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  • This is all making me very jealous. What with family based claustrophobia and over indulgence I would love to be plodding a few miles out. But I’m almost always prohibitively injured. Currently something around my hip flexor / groin is twanging out every time I run. So I’ve stopped completely for a few weeks. Doing yoga / stretches and a bit of icing but I don’t really feel that improving whilst I definitely feel what little fitness ebbing away...

  • I think it'll be a look at the PB or BG as they're equally close from home. Probably a 10yr dreamland plan though due to parenting at the mo.

    Not read any of Jonny Muir's books but will take a look.

    Got your national xc entry in yet?

  • It took 7-8 weeks to get running again after coming off the bike and doing something unpleasant to my adductor. I've just being doing some easy 5-6 miles over the last week or so but seems the hip bursistis, from the same accident, hasnt gone away. Its generally ok, but occasional sharp pain (like if i try to stand up on the one leg)

    Everything i'm reading says that its another 6-8 weeks off running to let it heal.

    Anyone tell me otherwise? I'm tempted to push for a corticosteriod injection as its all taking soooo long

  • Yes. I've sent an entry in but might be between clubs so not sure I can race.

  • I've had bursitis on my left hip since a MTB crash about 12 years ago. I've had lots of treatment for it, but not a steroid injection, and it still niggles occasionally. More of a dull ache than a sharp pain though.

  • Just need to try harder.

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  • Yeah that might complicate things, which club you moving to? Fwiw I'm having the annual thoughts of switching as the Tri Club is great but I don't do tri now and with my run focus a specific run club would offer more team event opportunities such as the road relays etc.

  • I went for a plod today at lunchtime. Ended up doing 10 miles. Roundabout mile 8 I thought "mmm. Marathon?". Mile 9 "fuck that".

  • Parkrun this morning, held up a little at the start as always and again on the steps (as always) but was going reasonably well. Final half mile and I say to the chap next to me that sub-20 is on the cards. He was clearly not trying up to that point as he switched gear and flew off. I, on the other hand, did not have another gear and got left for dust.
    20:03 on a very muddy course is good but I was hoping for a course PB which is one second faster than today.

    One second.

  • Nice one Andy, sounds like a sub-19 on road is on the cards.
    Can't wait to Parkrun again - Might do the double on NYD

  • sub-19

    That would be nice! Planning to step up the training a bit in the new year and see where that puts me. Struggling to find the time tho, running already takes pretty much all of my spare time (ha, spare time with kids/work/..., good one)!

  • Incorporate into your commute? If it's a long one, you could do part bike/bus/train?

  • Anything you do that helps it? I saw a GP yesterday who wasnt sure whether its bursitis or tendinothapy - I can feel a thick band running over the joint. Anyway, have a referral so will see if I can find someone that has a clue in the new year.

  • Not really. Sleeping on that side and standing up for long periods aggravates it. Gentle exercise helps it, hard training not so much. It's just one of the background aches and pains which I've got used to and normally just ignore.

  • Yeah I used to run the 9 miles to Newbury and get the train from there but means leaving pretty early compared to just getting in the car :(

  • Morning all, happy new year and best of running for 2020. I might make 20:20 my 5k target this year.

    Two queries for the hive mind if that's ok:

    What shoes would you recommend? I am currently using Adidas Boost, my second pair, they're getting a bit tired.

    Also, can anyone recommend a good 1:40 HM training plan? In km/h pace preferably.

  • Which boosts?

    I've just replaced a couple of pairs of very worn boston 6s with NB fuelcell rebels. Only managed a couple of light runs in them (before injury has sidelined me) but they felt like a lighter, bouncier, faster boston. Worth a look if youre coming from the boston boost - and they're reasonably priced at around 70 quid at the moment.

    They are much more midfoot shoe though with the heel cut away though, so if you're a heel striker then likley best to look elsewhere

  • Hmm, not hundred per cent sure but possibly ultraboost. I'm a neutral runner so neither heavy on the toe nor heel.

  • I think “neutral” tends to refer to pronation - side to side movement of your foot. Whereas mid foot / heel strike is about where you land.

    Easy to check though if you have a look at your shoes and see where they wear. A heel striker will see lots of wear on the heel (obviously!) while mid foot will have minimal wear on the heel. My shoe wear first on the outside ball area - behind the little toe, which is the first thing to hit the ground, for example.

  • A less than triumphant return to running this week. Took my 8 (ish) yr old niece with my GF and her son (12 yrs) to parkrun. GF and son managed the whole course in 38 mins which is good for his first parkrun. I however stayed with the niece who ran about 10 feet then had a stitch and walked the rest in sullen silence. No amount of chatting or joking would elicit more than one word responses. We cut out about a mile of the course and took an hour to finish.

    So my running starts new years day at the parkrun instead.

  • Nike Pegasus turbo 36 or something from the new balance fresh foam range.

    Could try one of the carbon footplate offerings as some of the earlier models are now in sale

  • Managed a 6km trot around Montjuic Park this morning - essentially pain free. Tested out the 945 watch, which works well so far

  • A sub 20 minute 5k was out of reach for the year and I'd gained confidence going for something longer after that long run with Dad so today I thought I'd potter around 10km (after realising I'd left my pump and tools at work so riding wasn't an option). Once I got going I felt comfortable at a good (for me) pace and so tried to hold it for the duration. Got around the flat 10k on just under 47 minutes, which I'm over the moon with, as I've never done sub 50 before. Every metre after 5k was a painful struggle, I won't be in a rush to try and best that time.

    On another note, cheers for a good year of running. What started as being helped around a half with my partner by the wonderful @rhb has ended as a year of lots of genuine enjoyment from running. Let's see what next year brings.

  • Sub 45 10km next year, yeah?

    Glad you're enjoying it still & a flame was lit this year.

  • Bowstones entry window is less than 5hrs now but I was amongst the lucky 500.

    34th in a much slower time than usual on a windy day and off not much quality running of late so an ok result. I only lost appx 20s on those around me as I minced through the woods this year too, would've been worth 3 places at the finish.

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