    They were less impressive after 3 hours of driving, the kids were totally nonplussed

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  • Well done to the Wollaton Park crew. I’ve opted out of XC since Xmas, but my son’s still trudging.

    He’s had illness coinciding with Championship races this season which has knocked his motivation and fitness. Pity, as looking at the usual suspects from Met League etc. he could’ve got around 50th yesterday, rather than 100 places further down. Still, he enjoyed it and has the intraclub competition sewn up.

    Fingers crossed he gets his mojo back for track season, but I won’t pressure him. We’ll be in the same middle distance training group from this Thursday. Gulp.

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